Full Review: IKEA Tradfri Smart Lighting (TRÅDFRI)

IKEA’s new Tradfri smart lights are easy-to-setup, simple to operate and have good value for the features. (And, of course, are challenging to pronounce.) But, please IKEA, release a smart color-changing LED bulb for the holidays! 🙏

New How-To: Pairing IKEA smart lights directly to a SmartThings Hub! https://youtu.be/p5fIw-4NpII

Check out the full line-up at http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/lighting/smart_lighting/ or your local IKEA store.


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FloridaClay says:

Joe, do these work with Wink?

Gian Carlo Maldonado says:


Johan Nordberg says:

“Trådfri” means “Wireless” in Swedish. 🙂

FAUguy23 says:

The White Color Temp bulb looks nice. Glad too see more companies making those.

4BetaMale2 says:

Great editing job, very sophisticated. What software do you use to edit your videos?

Marcel Zuidwijk says:

Hey, just bumped into your channel. Nice job on your video’s! Nice to watch them. I’m a tech geek who loves to make my own electronics (besides existing hardware like Hue and so on 😉 ).

Brandon Mitchell says:

Thank you ! You saved me a lot ..i have echo devices and smartthings and i was gonna buy the full ikea kit and extras but looks like i just need the bulbs ! sweeet

Ira Kravitz says:

What if you have a big house and the hub won’t control lights on multiple floors. Can you have multiple hubs?

Phobe Laxu says:

TRÅDFRI is pronounced the way an englishman would pronounce TRAWD FREE

GothicKittyMadness says:

your apple watch strap looks the same as my gym one! I got a black and green sports band off amazon 🙂

Prince Pabbi says:

Is there a link on how to get it to work with smartthings and can you make a video on it would make it a lot easier!

PJ Jones says:

Hi Joe and thanx for another great video. I am still at a loss whilst the world invents (and wants a cut of the action) smart homes. Every week (it seems) that there is another new product out and it is making the choice nearly impossible to start investing. I have several devices my self, amazon echo, and a few sonoff and sonoff-look-alike products and have decided to stop buying anything as of now (June 2017). Also it seems there is quite a difference between US and UK (and presumably, the rest of the world). I am in the UK and I have watched a video that is 1 month old of all the new updates the US amazon echo has and yet I am still waiting for them. I suppose just like the VCR tape debacle (Vhs, Phillips, Beta etc) we will have to wait for some sort of system to become default – but to be honest – I want to get on board now! Sigh :¬)

Rajiv Choudhary says:

Great video! Very comprehensive and in-depth, Can I integrate this with control4 system?

Kimberly Julien says:

Great review, it assisted in my decision making. Thank you

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