Philips Hue 3rd Gen Bulb and Starter Kit Review

Review of the Philips Hue 3rd Gen bulb and starter kit.
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Seb DM says:

Very nice vidéo. Complete
What is the name of the song behind please ?

Patrik Gårdewall says:

so the spectrum or CRI different compared to the first bulbs?

MidwinterEclipse says:

Allah akbar

Maxx S. says:

you really need to buy the starter kit or just buy a bulb pls help thanks

Maxx S. says:

ido i need to the bridge

ISArts says:

Is the green actually green in this generation? Previous gen its a yellowish pale green

Blair Fox Love says:

Hello I have a question I would like to know are these Philip color changing light bulbs are they compatible with Google home because I have a Google home device and I would like to know if I purchase these lightbulbs will I be able to use my Google home device to control the lightbulbs for example will I be able to use my voice with my Google home device and control these light bulbs so if you can let me know I would really appreciate that very much thank you and also you mentioned something about “ifttt” what exactly is that?!*

Thom x says:

The website is indeed terrible

ADHiDef says:

fantastic review. simple; well-organized; to the point; valuable. THANKS!

ryunosuke says:

would u recommend this over the 1 gen one?

G El says:

Having to buy the bridge is the reason I’ll never use these

licandres01 says:

how do this work when you are out of wifi? do they still work with the standar light switch?

J Ja says:

The baux huh?

Colin Sevier says:

I have 50 bulbs and devices.. 26 3rd gen and the rest older gen 1.. 3 FLS-PP with led strips..

Maxx S. says:


Tam Nguyen says:

How do you sync it with music and movies? Can u do a video on that?

Expert Aquatic says:

The single bulb in the video did it come with the 8 digit code to set up with Siri

TheTOo22 says:

On 3rd gen, the “Philips hue white and color” print on the bulb is gold, 2nd gen is black thats a way to identify them 🙂

mik quin says:

Nicely done. I find it so strange that this is the first I’m hearing of the issues with the app and third-party add-ons. Because of the price tag I thought this would be a near flawless item. Thank you

Janne Maaranen says:

Do you need to keep your WLAN on while sleeping if you want to use this for waking up?

Corey Vollmer says:

Keeping the hub with only Ethernet is definitely for reliability (reduced wireless interference) as the hub must be able to wirelessly talk to each bulb with low latency and high reliability for every command sent. Although it is still certainly possible to make a hub that only requires a power source.

Premal Tailor says:


Fakhra Saleem says:

What’s the song name of the background music? Plz plz tell!!!

Ibliss says:

Bridge doesn’t have WiFi? Wtf? My Google WiFi router only has 1 ethernet port…

Sonny Wilson says:

I just picked up 36 bulbs for my house can’t to install them
Ecstasy mental breakdown and Seizures
now thats my kinda light bulb
Good video brother

Anand Kumar says:

Nice information about the product

Stev A says:

I agree about the lack of wifi on the bridge! Why in the hell would Philip’s not think of this??? Having to physically connect it to a router is beyond stupid, it’s moronic! Why oh why did Philip’s make this ridiculous mistake. Common sense dictates that it should be wifi.

Rosie A says:

Did you notice that the bottom of the bulbs were completely destroyed and gunky?

I saw your video because you are the only one I saw that showed the bulb up close. I noticed your bulbs were exactly like mine ; looking Like a toddler was given the bottom peoce to play with.

I just want to know if you have experienced any shortages or defects with the bulbs because of the lack of quality inspection.


CricketboyStudios says:

I dreamed that one day those lights that danced to the music in The Sims would become a reality. That time has come.

Beymar cruz says:

help!! they work 220-240v???

HK says:

So they dont remember the color once turned off and back on?

Phoenix King says:

Include a link to the bulbs

Magdalena Crmarić says:

At least my lightbulb will have synesthesia if I ever buy it…

Keeperofsecrets65 Velez says:

they have a 2.0 version for 196 dollars and the regular starter kit with 2 white bulbs for 69 bucks , can I buy the regular starter kit and buy separate color bulbs and get that same effect ?

Ian Engstrom says:

what if you just want one

Don Alan says:

IMHO Philips should produce am entirely new APP – scrapping, rather than tweaking, the current APP. I have never been successful with the geofencing for example. There’s plenty to hate, but as stated, Hue is oddly addicting. I did my living room… then the kitchen… and then what the heck! I did the whole house! 50 bulbs maxing out one hub.

Maxx S. says:


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