Hue Iris Smart Light [Review] & Bloom Comparison

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Philips Hue are some of the most popular smart bulbs out there. They’ve constantly updated their lineup with new fixtures and today we check out the Iris – The friends of hue smart lamp.


Prasenjit Maity says:

Where is the light….. You don’t show the actual product…

Anne Trujillo says:

I’m a bit frustrated because this was supposed to be a comparison video between 2 lighting products, but not once were these 2 items actually compared, side by side with the lights powered on! The reason we clicked on this video is because we wanted to see a comparison of the final product in action, so we can make a decision….

hellomyphone says:

You don’t need the Bridge you have the remote control of the Iris don’t you?!?

Liam Wells says:

Just discovered your channel, instantly subscribed. reviews are professional and the video quality is great! Keep up the good work!

E rock says:

Where is the light? Nobody cares about your stupid watch

varunaX says:

Very poor review. No comparison, no video of the light, don’t see it changing colors.

Journey Payne says:

Being a playing card collector I immediately noticed the decks at 1:12

Andres J. Delgado says:

Andrew- Does the Iris work well as a bedroom lamp?

Francois Morris says:

ya i think da same, your good at making videos, like realy good so all you need is to be discovered.

Chris says:

can you project in soft white with the iris if you wanted to use it as an additional regular light?

MNMonster says:

Nice video like always. I know you’re hard work will pay off with lots more subscribers to come. Keep putting out great work!

Itz Godwin says:

looks like a speaker

Matty Anderson says:

Can you replace the bulb on the iris model.

Anand R.S. says:

cute that you only react to the positive reviews…
OT: Where is the bloom comparison?? Show the lumens… don’t just tell what they are…

Iluxman says:

i assume you advertise app on iphone and iwatch, not much about the main product you want to review!

Jannine L says:

Any comments on the iConnectHue app ?  Worth the $$$ ?  Some reviews are good, other NOT so good…. Let me know ! 🙂

marius naiko says:

all i see it is u phone

TechZpert says:

Poor review. This is an app review not a light review. Its like doing a car review and focusing on the stereo system.

eduado shitstorm says:

why dont you just show the damn light instead of all the fancy cuts and framing?

Flav' Bee says:

is it compatible with apple homekit?

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