Comparing two of the best smart light bulbs

Light bulbs are one of the easiest places to start adding connectivity to your home, so we decided to try out two of the best options. Here’s what you can do with Philips Hue and C by GE, and why you might want one system over the other.


luis hurtado says:

have you heard about Pulse products? you should do a review of them. they have smartbulbs with Bluetooth that you can dim them. the plus is that they have embedded speakers, WiFi repeaters, and cameras.

XJLCA says:

How about mentioning how to install these bulbs and what else you need in order to use them?

MrC0MPUT3R says:

I need these in my life, but since they’re $200 for the starter kit I can’t justify it right now 🙁

Ps: I already have the TCP Lighting system which was cheaper but no where near as flexible.

snakeye2669 says:

Lifx bulb have way better color saturation than the Phillip Hue and no hub to connect, not sure for the GE tho.

Orgoth Mcgee says:

Let me know when I can get them for $10 each, til then I’ll leave that to the 1%

Reid Cipriani says:

I’m a video producer and these are a dream lol

madalin bujor says:

yeelight all the way <3

FlightSimMovie says:

Ge better

k ikik says:

light quality is disaster in comparison to old light bulbs

Franco Ferraris says:

Anyone knows if I can use this in Argentina? We have 220v. Are this compatible?

James' Tech Life says:

Spot on this. I love the verge’s content these days.

ltsang says:

I have a Nexus 6P and the C by GE is not worth it. The app takes too long to connect and every time you exit the app you have to Force Close it to get it to connect again the next time. If you update the firmware on the light bulbs it will no longer connect to the Android app anymore until you factory reset the light bulbs. My Pixel C can’t even find them. Another annoying thing is you have to use the C by GE app to control them and can’t automate the process.

The Tech Man says:

I love my hue. I have almost all the products too, and they work great with ifttt or how every the abbreviation goes.

rain shine says:

no! The Lifx bulb is the better one out of these two.

Elvis S says:

Be careful with Philips Hue. It’s a rabbit hole. Once you get started, next thing you know you’ll have your house filled with them and you’ll buy nothing but Philips Hue because you’re stuck in the ecosystem. In fact, I sometimes even forget I bought the starter kit. It’s just a standard part of my house now and I just buy a bulb every once in a while. I don’t even know how much money I’ve invested in it at this point, but too much for sure.

Ruben Philipse says:

Best thing about Philips Hue is the integration with Philips Ambilight on their TVs. You get a room filled with continuously changing colours based on the movie you’re watching on the TV!

Andreas says:

I think it would also be very relevante to point out the big advantages of Wi-Fi over Bluetooth… My Samsung Bluetooth bulb sucks!

Tony StarX says:

Currently on SALE @

Spencer W. Zachary says:

No Lifx? Come on!

Daniel 2084 says:

Pretty much have to be a millionaire to be able to fill your home with Phillips hue

Pete Boraso says:

LIFX is the best

Benbot says:

I don’t want color changing bulbs, I just want to be able to come home and say “computer, lights” and they come on. Controlling lighting with my phone sounds is not a highlight of usability.

Rod T says:

There’s a lot of competition to hue now and they cost a lot less. Google Easybulb and the super legends, the latter of which need no hub.

Mayheamk says:

As I understand these smart light bulbs switch needs to be turned on at all times if you want to control it wireless via phone, Would this cause the bulb to use more electricity compared to a non smart one?

Joostrenaultf1 says:

Yup, released this video the day Philips releases their new Hue App….

Deepak Prasad says:

so if I turn off the bulb but my light switch is still on , how much energy am I wasting

847,628 views says:

200 bucks? Pesos right? Not usd?

ironsword7 says:

What about LIFX?

ciucobianconero says:

Where is the LIFX Bulb??

Yehiel Certner says:

playbulb is awesome and you get a Bluetooth speaker that work in sync!!

aLgProduction (video) says:

Nice… very nice….

Jóhann Björn Björnsson says:

I’m curious if the zigbee hub that comes with the philips hue is somehow limited or locked into the philips hue system or if it’s can fully control and talk to other standard zigbee products. Smart lightbulbs are just the beginning of zigbee products and I don’t want to have to get a new zigbee hub for future smart home stuff I get.. It’d be like having a separate wifi router for different brands of phones or computers..

EyeamEJ says:

there is hue bulbs that are just white. the starter kit is $79.99 and it comes with the hub and two bulbs. extra bulbs are $29.99 a pair.

Ajay Solleti says:

Have you considered Lifx bulbs

Jon Piehl says:

Try Stack Lighting. It’s actually smart in that it turns on when you walk into the room, dims and brightens based on how much natural light is in the room, and changes color temperature based on the time of day to match your circadian rhythm. Highly recommended.

Ring Neck says:

Only the cool white emits close to claimed lumens/watt. The coloured ones emit half the lumens. The reasons are simple.

ak face says:

Wifi Color Bulb :
Only $19.99

Leandro Escobar says:

I got the ebay version with party mode and Bluetooth speakers for $30 a piece.

Sagar Patel says:

What lamp is that?

Gianluca Aiello says:

The poorest Hue review I’ve ever seen!
You didn’t mention control over 4g, geolocation activation, auto-dimming, time-sets activation..
And without talking about all the impressive 3rd part apps.
Also Philipps announced a new app coming soon.

OmpperI _205 says:

no Syska Smartlight? It has 3 million colour shades.

Jonas Kuo says:

Lutron Caseta is far more interesting.

Urban Logic says:

Surprised he didn’t mention the iPhone.

Riley Shore says:

What about lifx?

GoliathAngelus says:

Thanks for sharing!

Leonard Teo says:

Arghgh if i had the money to replace all the light bulbs in my home first…

Xxabdee9xX says:

Im using LIFX it gives more brightness

JPW says:

The strip lighting from the HUE line is a game changer.

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