Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Lights – SETUP & REVIEW! | The Tech Chap

Go RGB mad with the new SQUARE Nanoleaf Canvas smart lights! Create any light design you want with 9 smart LED tiles in the box. They’re touch-enabled, react to music & can be controlled with the Nanoleaf app. But how easy are they to setup? and should you buy them? Amazon: [Coming Soon]

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Rafael Valentino says:

…those squares could also be ”dmx-512” xlr

Muphet says:

$200 for 9 panels? guess i will make my own panels with little bit of rgb leds and paper

Cliff Davis says:

They are not bad but I can not see the point. Something you would change the colours once and then never again. I can not remember the last time I was sitting at home thinking “if only the light was greener….”

Ziango Rex says:

IF this costs more than £50 = fuck no.

Edit: Yep they do.

Exalaxy X says:

Doctor said that it is okay to live with one kidney right?

إبداع لا ينتهي says:

Do you give me your number phone to benefit from your experience pls answer me

James A says:

Great video, but agree they’re quite pointless compared to Hue.

uktech says:

MrWhoseTheBoss and yourself need to do more collaboration videos.

saarf86 says:

where is the link to buy?

PaddyWa says:

They are overpriced.

Omar Ayman says:

They look cool, but for me i really did not like the + kind thing in the middle of the light, i rather have a solid look so the color shine

Mutebi Ashiraf says:


shemar dixon says:

Those are really nice would go for those because my wall is empty an looks a little bit boring

dennylafoss says:

If you got the money to blow have a blast, but these gotta be some of the most overpriced tech out there, considering an led strip is like 20 bucks

fetB says:

Btw, whatever happened to the law that you must mark Ads as such?

regoat says:

Looks interesting

ambar sunuwar says:

asus ux 360 laptop how to on keyboard backlight?

Jamie Wicks says:

Hi Tech Cap whats the chair spec in the Videos?

Massrely says:

Finally someone made a video on these. I was searching for them but didn’t know what they were called, until now. So thank you!

Ying Zhang says:

ugly af

Andrew Paper says:

Agreed – Hue is a better option for a more subtle look. This could easily cheapen a room.

The one thing Philips need to do ASAP is get Hue Sync integration working natively on Smart TVs – having to plug in a laptop via HDMI is a pain in the bee-hind.

Harvey Specter says:

I am a big fan of the Hue products, Nanoleaf is more like a nice tool.

Jan de Vries says:

Have you considered putting them on the ceiling? The wire would be a bit of a problem I suppose.

Ozzy Safa says:

I use the Philips Hue lights with the new Hue Play for immersive ambient lighting. I was thinking about adding these as they can sync together with the Hue lights and my Razer peripherals in Razer Synapse, but not sure if they will just be more distracting instead of adding that scuttle ambience immersion that the Hue lights offer. However the hand gestures and touch features seem cool but not sure that I would sit there and use that much… Can I ask did you use the adhesive on every tile? it seems that you just used it on the bottom one and just added tiles without adhesive? Did it take any paint/wallpaper off when removing tiles with adhesive?

Graham Thomson says:

I think I still prefer the hue setup as well! Love the honest review 🙂

flash1van says:

Great content! This is one of the few RGB applications that I like. It is in your face but at least it isn’t in the pc.

Harry Kerr says:

They look totally naff….it’s like something from the 60s disco. Total waste of money. The Philips Hue is much much better

Matruprasad Mohanty says:

if they can make curvy tiles they u can able to make the tech chap wave on your white walls.. that’s goings to be awesome …Tom

corrozu says:

Would’ve liked to know how the batteries work or if you have to replace bulbs.

Alaa Abuzaid says:

put them in the corner in a straight line

az zahar says:

I really wanna see who designed it the best now that we have a square and triangle panel.
Does it work when combined both square and triangle panel?

daVici says:

way too expensive holy shit

DOGGAR says:

And i was just dreaming for a chunky laptop with 4/8 gb ram intel core 2 duo/core i3
2.5/2.9 ghz
590 gb space but lmao xd love you techchappy
Can you Please do a review on the Xiaomi Redmi 6a?

kayumust says:

you will need alot to make it cool like you said.. and for that reason i dislike these tiles.. same with hue altho hue its ok as i don’t need alot in my small room but with these tiles to create a wall is like atleast a 1000 euro if not more… wich is redicoules..

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