ecobee Switch+ Review: Best Smart Light Switch?

ecobee Switch+ Review: Best Smart Light Switch?
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The ecobee Switch+ is the first smart light switch with Amazon Alexa built-in. ecobee says that the Switch+ brings us one step closer to a whole home voice future: The Switch+ has built-in far-field voice microphones and a speaker, allowing you to speak to Alexa in any room that you have them installed, giving you instant access to things like music, the news, and even smart home controls. And I don’t just mean control of ecobee devices – since it’s Alexa that’s built in, you can use it to control any other devices and scenes that work with Amazon’s voice assistant – that means I can control the lights all over my home, my blinds, and even my front door lock from any room where I have an ecobee Switch+ installed. Speaking of installation, getting the ecobee Switch+ installed takes just about 45 minutes and it pretty straight-forward. Note: This video is sponsored by ecobee.

Aside from the Alexa voice functionality, the Switch+ has some other great smart features. It’s got built-in motion and daylight sensors which can automatically trigger your lights – whether you want them to come on when you walk into a room, or if you want the lights out front to turn on when the sun goes down. You can also set the ecobee+ to automatically function as a night light.

If you’re familiar with ecobee thermostats, you know they work with ecobee room sensors. These are placed in different areas of your home so that ecobee knows that there’s someone home and can also trigger smart home actions. The ecobee Switch+ also has temperature and occupancy sensors built in, and a firmware update that will be released this summer will allow the Switch+ sensor data to sync with an ecobee thermostat as well.

The ecobee Switch+ is available for pre-order starting today in the US for $99 and in Canada for $119, and they’ll start shipping to customers on March 26th.

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T R says:

Great video

Pete Xenos says:

Great video overview.

Robert Proulx says:

I would love to get the Ecobee Switch Plus. It would certainly help in helping me create a Smart home!

Adrian Tung says:

Great review!

yu Johnny says:

hope it works with 2 pole switch too.

Carlton Gonsalves says:

Another hit by ecobee!

Ernie Chan says:

Sweet review!

Bryce Schmode says:

Could be convenient would like to see more reviews!

Brent Ackerman says:

So can you use Google Assistant instead of Alexa?

Shawn McGinnis says:

Awesome to see this released. I bet it will help my echo hear me.

Andrew Brodsky says:

Excellent review

roamingsnake says:

Not sure I buy into the voice commanded home yet, but this is heading in the right direction…

Taluvian says:

Great Video, Ecobee makes some great products.

Paul Siemens says:

great review, so home owners are doing their own wiring? also how are they installed on a three way? thanks

Francesco Saccaggi says:

Cool Stuff Dude!

Michael Demers says:

I like the idea of it.

Christopher Lee says:

I like the idea of the whole home voice. It’s coming sooner that we think!

Chemy Torres says:

This one is a pretty smart one, great review.

David Ngo. says:

Can it dim lights?

Bill Billiard says:

Is it a dimmer or only a switch (on/off)?

brad Lilleberg says:

Cool video.

Gary Winslow says:

I can hardly wait to get my switchs

Kenneth Packer says:

Does it work with double pole switches or switches with a dimmer?

Define Premonition says:

Does anyone know the song in the ecobee video?

Bill Billiard says:

With Alexa, does it work with “Drop-In” so it could be used as a room-to-room intercom?

cwcb08 says:

at 1:47 you say it can control your philips hue lights, it can not do that without 3rd party apps because its only half a alexa (only voice none of the smart hub features, it won’t discover the hue bridge)

Michael Roth says:

I Like the idea of it. I will have to go take a peek at it, and see what it is capable of. I’d like to see if it can handle the 2 switches on the same light (for instance hallway lights) or 3 switches in one switch plate (for example in my home office, I have a switch for the fan light, turn on and off the fan, and turn/off an outlet).

smug_grinch says:

I saw Mr. Robot. Can people really hack into your smart home?

Karen Ellen Mills says:

Nice rundown of all the advantages of the new switch+. Great presentation. Great product. Love anything ecobee.

Aaron Pierson says:

Looking forward to seeing what the add on switches look like.

Ken Forgie says:

Way cool.

Josh Roecker says:

ecobee’s thermostat is great, i’m sure this switch is also

pagefault says:

love the ecobee switch it’s great to have alexa anywhere

Brad Pawlak says:

Thinking this would be a good addition to my office.

Eric1285 says:

Any other faceplates?

Morning Glory95 says:

Does this work with Homekit?

Peter R. says:

Great review – looking forward to more products from this company.

Jiajun Zhang says:

Nice review

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