LIFX bulbs are simply the best damn smart lights out there and today I’m giving you a full tutorial on how to set them up and transform your boring second bedroom turn into the ultimate man cave.


All Sizes Of Bulbs Here:

ALSO Check out the NANOLEAF:

In this review and tutorial we’ll go over:
1. How to reset your LIFX bulbs to factory settings
2. Pair them with your wifi network
3. Add them into groups (rooms)
4. How to made adjustments to individual lights
5. How to use themes and effects.

LIFX has not paid me to make this video. I really love this product and I hope you do too!

I got my first smart light system five years ago (Philips Hue). It was…ok. The colors weren’t that colorful. They never updated the app. The 3rd party apps were crap…and now I have 7 bulbs that I have yet to eBay. Ugh.

THEN a friend turned me onto LIFX. There is no hub required. They’re energy efficient. They’re sync to music. They work with IFTTT. They talk to Siri & Alexa. Yeah. They’re awesome.

and if you do… you have GOT to get the music adapter:


evilution says:

Great but you missed a vital bit of info. How do you turn the bulbs on? I have Hue bulbs in my house, the main power switch is on but I control the bulbs with the separate Hue wireless light switches. I also have Hue lights that come on with the movement sensor.

From what I see, Lifx don’t have the switches and movement sensors. So if I walk into a room do I have to get my phone out and do it through the app or start talking to Alexa etc?

That seems restrictive and poorly conceived if it is the case.

Rodion Mark says:

Love mine completely totally worth it. I would recommend it to anyone if you want to spruce up any ambient.

Greg. Runner says:

I can’t get these lights to work at all. The odd thing is I got two last year and they worked great and then I got me 4 more and now none of them work. Major pain in the ass but I keep on trying for some unknown reason

WindersRanger says:

Can you preset the lights to come on or turn off at a particular time without having to do it manually?

JustAnotherPerson says:

Mega thank you for creating this tutorial !!

Daniel Perez says:

You are the lamest YouTube ever just dragging on this video get to the point

Adrian Logan says:

Awesome. Can you now make Part 2 of the Final Cut Pro X course that we’ve been waiting for? Or atleast start putting out the individual mini videos you mentioned lol

Elizabeth Gabriel Brooke says:

So glad to see this. We have been tearing our hair out trying to figure out how to set these lights up. They are great lights, we want to install about 50 of them at our hotel but they so VERY COMPLICATED to set up. They are not intuitive. David is the only person I know who can make sense of LIFX. We are not giving up on LIFX, but I hope the manufacturer is watching and will help make the software EASIER to use.

Eggs says:

Would it be worth getting one for my bedroom? It won’t fit my actual light but it will fit the bulb of my desk lamp (which can light up the whole room, and is only 700 lumens). I was going to get Philips Hue then I figured you needed the bridge so I was like ‘no I am only getting one lamp’ then I found this company!

Wesam Khalfalla وسام خلف الله says:

Thanks David! I have Philips Huge Go find the lightstripr for now.

Henry Persoon says:

Cool but you can buy the same thing on eBay for less money

Ric The Duc says:

Excellent 🙂

davidmarshall98 says:

All the sound effects make your work seem way less professional, much better without!

GuNpLaYOG says:

Sometimes on the LIFX Z strips, the last connected strip wont sync with the themes

John 47 says:

Call me old fashioned, Dave but I prefer to get laid by candle light and not on the disco floor. 😀

Mockbaboy says:

@davidacox David, looks like Provincetown finally turned you into this 24/7 puckish smartass. And I like it!

Doug Stoberski says:

David I want to put these lights in the basement, but if in the middle of the night I go down without my smart device how can I turn the lights on? Suggestions

psiops277 says:

I’ve been using this produce for almost two years… Great Product, even though I’ve had a few connection issues here and there. It was a pain in the ass to fix the issue too. Other than that, great product. I’ve taken the time to really sit down and name my lights. I use the scene selection within the app and adjust from there to get my own custom colors. The colors are actually the color you choose. If you want blue, then you’ll get blue and all the tints in between as well. I only use one bulb though. Also, if you happen to loose ur phone it will work as a regular light bulb as well. You just wont have access to all the fancy stuffs the app has to offer. You can not go wrong with choosing LIFX as your light bulb choice.

MOEBABY3000 says:

Do you teach Terminal too?

Johnny Appleseed says:

Pair these lights with a Nanoleaf Aurora or the new LIFX Tiles coming soon. They work well together

Deepanjan Das says:

I have a LIFX Mini bulb which I have connected using homekit and it works fine, set up was no hassle at all. I also have amazon echo dot, and when I try to pair the bulb up with Alexa, it cannot discover the smart bulb. I tried doing it multiple tones but doesn’t work. With HomeKit and Siri the bulb works just fine. Any suggestions?

Cam Kasmiersky says:

Amazing review and tutorial. Great job

Philip Bedingfield says:

One question, because 1100 lumens is a descent amount of brightness, can I pre set it to always turn on at a specific brightness? E.g “hey Siri turn on my bedroom light” it automatically turns on to idk 75% brightness? Thanks love the videos

Showtizzel : says:

I like the lifx lights when they work. Unfortunately my lights always disconnect and I have to reset them every other day.

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