LIFX BEAM – Smart Lighting

Lifx Beam is the latest smart light from Lifx, retails for $200
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OG 1KiNoBeE says:

lifx is a great company , im glad i went lifx over Philips , nothing against hue just happy so far with lifx even thier packaging is great! Only thing at all im having happen thats a little frustrating maybe even a little creepy is having my lifx mini come on in middle of night or sometime early morning so it ends up being on when i wake but i cant fully blame lifx yet because i have my google home controling it so im gonna have to do some trial and error before faulting any certain gadget. I am aware of the daytime mode where the bulb simulates the light with the time of day and outside but almost positive i have that turned off. Any great video , and may have to pick some of these up after i grab my Aurora nano leafs first

tactical renegade says:

Way better than the hue strip I have

EasyTech says:

This would be nice with a wall of pictures. Give it a little accent

Oscar Elliott says:

Great video! I have been looking for a light solution for my room

TF Stormii says:

What is that accent that’s poking through in her speech? Or am I just going crazy?

sudhanshu shekhar says:

Which phone was that ?

IgniOwl says:

Is this loss?

Hi-Fi Insider says:

I need to get me this.

MayitoTek says:

it is so hard to shoot anything with light/brightness, I tend to have this issue while recording the screen of a phone. Always have to adjust the brightness and sometimes it doesn’t reflect the true brightness level

A Russian Beast says:

You’re so sweet amanda ❤

BM BM says:

Nice idea of putting it there xD

randomrazr says:

why cant my editing be good as yours XD

One Two says:

These look super sweet.

PETTI says:

What’s the song name

Kaleb Walters says:

How many can you hook on one power bank?

Daniel Mentz says:

Amanda love your videos, I see you use a lot of Lifx products, I just went over to them and are very impressed, great video

Slian D says:

ASMR voice

Alain Andrew says:

When using homekit via siri do you ever get the issue of “the lifx bulb is not responding?”

Jerry Puckett says:

Thanks Amanda I guess these are my favorite I don’t know they just look so good
Great video thanks all the work you put into your videos

Daniel Ortiz says:

iRobot anyone?

demskies says:

Does it work with Phillips hue?

Da JFrog says:

Hey Amanda I Was Wondering If You could help me To Build a Clean but Awesome looking desk, with a purple theme, For gaming And video editing? I Live In The Netherlands, And i have a budget of a 1000 Bucks without The PC

Omar the Atheist Aziz says:

Is there anything on the market, where u connect to wall and enjoy, type of RGB lights?

mrED123 says:

@AmandaWoolsey you need a sub! Your welcome, well thanks for the awesome video it helped me a lot and i love lifx

chemicalsam says:

Way way overpriced

PETTI says:

Kind of pointless lol

Chamere Thomas says:

What phone are you using?

Cringeworthy Humans says:

I asked this on the nano leaf video…
Can this connect with ROG Aura Sync? or any other gaming brand? Razer? MSI?

Cyberius says:

Hello I was wondering if you know if the beam and the tiles work with the Samsung Smartthings hub? I have not seen either mentioned when looking at the hub or the lights so I am worried that they won’t connect.

Tim Schutte says:

, cool, very cool.
I’m getting it now, lol.

MEELO925 says:

16 million colors? So 6 million of those colors you just cant see?

shad0wdragon3050 says:

Great video and good job on exposing the camera wash effect.

skeleton says:

cool lights and all, but totally not worth 200 dollars. probably not worth 100 dollars. dude get a smart bulb and a pretty lamp… both of those gonna cost you 75 total and thats if you pick a nice lamp

Jose M says:

That looks pretty cool

MayitoTek says:

this concept with the lights attaching is nice!! many different ways that they can be used!. Nice Video Amanda !!

stan kidofu says:

can you go into more detail with the app?
what settings and options are there?

Uwais Alharthi says:

I didn’t realize I’m a subscriber

theandroids says:

Lame. I thought these were something that “beams” shapes on walls etc. Might as well use the led strips instead of spending a fortune on these.

HasHasDre says:

are they worldwide/international??

Everton's Way says:


Christopher Lee says:

Great video! These are pretty awesome looking lights.

TechFit360 says:

Oh this is SWEEEET!!! I like this! Adding this to my wish list right now!! Thanks AW!

Zack Vogel says:

Your voice is soothing 😀

Simon T Bramley says:

Hi Amanda, just wanted to ask if was ok to share your video on my HomeKit website. I will of course, credit you and any hits on the site will go to your viewing numbers. If it’s not ok, that’s also fine. Just wanted your ‘OK’ before doing anything. Simon.

mario soto says:

It’s nice for those that don’t like doing some DYI, with some diffusers and some decent led strips you can get the same effect for a lot less. Nice review either way.

itsGazaIan says:

Pretty nice, and it’s got Google Assistant support so I can control them from my Google Home.. sadly the price point is a bit high for what it is. The Nanoleaf Aurora is a better value to me, but this seems nice if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle.

Thuggyfresh says:

Want these but don’t know what to do with it since I have the lifx strips and 21 nanoleafs

cplcabs says:

16 million colours? Who keeps counting all the colours for these things?

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