Maximus Smart Security Light Review: Claim vs. Performance

The Maximus Smart Security Light is an outdoor light and security camera combo backed by Kuna AI that uses your exisiting wiring for power. It ships in multiple styles and colors and includes person detection, motion detection, smart lighting features, motion activated lighting, pre-recorded greetings, a siren, and more.

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MrD50boy says:

I really wanted one of these for my front door, however decided not to get it. After seeing a few reviews also saying motion detection was spotty and the 2 hour limit on subscription free viewing, I went with a motion light from Lowe’s and paired it with an Arlo HD. I would want the freebie review length be enough to last through the night. If I woke up to find someone had vandalized my door over 2 hours ago, I’d have no way of seeing the video. I despise paying to enable features on any device.

philbkny says:

kuna toucan also good one and also can be retrofitted as home ceiling camera as long as you can provide usb power.
Using is for he past two years with ai service and it’s ok… motion is not grey and no night vision that this product definitely needs, otherwise good product.

Laan Lorenz says:

Just finished installing yesterday. Love all the features for the price we paid. It’s on sale at Costco $99 each. We bought 2 for and put in front of the garage door. Still learning the devices.

Michael Beltran says:

HI 2:33

Mark Her says:

Elias Perez
Good overall review,
I bought this version of the Maximus Kuna security light 2yrs ago..and it was dependable..On mine I installed a Corn led light bulb which had about 2k lumens which made the color nightvision work better and my cam was mounting only about 6ft high so the motion detection was better then your results..I recently upgraded to the Maximus 1080p floodlight and it is WAY better on all accounts…plus having the pre recorded messages play when motion is detected is priceless and helps to detour/prevent break in’s..check out some of my video footage..
Kuna Coach 720p…
Kuna Floodlight 1080p..

ModernDayFamilyMan says:

I think this is the way to go for outdoor security camera. They should blend right into the house. I would have bought a lightcam like this already if they can fix the issue of having a light switch. I want to be able to use a light switch to turn off the light, but keep the power on to the camera. To do this though, with one power source, someone will have to design a new smart switch to spilt the power between the light and the camera. Do you know or heard anyone doing this yet?

As always, great review Rose. You’re starting to blow up and your subs will be past mine in no time.

Eddie M says:

Hey its rose I’m thinking of buying the nest iq outdoor security camera but waiting for your advice video coming soon ?

Pete Chutastic says:

Why it is Offline all the time 。。?

It worked on the first day

Second day went Offline and on

Eddie M says:

Sounds good rose just waiting on my fibre internet to be installed so I will definitely let u know my pros and cons when I get it up and going all the best …

Phil S says:

Can you change the bulb? Just wondering if it could be paired with a LIFX IR bulb to solve the night vision issue?

Elias Perez says:

Really good review as always! I like security lights because you dont have to open holes in the walls and run cables. However I didnt like this camera resolution. I think the ring floodlight is better. You answered the questions I always had about this cam when I go to costco LOL

SteveV says:

I like the decorative aspect allowing it to blend in with different style homes and finishes. But the lack of night vision is a deal breaker.

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