LIFX Beam – Best Smart Light For Your Setup?

Is the LIFX Beam the best way to pimp your setup? Is it worth the $200?
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Sohrab Lipov says:


Sohrab Lipov says:


HartyWRX says:

Good video reminds me of my Geeni led lamp but it’s not that great of a UI like it’s the same UI and it’s shitty that it’s not reliable

Mystic Oblivion says:

Setup is sexy

RURF ! says:

What parts do you think would be good for a computer cuz I’m starting to make a better setup and I also need better parts to my computer. I have the graphics card which is the msi 1070ti. I’ve decided my monitor and my ram but if you could can you tell me what processor and what motherboard I should buy? (I’m not that good with computer things) soooo… if you have time reply to this comment and tell me what I should get. The computer will be mostly for gaming but I also like to edit videos.

Unique Grimz says:

Do giveaways it will bring your channel right back up❤️

Tal Mizrahi says:

Waiting for an update for the setup

JakeFox says:

How is there nearly 10k views but only 48 comment. With my comment it’s now 49

SvenOkonomi says:

This thing looks broken AF.

Michael Escobar says:

Can u do a give away for like Astros or something

Sarim says:

This channel is so dead I use to watch u like 3 years ago

Kasper Lindström says:

Man,good to see another video! Even if it did feel like you were a bit rusty, lol
The product seems… beamy… I guess

Also, that desk is real interesting, the ability to possibly install a 3U custom workstation, some audio gear and why not some easy to access network gear.

Mark Cordwell says:

I’m gunna call it……This product is SHIT, nothing less, nothing more, just absolute rubbish.

Sohrab Lipov says:


d0msquad d0msquad says:

“Or you can have a seizure” lmaooo

Hunter Clawson says:

“one of these dumbasses” the reason I subscribed

Nathaniel Caudill says:

I have that, not too expensive costly for I purchased that onto top on my bed with corner wall, I settled with lever ensuring bubble on middle. Look very nice light. Lifx bulbs, Lifx Z strips, and tiles.

Cestus Fr says:

worst RGB light i’ve seen! even a 2 dollar chinese kit would be brighter and have more mods to it…
love you video though! keep up the good work!
PS not worth my left nut! not even an ass nugget!

Denys Stryzhov says:

so it’s a simple addressable LED strip in a cheap plastic case with some magnets and a buggy app.
learn some basic electronics and programming, kids, you can DIY this stuff much cheaper and better.
props to Matt for showing its flaws in a video, this stuff should be much better for the price

TukkPlaysz Minecraft and more says:

U should pump out my set up I have a laptop that’s 7 years old I have to use a keyboard because the actual one is broke and it bearly can run minecraft

ARI HD says:


jetrexter says:

the legend has returned

Sohrab Lipov says:


Austin Putman says:

Sell your left testicle.

Jaiden McRae says:

You are failing to revive your channel smh

Rotex says:

so not woth it

juan lizarraga says:

Is pimpin the shed really worth it?

Sohrab Lipov says:


Gregory Dale Mostella says:

Nice review. Sound was muffled—like an echo. Nice lighting; doesn’t seem to be worth the price though. Thanks for mounting them so we can se.

dylan brodie says:

Get the nanoleaf

CashTV says:

Finally a new vid!!!

INKS says:

cool product, just too expensive

Sohrab Lipov says:



Love your vids i like your gaming setup vids the most but i realy want a good gaming setup i have no money i have pc shitier than a nokia 3310 can you write me and sugest for me something.

Sohrab Lipov says:


Sohrab Lipov says:


HyDe says:

yo i love you so much I’m trying to get my gaming setup lookin awesome so if you could get back to me

Psycho Empire says:

I wish I could say you are a good youtuber but you aren’t you have good content but it’s not good enough for the inconsistency of videos and you do have content available regularly for pimp my setup.

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