First Look: The Casper “Glow” LED Smart Light

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This video is not sponsored. Casper provided pre-release hardware so I could conduct my review but had no editorial control over content. Affiliate links are used to support my channel which give me a commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting me.


Korill says:

this channel is so under rated! i love it!


Tome like !

trent atkinson says:

This is awesome!!!

Carter Gleason says:

Does it charge through both ends?

Daniel Hakimi says:

I think you can safely start saying that you’re into Menswear + Lifestyle stuff. I’m happy to see shit like this.

James Bartlett says:

Glad you put out this review! Have definitely been considering getting a pair!

Alookks says:

goddd i hate that hue just added a similar redshift feature but i still want this soooo bad

Steve Steele says:

Jon! Genius, thanks for making me realize I can use my app to progressively dim my existing smart bulb over time at bedtime.

Just the Watch says:

Oh man this would be really cool to have. Except that I live in Japan and our bedroom has no furniture in it and we sleep on the floor,and I would totally kick this thing around if it were just sitting on the floor next to our futons.

David Wisnieski says:

Is it dual voltage?

Kevin G says:

Can you turn it on when you are in another room via the app?

Manav Kainth says:

Awesome review! Just bought myself a Glow for my room. Looking forward to more videos from you in the near future.

kongmw says:

Oh man this is so cool.

Callum Lovekin says:

Really like this idea, I have my hues on a similar timer but I love the idea of the shaking for a dim night light in case you need to get up!


Tome like !

sparkers70 says:

Nice thorough review. I use motion sensor lights in the hall and stairway, have a living room lamp on timer, and front/back outside lights that sense light level. I’d consider casper if I had a little one.. seems like a great way to get them into a nighttime routine!

dan83to says:

Absolutely did not see this coming! And liked it! Considering it next time when in the US! Great review out of the regular spectrum usually covered. Great Jon!

vacationboyvideos says:

Rich people light.
I just spent $1.08 wirh tax on a led bulb at doller tree.

Ed Gein says:

When is the Chinese $14.99 clone coming out?

V M says:

Thanks for this, enjoyed this review. More of these are appreciated. Cute kid as well.

Bruno Barbosa says:

they don’t ship to Portugal 🙁

skeaest says:

Is this a good alternative to the Philips Light Alarm Clock?

Daniel T says:

Awesome product and review!

SteamGent says:

A regular lamp and bulb suits me just fine. No need for unnecessary gadgets.

Adriel Rowley says:

Puppy ate my lamp cord (glad not plugged in at the time) about a year or two ago, haven’t had a bedside lamp again to have a repeat, and this solves it, appreciated.

Nico Harken says:

The price of this is ridiculous you can get a smart light for $15 at bestbuy.

Mication says:

You received merchandise and a commission through the link. How is this not sponsored, exactly?

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