Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Bike Light Review!

Full In-Depth Review:


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blueline says:

Wow, good review Ray, I love to see a comparison of this other 800L lights, US$150 seems a little steep considering you can get other 800L lights for much less. Love the GoPro type mount option though, wish other bike lights had that option as well. Also, is it compatible with non-Garmin devices? I’m guessing it wouldnt have the auto-dimming and would just work in manual mode, and the mount would be different, but just wondering.

Robert Mikkelsen says:

Any ideas as to how to mount this with the garmin Mount on a canyon aeroad?

philippemqt says:

Garmin UT 800 – Great light – No idea really as I haven’t been able to mount it on my bike – RECEIVED THE LIGHT WITH THE HELMET MOUNT! Disgusting customer service – Who was the marketing Genius who thought we needed TWO versions of the same light, SAME LIGHT – TWO DIFFERENT MOUNTS – WHY? – When you spend over $200 for a bike light you expect a 50 cents piece of plastic (the turn Friction Mount) to be included in the box. Why does Garmin thinks taking their customers for a ride is a good idea?
The Garmin shop in St Kilda, specialized in only one thing! : GARMIN products. They don’t stock the mount. USELESS! had to buy it online $15 + $8 for postage – TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

S G says:

That’s good demo…

When your speed varies, Varia UT800 adjusts too. When paired with compatible Edge cycling computers, the UT800 adjusts brightness to give the lumens you need for up to 4 hours, so you can ride with confidence

Varia makes it easy to tailor your light output to the conditions.

Varia UT800 features 5 light modes, including
high (800 lumens)
medium (400 lumens)
low (200 lumens)
night flash (100 to 300 lumens)
day flash (more than 700 lumens)

At full power, it’s visible in daylight from more than 1 mile (1.6 km) away.

The Varia UT800 smart headlight features a low-profile, lightweight design that attaches to your handlebar with out-front mount or to your helmet with a helmet or friction mount, and it weighs less than 140 grams.

z.browning says:

How would you compare these to the similar lights from Bontrager? The Ion 800RT seems to fall into a similar category, both in terms of size, output, and control from the headunit. The attachment system is different (rubber strap mounting for the Bontrager vs the quarter turn adapter for the Garmin), but I find the rubber strap of my Bont. light works great for going upside down on my aerobars for when I need a riding light.

Allan Bollins says:

Hi mate i am looking for a light with the go pro mount for road bike riding what do you recommend 800l is ok but need better bat life

S G says:

Will connecting to ut800 lessen battery life of Edge 1000

J Puppykik says:

Awesome review… I don’t even need one of these lights but I want one (!) ; )

JAViewer says:

Hey Ray, where can I get that Bike t-shirt? I loved it!

Aidan Hoggard says:

800 lumens seems very under powered by modern standards. For off road use I normally have at least 2000 lumens on the bars and 1000 lumens on the helmet.

choru69 says:

That’s a lot of stem, but great review.

S G says:

I recently bought the Garmin Edge 1000 bundle.

I bought this light and although it’s interesting concept, it simply isn’t practical to connect this to bottom of the Out Front Mount and have Edge connected to the top…

Even if Edge isn’t connected to the top and this light is connected to the bottom it’s creating a lever and it’s heavy and off balance…

I prefer the NiteRider Lumina 1100 OLED Boost which cost same price…

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest for this light based on extremely small number of customer reviews on web…

Again it sticks out front hanging on Out Front Mount and it’s hard to imagine on road where there are normal road bumps, irregularities, etc and this being bumped up and down even though it’s firmly fixed to handle bar…

Probable better as helmet connection than handle bar…

I see the guys on mountain bikes and hats off to them…

Charging is slow ( 4hrs )…

NiteRider I mentioned above has 1100 vs 800 and charges in 2.5hrs to 3hrs… and it basically is similar weight…

I have Edge 1100 with following sensors and lights…
a. heart beat
b. speed
c. cadence
d. viara radar rearview light

a. Lumina OLED 1100 front
b. Sentinel 150 / laser

Excellent review however, I bought it based on this review and other videos but didn’t like increased weight on Out Front Mount due to levee causing what’s already extended and heavy to be heavier…

Normally one would want something closer to frame… Better center of gravity…

Oh, well to each their own…

Wayne Glass says:

I just purchased the Varia UT800 to attach to the Garmin Edge 1030. Which tail light would you recommend? By the way, I have an Trek Emonda SL 6 Disc. Thanks much!

Rixter says:

You would think that if Garmin is looking also at the auto-backlight-diming for daylight hours on the Edge, that for the UT800 it would be smart enough to know it’s in night mode and not to be fooled by bright artificial lights.

Camille C says:

Hi Thanks for your review ! Do you know if it can be charged while using it? Thanks

Hajime Kuma says:

Hey Ray, I wonder if you prefer the beam ‘pattern’ of the UT800 over the HL500 for road riding?
I got the HL500 for winter riding but never managed to get out and use it, but am a bit on the fence with the it’s ‘blocky’ pattern of light (and it’s angle is fixed).

bmart73 says:

Flashing at traffic lights, perfect I would have thought!

TheNerdyCanadian says:

Great video, i think i might pick one up for my trail bike. On an unrelated note, I think your camera has developed a dead/stuck pixel as there is a white dot in the top right around your face. You can see it in the clip at 2:00 to 2:15

Dethclaus says:

Great video! On how many Ironmans have you partaken until now?

billy liu says:

Does ANT+ function support wahoo elemnt bolt?

SKANDaR0875 says:

just received mine, where you able to add it to the Garmin express app? where you able to get it to work with the fenix 5x? I’m not able to do either. also mine gets really hot, burning hot when turned on, especially on high.

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