IKEA Tradfri | Cheap wireless lights | UK Review

Although not available yet- Ikea have announced that Siri/HomeKit/Alexa support will be coming to the TRÅDFRI range in the near future.
Welcome back to Stu’s Reviews! Today Stu takes a look at the IKEA Tradfri lighting system, a direct competitor and cheaper alternative to Philips HUE!

IKEA – http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/lighting/smart-lighting/trådfri-gateway-kit-white-spectrum-white-art-20338963/


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Julian Master says:

do i need the gateway to control the lights if I don’t want to use the app?

cpmkw says:

I wish you’d talk more about the color rendering of the bulbs themselves, CRI and so on. How does the light LOOK? This seems to be buried but I’ve seen comments here and there that rate the CRI HIGHER than Phillips., which is HUGE for me. More important than any technical accessories or Halloween/disco colors. I want GOOD livable light. I keep hoping people will address that in one of these video reviews. I personally don’t like Philips regular bulbs because they have a distinctly unnatural yellow cast, as compared, for example, to Cree (which unfortunately doesn’t have the warm variations).

Yoshio Tamiya says:

I’m unsure what the point of all this is. Replacing a simple, already installed in your lamp switch with more complex, expensive equipment makes no sense to me.

Please, if anyone can explain this stuff to me, I’d be grateful.

T W says:

Hi Stu I’ve just done the exact same thing purchased a gateway and a bulb but no remote as why would it need a steering device if I’m using the app and gateway. Still nothing on the box about it just a line in the gateways manual! Bloody stupid design.

Roy Cruse says:

Phillips hue is only £49 for the controller and 2 white lamps… So there’s no way that’s cheaper.

You can also use the cheaper compatible lamps from Innr with the hue system.

That IKEA system looks crap to me.

Phillips Hue is a no brainer

surethom says:

It’s a shame that the bulbs support just 3 white colours there should be 5 whites to give better white colour control.

Andre Nolan Ruas says:

Pls NOTICE. You can never have two remotes controlling same light or same group of lights.
To control lights from different places, you need to walk around the house with the remotes in your pocket.

Shehade Haddad says:

Is it HOMEKIT enabled ?

Bob Pijnenburg says:

Thanks Stu!

Bill says:

Same situation here. I drove 100+ km to ikea, I got 2 gu10 and the gateway and when I returned and tried to set them up I realized that the steering device is needed. Epic fail ikea

Rudhyst says:

You can now use TradFri with HomeKit, just need a raspberry pi Zero W (£10) with homebridge and the Tradfri plugin!

Trojanischer Esel says:

I’m a little confused about IKEAs smart stuff. I have LED panels paired with a motion sensor in my foyer which works fine, but now I can’t control them manually anymore? The light is way to bright at night, but I can’t dim it as long as the motion sensor is paired. Can anyone help?

Gordon Smith says:

Great video, seriously considering getting some of these, there’s a colour bulb out now but you can only seem to get it as part of a dimmer pack. So much better than paying 50 quid for 1 LIFX bulb. Tweeted Ikea the other day they said google home support is coming very soon, also said you just need 1 remote per gateway.

DarraghB says:

I went into Ikea yesterday to buy some of these lights, only to discover that they do full colour changing ones as well! (although not detailed on their website) think they were set at around £34 per bulb, which included the ‘full fat version’ of the steering device, apparently app support isn’t there yet for the full colour spectrum but is coming soon.

Fluffy Waffles says:

Just saw the first commercial for these here in the Netherlands, and thus came about your channel. Great review/channel! Glad to know what to expect now. Will be looking into these once my old Philips Livingwhites bulbs (very similar system btw) go out.

Krzysztof Bergendahl says:

Just made the same exact mistake! Bought two bulbs and a gateway and got stuck.
The question is, after you pair the bulbs with a steering device, do you still need the steering device? Let’s say I’m about to buy another two lamps that I want to control individually, do I need yet another steering device?
I’m not at all interested in using the remote steering device, other than for the necessary setup. Will be using the app for that or HomeKit when it will be supported.

Paul Southgate says:

Great review. Really helpful

Lucas Allan Hansen says:

Mmm, that High Land Park looks really good 🙂

Aaron Keogh says:

your like the muslim Jeremy Clarksen

T W says:

Also to find out your need a remote to make separate rooms of devices is stupid this should be done in the app, just on my way to IKEA to refund my purchase and go with HUE wish I’d seen this video earlier! Thanks

Callum Ogden says:

Do you need a controller for every group? Will you do an update now it works with Alexa and HomeKit?

Asif Nabi says:

can i use these LEDs as ceiling lights??

Sebastian Skarp says:

Interesting. I assumed, just like you did, that you didn’t need the controller for it, only the gateway. I just bought the controller and one bulb (as all I really needed was one dimmable bulb), but now I’m thinking about kitting out the rest of my apartment with Trådfri bulbs and of course get the gateway. The biggest concern I have is the lack of HomeKit compatibility. I would like to be able to use Siri to control all the lights. Maybe it will be added through a future update? Or at least get Siri integration in the app as that option was added in iOS10. Anyway, nice review, thank you for sharing!

Stef Lindberg says:

Great review– although the one thing that might be missing from your overall costing is the price of petrol to drive back to Ikea the second time. (How irritating!)
I saw these during a recent trip to Ikea and they piqued my curiosity, but I’m happy to say I had already bought into the MiLight system beforehand! I paid around the same price for the setup (gateway, remote, and bulbs) but I also got RGB (colour) in addition to warm and cool white– all in the same bulb (not unlike the Phillips Hue). So far I’ve been very pleased with them. Also, I love your ropey candlesticks! Where did you get them?

Bj Richard says:

I read online that the Tradfre and Phillips Hue work on the same technology. so in theory, wouldn’t the bulbs be compatible with each other? Like, couldn’t I buy a Hue colored bulb to use?

randomDBZfan 14 says:

Great review as always. Love your videos.

Adam Islam says:

I would stick with Hue what’s the point in having a smart bulb if you have to click a button pay 55 pounds from hue and it will connect to amazon Echo and home kit and it will have different colour.

Trixxer84 says:

Did the same “mistake”, bought the gateway and two bulbs, hmmm. Heading back to IKEA tomorrow for the remote.

VictorSteiner says:

IKEA also said that the app and the system will get Homekit compatible this summer via an update!

Theo Murray says:

I made the exact same mistake!!!

humanature says:

I did the samething today!

VictorSteiner says:

What are you saying at 3:38. I’m not a native speaker. Four olivines ???

Daniel Vestøl says:

I just came here to hear you say Trådfri.

Dave Lindsay says:

good but not that cheap given the white only hue bulbs are £15

Ranj Kler says:

keep up the good work. been trying to spread the word

Ninetou says:

So what exactly is the purpose of the gateway itself if you need a remote to talk to it?

Rick Kode says:

are there also RGB lamps?

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