IKEA’s Cheap Smart Lights | IKEA Tradfri (trådfri) Gateway Kit

IKEA’s new smart lighting system just recently started rolling out to stores in US and Canada. The IKEA Tradfri/Trådfri series includes a variety of bulbs and remote control solutions for those looking to control, dim and adjust the white color of their lights around the home.

IKEA Smart Lighting products:
http://bit.ly/2prnHG0 (IKEA US)
http://bit.ly/2pEmgF4 (IKEA Canada)

There are also a variety of other Smart Lighting products such as panels, and cabinet doors that have yet to roll out to the America regions but you can check them out here:
http://bit.ly/2qbU1KN (IKEA SE)


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Intro: Zeper – What You Need

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Vitor Hugo says:

vai durar um mês

Logan Vanderbeck says:

Are you sponsored by Ikea?

Weapon X says:

great Vid. So what all do i need to buy to be able to control 2 light bulbs separately?

Linus Wetzig says:

Hey David, i discovered your channel 30 minutes ago and now i addicted 😀

Would be nice to know, if, in which company you are working or in which city you are living.

Keep doing so! Sorry for the possible mistakes and greetings from Germany 🙂

Davide Lombardo says:

Would you make an updated review now that Apple HomeKit, Hue and Android support is available?

anastasia46 says:

love your videos. so intelligent, clear and concise.

Bin Sun says:

if you read the manual you will know there is fine adjustment of the color, just long press the color button

Matt says:

Very informative video David. The shots are extremely clear and professional. I really appreciate how organized and well thought out your videos are. Keep up the good work!

kntwing says:

i think this guy like ikea so much he s hould work there?

Romick Vieira says:

Id love to have a house and theme the room decorations and shit… ill just spend my life working like a slave to live in someone elses den… FUCK i HATE being poor. Not even the bed i sleep on is mine, how could i ever be happy being poor… my car is from 1994 FFS, sad shit… have nohting. Gotta have 2 jobs just to afford some shit… how is that living? my youth will be working my ass off like a slave and even then i wont have much money… its sad… its not living, its surviving… im used to being poor, i have gone to work by bike, i was never raised aving alot of money (although my parents got money and live well they would provide me everything at home and not really make me walk with money, its like, i didnt use to take money to school but everyday i had to go downstairs to help her bring the goceries, they got a freezer too like 1,2meters long probably) but i was kicked out, they dont give a shit about me. I HATE being poor, i HATE working, HATE everything about it but specialy the stupdity of people, just want to punch them in the face, fucking strangers doing me shit… even today i go put gas on my car a fucking retard touches me with his elbow, he was putting coind on a table but still, i know that son of a bitch old man did it on purpose, fucking hell should have punched him in the face, they make it all look like it “wanst on purpose” but obviously it was, my will it to fucking kill you, ruined my dad just that motherfucker, spend day working like a slave then got out of work and forgot about it, not that motherfucker had to ruin my day, fucking piece f shit retards. Ill never accept being poor, ill live, but ill never like it, illl always hate it, having to count coins to survive wtf is that, and also i dont want to share anything, rather die alone than sharing home, couldnt even have peace outside now atleast i can be alone at home. ALso ill probably never going to get a gf, but what i really need is not a GF, is money, i would be just fine with money and peace.

Nora Bahgat says:

The worst bulbs to buy is from IKEA ….. I bought 3 bulbs, 2 of them were damaged after two years and it is supposed to live longer than that ….. And of course, I lost the bill due to the long time. They said they cannot change them for me because I don’t have the bill knowing that Ikea name is printed on the box and on the lamp ….

Andrew Marr says:

Hi David, another great video mate. I enjoy your channel not only because of the awesome ideas and reviews you provide but also the quality of the videos is fantastic. This is something I’m always trying to improve in my own vlogs (although it’s a completely different genre).

I’m looking at enhancing my workspace and was wondering if you had any ideas or tips on shelf space. I’m hoping to come up with something to store some of my camera gear and also for the purpose of displaying some of my old vintage cameras…perhaps an idea for a future video, thanks again! 🙂

Rendy Irawan says:

So it doesn’t work with apple homekit yet?

Nicholas Cheung says:

An affordable lightbulb for $20 from xiaomi, I have tried it and still using it, it’s so worth it ! U should try it really!

Euan Lake says:

Great review – super helpful with making a buying decision, thanks!

Jeffery x says:

Hi Will it work with a amazon echo Alexa thanks. Jeff

WokeGardey says:

Still delivering some of the highest quality videos I’ve seen. Really hoping your channel gets that spark and you get a hell of a lot more subscribers. Keep it up!

Umayr Hussain says:

should​ have done RGB TBH

kamaboko1 says:

Interesting. Budding technology. I’ll have to wait for it to mature a bit though. Nice video.

Josh TechGamer says:

great video man thumb up ill have to check it out.

mint hos says:

It Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit atm I think .

Karan Bhansali says:

Can you post a link to your light stand?

Noah Rasmussen says:

“Trådfri” means “wireless” soooooo

xabax says:

Hi, are compatible with Google Home?

Frankie Repalda says:

i hope it’s going to be a great giveaway…i wish that you can visit Hawaii and go barefoot too when I get to show you the places where I go in Hawaii

Apathylex says:

I’m not really a fan of product reviews, but with this video quality, background music choice and that voice, I’ll watch every upload, everything appears so tranquil. Love your desk setup videos the most.

Bo Wang says:

Another great video very good info David, Ikea always carries pretty cool stuff. I’m paying them visit next month. Too bad I live 4 hours away from closest one.

VictorSteiner says:

Do those bulks have a clock built in or how do they know the time in the morning? Internet over the bridge?

in Valhalla神様 says:

Be careful with the gateway. I am pretty sure there is little if any built in security which can then be used as an access point to compromise your network.


how come you use the axigel pencil instead of the uni kerotoga?

Music Lover says:

They are great lights but you cannot control each bulb individually which is what I need so I had to return them.

W Brodie says:

Pronounced Traudfril

greentealatte says:

I would just get the Yeelight color bulbs
Cheaper than Philips Hue and it also supports amazon echo

Jort says:

amazing video! definitly a cool product. is ther a possibility to connect them to google assistant and turn the lights on with your voice?

xxgg says:

Would the basic model with remote be best for someone who just want to be able to turn ON/OFF multiple lights via physical switch? (no smartphone controlling or wifi network connection required)

Mihai C. Mardare says:

Hi David, this is probably the best review on this light kit.
Can you please tell me if I chose to use the lights from the traditional light switch will they revert to the last used settings or to a specific one and also if they are switched off from the remote/app will they power on just by using a traditional light switch?
Thank you!

IG Mylegasi says:

What’s the multiple light bulb stand?

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