Philips Hue is a RIPOFF

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Finally a competitor for both LIFX and Philips Hue bulbs that isn’t going to break the bank – Yeelight

CORRECTION: The newer generation LIFX bulbs no longer make use of a mesh network, instead they all connect directly to the router.

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HonestFellow says:

Thanks to Linus and his 7.7M Subs Colored Yee lights are now $24 on Ali and $30 on Amazon lol.

Color Hue are $39 on amazon and color LIFX are $44… Just plain old white hue light win at $13 on amazon for the cheapest smart light.

SOUK TV says:

This should have been titled LIFX are a rip off then. The Yeelights are cool and cheaper but by the time you import them theirs no such thing as a warranty; try getting warranty from anyone on Gearbest, Alibaba or Aliexpress from over there in Asia.. Good luck with that!

If anything the HUE is the best all rounder as it has far more different types of lights from internal lighting, external lighting including motion sensors, garden lights, wall lights, lamps, spotlights, pedestal lighting, more variety of different bulb types, more online support and you will be dealing with local stores if any warranty issue arises vs posting your bulb back to Asia at your own cost which could take months on its own.

Also the Philips HUE bulbs can integrate into your Ambilight TVs which is fking awesome!

Also check out the Philips Ambilux TV’s, they’re amazing if your in to all this lighting stuff.

David Pilarcik says:

Xddd. Yeelight and Litx can’t connect to Razer Chroma.

No Name says:


Whatsapp Videos and GIF's says:

I use ₹150 CFL and some ₹399 Phillips 2×18W + one 9W LED’s in my house.Smart bulbs are very expensive and not worth it.

Steve says:

Wait, what? You need to pay for an account just to turn your lights on and off?

Kryojenix says:


Sebastian Doe says:

I just get the cheap $10 Google Assistant ones from Amazon, the apps are really bad but when I connect it to the Google Home app it works just as flawlessly as probably the Philips Hue ones and LIFX.

jak p says:

Linus tech tips is a rip-off, let’s support Chinese YouTube channels! Let the expensive ripoff Canadians be jobless.

Jens Wiemann says:

You compared color LED light bulbs and did not compare there color output? I.E. 1st gen Hue had a really bad green, but I would really want to know if the others can produce the same colors.

saqib hossain says:

so looking at the Amazon page, Yee lights are $30 . . .

Brian Wind Grøndahl says:

My reason for hue is that it runs on zigbee, I have mixed hue with other brands, and all run together with the zigbee hub

Bill Griffin says:

Yeelight are now $78. ea on Amazon if bought in Canada. Other supplier doesn’t ship to Can. 🙁
At that Hue would be cheaper by far unfortunately.

DigiArc says:

If you’re using Aliexpress to shop for these, check out Gledopto which are working well in my Hue system. Approximately $20 each in various form factors. They won’t work with HomeKit though. I don’t use it.

Didier Vereecke says:

Eddy Wally is known in the US… Waaw.. Geweldig…


10 seconds in and my ears hurt from listening to that voice

A. Rea says:

Anyone else come here late and see the yee lights are $10 more expensive :/

Reaper & Sylum says:

The app is much better now

ramzi says:

Who else had the urge to dust off that lamp?

XWired says:

Is this product UL, ULC or ETL approved ? Does it have any approvals for use in North America? Only a fool will screw an offshore light that lacks UL into their home. There is a reason Phillips Hue and Lifx are more expensive. The Hue’s do carry the UL approvals.

I think it is foolish to be reviewing electrical devices without considering the safety factors that our domestic market approvals assure us of. Look for UL, ULC or CSA approvals. House insurance may be void if an un-approved device is the cause of a fire.

Greg Shaw says:

strip lighting will do the same for less money

Grey Goose says:

I might get some of those Yee lights for my bedroom. It would be nice for all my lights to come on in the morning to help me wake up

JavaBro says:

Okay, so, why pay so much for smart lighting? Why not just buy a $15 smart plug to turn the lamp on/off? I understand it’s not RGB, but how often in practice does one actually use and enjoy having RGB lighting in their home?

AOSP KitKat says:

Kasa/TPLink is more affordable, they sell 3 for US $35ish.

Andreas Anastasiou says:

Not working with Siri though…

Cody Lamson says:

I don’t think color bulbs are worth it. I’ve had hue for years, but only need the white bulbs and I have 1 bloom and have never regretted it once. Those bulbs are $15 each and work flawless with control center commands from anywhere in the world. Pretty awesome.

Colin Ho says:

1 like in tribute to linus’ balls

Tyler R says:

So I have an iPhone, but use an Alexa. Would YeeLight work for me?

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