Mi-Light RGB smart bulbs vs. Philips Hue

How do the Mi-Light RGB smart bulbs and controllers compare to Philips Hue? In my video “Is Hue for You?” from June (https://youtu.be/QtyeuoQy_IM) I used a Hue starter set that cost me $199 (at the time). Six months later, you can get three Mi-Light RGB LED bulbs and a WiFi controller for about $50. In this video, I show how to set up the Mi-Light bulbs and how they compare to Hue.

Milight 2.4G wireless E27 6W RGBW LED spotlight — https://goo.gl/VBcWac
2.4G Wireless RF LED Remote Control — https://goo.gl/F1xRrU
Mi Light WiFi Controller — https://goo.gl/XkFza6


Susana Chang Wong says:

hi, it is necessary to have a controller WiFi, to use the cellular phone to control it?, and… can I use the cellular app to controller out of the site??

Szymon Wawrzyniak says:

I think Xiaomi Yeelight is a lot better option. A lot better app, more than 4 zones. IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. Compatibility with Xioami Mi Home, tasker and Home Assistant. they cost about 15$ per bulb or 12$ on sale which is very often. No hub required

Rick Kraft1 says:

The best video I found on this product. Thanks so much for making this!

LessThanHandy says:

Looks like the Philips Hue Men in Black will be paying you a visit….lol. Nice video.

Guyfromhe says:

The color changing is much less granular than Hue or other higher priced options, It really only makes 10-15 colors or so and they changes are pretty jumpy, you can’t fade slowly between colors. Also the colors are MUCH dimmer than the white mode. This is the case with more expensive bulbs but much less so. Another difference is these bulbs are one way only. What that means is they bulbs only receive messages so you have no way to electronically check if the light is on or off where are Hue, Lifx, etc the bulb will actually send messages back if it gets switched on so the app can show if the light has been turned on/off and confirm the command was received. There are 3rd party apps on the Play store for MiLight and there is an API for programmers out there who want to control the lights with their own software. They also sell Warm White/Cool White bulbs and you can fade between the two whites. I’m actually really happy with my MiLight system though I replaced my RGB bulb with a Lifx for the above reasons and the Lifx actually died on me in less than a year so I’m back to the Milight again 😛

George K says:

You pay for what you get for. The Hue works. The Chinese junk? Good luck.

zorrilnz says:

You can use the remote control in conjunction with the bridge / hub. I’ve had these lights for a few years and the biggest drawback is the app support… They’re all cheap and nasty. And in this day with Google Home support…. Its just annoying now.

Everyday Tech says:

I have the mi-lights remote and wifi controller box. You can use them both at the same time with the mi-light controllers for strip lights but it is a pain to get it working. I have not tried the bulbs yet. Good video. I have been holding out on getting the Lifx bulbs but that are just not dropping in price fast enough. I am going to try these bulbs.

air402 says:


John Fithian-Franks says:

Hi you might impress your friends but obviously not your son ?

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