It’s Here! IKEA Tradfri Color Changing Smart Bulb Review

It’s your early holiday gift – the just-released full-color TRÅDFRI smart LED bulb from IKEA! Comes pre-paired with a cool remote to start having fun with colors immediately and works with the other IKEA products…and does work with Philips Hue, too.

UPDATE: IKEA has updated the TRADFRI app and decent palette of colors can be chosen from their app. No traditional color wheel or more in-between colors, but it’s a start.

These full-color bulbs are now listed on the IKEA site –

How-To: IKEA smart lighting and Philips Hue –

Original IKEA smart lighting review –

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gwent cardx says:

My remote control can’t change color settings (the <> buttons)…. Is that normal? My lights are paired already, but nothing happens with the <> buttons.

Sonja Taylor says:

What do you say to siri to go back to warm / normal / original color? White doesn’t work and warm-white also doesn’t work. Help please 😉

Ahmad Al-Khateeb says:

Trådfri is pronounced Troadfree 😛

Eric Simpson says:

Please help, what eye do i look at….

Avery Flynn says:

Do you know of a way to use alexa with the feit electric homebrite bulbs. I purchased four of them to use with my own setup and I am having buyers remorse as I am at least of of now unable to use them with amazon’s alexa.

mostbutnotall says:

You just click on the triangle made up of 3 circles and it brings up a selection of colours. No spectrum though.

Gillenz Fluff says:

I always wanted to go for the brothel look!

Josefina says:

Amazing review! Thank you so much it was really useful!!

Sonny Wilson says:

I’m Addicted to this channels

Nameless says:

Hey which of the bulbs works with the Hektar Work Lamp??

Daniel Pilarczyk says:

Can I use these bulbs with Siri?

Natan Shooman says:

Can you post a link to where you can buy these? Also, where did you say the link to the color handler? “and there’s a link to it in the video description”

S a d S u c c says:

I’m very high, thank you.

ArizonaDanJones says:

Do you know if the ikea Tempe has any?

Jasper van Teeseling says:

Nice video!

Challenge Broadcast says:

Nice that it works with philips hue!
I got 4 trådfri and its okay. Not as good as the philips hue colors but it is good enough.
Great videos keep it up 🙂

Sjoerd verbraak says:

if you use android. update the app and you can pick your color IOS not available

The Frozen Penguin says:

600 lm..bit low.

MrLordFiren says:

Do i need to buy the Philips hue bridge to use all the colours of the rainbow?

Nicholas Sendelbach says:

This review is not…terribly exciting.

Prince Pabbi says:

Will the old smartthings handler still work??

M4st3rm1nd says:

This guy is not familiar with the product himself. Useless video

WeekendParty __ says:

$35 for 1 bulb with switch.

Flanagan 666 says:

I can’t find the color bulbs. Anyone have link?

phenomenal Monkey says:

Im not exited enough to give 1 dollar

Roy Rugani Jr says:

I am still only finding the ones with a kit…do they sell separately w/o kit yet? If not, that is not a good deal if you’re wanting color lighting and none are available by themselves.

Matheson Steplock says:

Do you need the gateway or can I use a Zigbee Adapter?

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