Hue Bloom Smart Light [Review] & Iris Comparison

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Philips Hue are some of the most popular smart bulbs out there. They’ve constantly updated their lineup with new fixtures and today we check out the Bloom – The friends of hue smart lamp.


Ryan Kelly says:

Well edited video, but its far form the title. I came here for a look at the Hue bloom smart light but got more of a review on the Hue app, showing me very little of the actual light in action. Colours, saturation or spread of light etc.

Alessandro Marongiu says:

how long is the cord?

Richard Forester says:

Great review Andrew!  I have had my Hue lights for a while now and I absolutely love them!  They use less power than the incandescents they replaced and I have full control of them through my iPhone and the Hue app.  I added a Bloom a few months ago and it is cool too but I find that I don’t really have a use for it.  It’s great that it actually shows light blue (something the regular Hue bulbs can’t do) but it doesn’t match the colors of the regular Hue bulbs.  So for now it’s been relegated to being a desk lamp in another room.  Hopefully I can find a better use for it.

NegNoodles says:

Does the Iris work with the normal Hue setup? I realized this when buying the BLoom, that thers a friends of hue bloom and a “newer’ Hue bloom

Jordan Hayes says:

dude, you reviewed the app way more than the light itself. You never showed how much light it casts or did any comparison – what are the strengths of this light? What is is good at? Just leaving this feedback to improve your videos

LaDeX says:

6 minute video with only 15 seconds of the actual product in use. Useless clickbait.

Oo2k10 says:

What is this bridge you’re talking about? Can I just simply buy this as a standalone and work right out the box? I’m guessing it already comes with the hue lightbulb.

Gary Storey says:

for when you absolutely, positively have to make your home look like a hooker bar…

Rahul R says:

Good review. You’ve got a new subscriber

LukePomotowski says:

a Bikes collector! 😀 nice 🙂

JM Lizarraga says:

Good work. Congrats.

Manuel F says:

Hi. So u mentioned this is a second generation. Is it brighter or smaller ? What’s the difference ?

1pt21gw says:

Anyone know when a new version of the bloom will be released?

Henry 994 says:

YOu should have also shown the bulb at 3:25 onward when changing the colors via the app.

Billy Dawson says:

Super, Super professional review! Good job man!

holet says:

Great review! I Got the answer to all my questions about the Hue Bloom. Well done, and thank you!

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