LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulbs w/ IFTTT Integration! REVIEW (4K)

» LIFX 1000 Smart LED Bulb:
» Other Models (Whites, BR30, etc):
» » The LIFX Color 1000 (A19) are Wi-Fi smart LED light bulbs, that are multicolor (up to 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white), and dimmable. The best part, these bulbs integrate with a ton of 3rd party applications, my favorite IFTTT! With integration, it opens up a massive world of potential for the smart bulbs, using If This Then That statements.. here are just a few examples:
-Each time I receive a new text message, flash the lights red.
-Whenever I come home, auto turn on the lights, and when I leave, auto turn off.
-I can easily integrate with the weather, so if it’s about to start raining outside, bring down the lights and turn to a cool blue.
-I can even use these as simple home security assistant when I’m away; every so often toggle the lights on and off throughout my house to make it look like someone is home.

Honestly, the sky’s the limit to your ideas and infinite possibilities!

These bulbs also work great for shooting photo and video in my studio. Each bulb shines fairly bright, 1055 lumens. I have full dimming control, plus Kelvin settings, so setting white balance is a breeze and helps match other lights very quick and easy.

If you think of any other sweet IFTTT integrations or ideas, let me know down in the comments. Thanks for watching!

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Jilson Silva says:


Steven Lord says:

it’d make more sense if your channel name was authentech. as a viewer I don’t recognize the channel name and sometimes don’t click the video

Nova Kane says:

can bulbs be added to more than one group?

Erwyn Shah says:

Thank you! With this I am feeling confident on getting my hands on a few. Looking forward to play around with IFTTT too!

Josh's Reviews says:

Does their lightstrip work with IFTTT?

Beakerzor says:

omg, I was just now searching Lifx and saw you already covered this topic! thanks!

proffski says:

Thank you for a truly excellent presentation, life without LIFX would be lifeless!

metal4life says:

would these always be a strain on wifi or just while using the app?

Ralph Nickson VIllacorte says:

Does this work on any lamp???

Dudes of Culture says:

Those lights compliment your complexion at the end

Bubble_Flap HD says:

Are they worth it? I mean like for the price…

Abdullah Shawky says:

What is the lamp you have @ I would like to have something like that at my place.

Kenneth Campbell says:

Not a fan of _even more_ devices that’ll bog down the wifi, but these are really funky! Love the IFTT integration too. They seem a bit pricey (though on average for these type of bulbs, unfortunately) – especially for heavy users. I have a couple IFTT idea: a flash for a daily run reminder; or, how about turning on the foyer/hallway lights near the door when the doorbell rings? Are you going to designate these as studio lights? Would be interesting to see how that works out.

ExtremeCheapskate Teen says:

Great video

Manfred klaus says:

Where is it made? No way I buy made in china stuff. Philips hue failed heavily for making them in china with cheap rgb unable to reproduce many colors. Have a nice day.

Jetsetgo says:

how many bulbs can you combine maximum

Johnny Appleseed says:

I have 13 of these and counting!

Mike Trieu says:

I dunno about IFTTT. I paired my WeMo switch to my LIFX bulbs with IFTTT and the delay from trigger to action is insanely long. Lighting at night is a personal safety issue and I can’t be waiting a minute or more to have my lights turn on after I flip the switch. That being said, the LAN protocol via the app works almost instantaneously, so I think I’ll try to mess around with Home Assistant on a RasPi to get these two devices to talk to each other locally instead of having to wait for an interminably long round-trip across the Internet.

Daniel Tani says:

It’s an interesting product… I like a lot… I thought that this type of technology was something more expensive and far far way from us LOL… It’s an amazing review.

Ishaan says:

2 nd comment and 87th comment

Ian Alaman says:

Love it. I wonder if I have it. Good video

Cory Simpson says:

What WiFi access point were you using, and did you connect them over 2.4 or 5Ghz?

ᗰᎥᛕᗴ says:

What is the date when the VAVA Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway end?

Jonathan Braithwaite says:

idea 1 from abode reddit: Use bulb as status indicator of security system status. Idea 2: dedicate a secondary router (don’t we all have an old one laying around by now?) for wifi smart home stuff like this. Use different wifi channel than primary router.

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