LIFX Color WiFi Smart Bulb Full Review – Echo Compatible Worth Every Penny (4K)

Full thorough review of the LIFX color 1000 WiFi smart bulb. Beef up your smart home with this LIFX Smart Bulb. It had millions of color combinations, white spectrum from 2500k to 9000k, Works with Amazon Echo(Alexa), has a great app, and great energy savings.

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Links For Bulbs:

LIFX Bulb –
LIFX LED Strip –

Camera gear:

Main Camera –
Big Camera – –
B Roll Camera –
Tripod –
Wide Lense – http://am
Zoom Lense –
Audio Recorder Zoom h5 –
Mic –


TheSaltyOne says:

I really enjoy your videos…especially your reviews

Luke Brady says:

Thanks for this!

Elaine O'Dell says:

Awesome review… there are a lot of features and settings that would be super cool….once I get my new ECHO!

Devin Trent says:

Jeremy! Thanks alot for this video brother! I was recently looking at purchasing the Phillips color lights but now that I see these LIFX don’t require a hub I think I’ll be getting these now!

philip baldwin says:

You mentioned in the video if the wifi goes out you may have to reboot it to make the bulbs work again. Can you still operate the light while wifi is off line by simply using the normal wall switch?

Cowcow S says:

are they working with bluetooth?

wardope says:

I got lifx bulbs all over the house. and I have removed the wall switches in the house and replaced them with smart Wifi Switches that will and switch the bulb no/off brighten and dim the light. the reason behind this is that if you use a standard switch you will cut the power to the bulb and you have to go and push the switch again for it to function

Aj says:

Will keep info in mind. As soon as it gets rolling (java, man). JS, will keep links on tap. Try to snag a Newegg link also. Stay dry,warm and strive for great day! AJ

PipenFalzy says:

Really cool for maybe a week. Novalty wears off quick. Having to remove the bulb to do a reset would be a total bitch if you have a few of them and hopefully not a house full of them.

wang zhen says:

I’ve just ordered one after watching ur review, can’t wait to try it on with Alexa

Bob T says:

good to see & listen well explained & office is cool.

Cameron Meetze says:

I know I’m a bit late but I love the video

You have more than 1k views with 0 dislikes, thats amazing

How much are these bulbs?

Brian Wilkes says:

Love the channel, new sub , what is the make of your white chair please ? Many thanks

Arthur Schroeder says:

Great stuff man. Really enjoy the videos. Your content seems like it geared specifically to my tastes. Love it!

Joanne L Bruno says:

I have a question. Do you know if they can be used in a 3-way table lamp? If so, how? Thank you in advance..

WillieB Vlogging says:

Love the video Jeremy. I have been thinking about getting smart lights for awhile now that I have Alexa. I cannot decide whether to go with Hue or with LIFX.

Josh Lewis says:

Where can I get a lamp like the circular one please?

Kuba H04 says:

Is the HomeKit working? Thanks for your reply!

waveoflight says:

I hope they gave you a bump for this add.

ElFamoso Art says:

So do I leave the light switch on now forever or turn it off when I turn off my bulb through my phone??

Calvin Campbell says:

Great review

Eggs Gaming says:

Soo I was wondering if I should just buy one of these for my bedroom. They don’t have the correct fitting for my actual light, but for my desk light (it can light up the whole room with the current bulb) it should work. I just want one so I can say ‘Hey Google, turn off my light’ at night time (and I want to party on my own :P).

One more thing, I have noticed my current bulb get quite hot when it stays on for about 5 mins. Would this one get very hot?


Mikey Vapes says:

Just found your channel, great channel, love the aesthetic you have and your content is brillant! Just my speed! Keep it up man!

Also you triggered my lighting throughout this video haha!

Kimberley Brennan says:

Omfg, you are such a MAN with this shit. It’s a god damned lightbulb! Do yer sneakers tie themselves, does yer griddle flip yer damn pancakes for you!? WTH! Men ALWAYS make shit more complicated than need be with yer damn gadgetry. Your wife better be careful during lovemaking that it’s you and not a faux you workin that magic while u edit some video in other room. *loud crash* *you enter room see bed collapse* wife:”WTF!” You:“ Oh shit, I thought I programmed it for sweet sweet lovin’, but it’s on bang her thru the headboard and wall. Baby I’m sorry… I’m sure you’ll be able to walk in a few days… 2 weeks tops”

John Vitale says:

Thanks Jeremy. Great channel.

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