Nanoleaf Canvas Review: The LEGO of Smart Lights

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Nanoleaf has outdone themselves with the next generation of their Nanoleaf light panels. It improves on every level from the previous iteration for the sexiest smart light system on the market. It’s technology, design and art all in one package. It might not be for everyone, but it’s one of the few joyful tech products out there. Just be prepared because you’ll need to be meticulous and patient installing it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Nanoleaf sent me a Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit and Expansion Kit for the purpose of this review.

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Vince Vicari says:


Peter Harper says:

Would be awesome as floor tiles.

CoinOpTV says:

Can finally recreate the dance floor from Saturday Night Fever – now all I need is a white suit!

Vince Vicari says:

Brian, do you know if it’s easy/possible to re-attach them to multiple surfaces? Say, if you have them in a bedroom for a while and then want to relocate them to a living room?

Simon T Bramley says:

Hi Brian, are you ok for me to share this video on my WordPress site?

olcorral says:

Bitchen, Brian. Add these to Santa’s list along with the Osmo Pocket. Thank you.

Rico La says:

Be cool if it could be set up to be a giant old school equalizer. Also you could use the 3M removable adhesive strips, that way you can move it whenever you want.

Akshat Kumar says:

You should make you logo with them!!!

rbmets38 says:

Id love to get these but the triangles and the squares are both really expensive

Denis says:

Awesome eye candy but too pricey for my budget

blindben999 says:

Great video!! Super cool, always wanted something like this and the price isn’t too bad.

Dan McLane says:

Brought to you by Ono Giant Shrimp Chips. Made in Hawaii with real shrimp.

Techno Dad says:

Super sick!! I want this for my music studio. I may have to take down some acoustic panels though. I think $250 is right around what it should cost. I would need at least two Hue LED strips and a hub so that should be around $200. This is spot on. Great video man!

Mr. Luigi says:

These look really cool. But, the difficulty attaching then to the wall, and the huge difficulty removing them if you want to change the design are deal breakers for me. Prediction…the next generation will have a much smarter way of attaching the tiles to the wall. And it will be easy to remove the tiles and change the pattern. Thanks for the video!

shawn abrams says:

They look really great!! How do they do with Movies? I have some Phillips hue setup but am still so underwhelmed with color connection to movies. I want something that works….. how do we get the studios just to build in lighting tracks to the movie?!?!?

acdnan says:

The price is TOO GODDAMM HIGH. I like the triangles better

Mild Mannered Comic Nerd says:

Wow technology is sooo crazy these days.

Ghassab 9 says:


Walls A says:

The LIFX tiles look way better

Jon Hill says:

Ive been researching lighting like this since Philips released OLED light panels some time back. It’s pricey but some people spend small fortunes for fixtures to just install incandescent bulbs… That’s the problem with marketing new products. They can’t be on par with traditional goods or services. They have to be leagues better and fix all the small inconveniences from the older technology.
These lights have plenty of features so they will hopefully lead to good enough sales to further develop the manufacturing and bring down the costs a bit.
From electric cars to LED lighting. People dislike change so new ways to do things have to be overwhelmingly better. This includes cost unfortunately, which is often times the downfall of new innovations trying to take hold in the market. It’s rare to reach enough capital to be able to market the benefits of a product or service over traditional methods. Usually investments are spent on R&D, manufacturing and distribution.

Keep up the good work! CNET has gone down hill since you left, their content is drier than ever. You bring tons of positive energy and your best thoughts about tech to your videos. I think of really enjoy your truthful opinions.

The TechWiz says:

I liked the design of the triangle nanoleaf panels but this is on another level…

kofuzi says:

Little known fact. They also smell like roofies and the kind of vodka that you huff

eddjmemg G says:

Forget the lights that I don’t have blow money for but that Mandalorian warrior piece in the back? I got blow away money for that! Lol
Lights are sweet tho. Maybe?

Jonathan McIntosh says:

Brian… You need to start hanging out with other tech Youtubers. Invite them on your podcast and film a visual cut for the Youtube summary 😉 1Luv. Love your show. Also, you need Beach!!! I’m missing the studio look and feel that drew me in for that raw feeling. You should start filming at a WeWork location to add people. You never know, you might meet a new member of your team—look to the youth 😉

Jonathan McIntosh says:

How bright are these panels!? I’m looking to replace a room lamp with these on the wall. Do you think the 9 panel intro-combo will cut it? Will it be bright enough to light the entire room (12×10 in case you’re wondering)?

interwebfiend says:

Are they compatible with the triangle series? I have the 2nd gen that came with sound chip. Wanted to see if they can mix n match?

Jason Latorre says:

You ‘Hey Siri” ‘d my iPad as I watched the video.

Christian Gonzalez says:

Very cool!!

Pigmister24 says:

R.I.P LIFX tile.

Al Pleasant says:

Very sweet tech. What’s the name of music in the beginning.

Boo lover says:


Drex2030 says:

sorry i have to pause your video to listen to the song first, but i will leave my like 🙂

Clifton Parchment says:

Those are really cool

Keith Brannan says:

Thanks Brian, great video-now I have another gift idea for Christmas.

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