Cheap LED Solutions | Wal-Mart Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb is a surprising product that works with your mobile device and Google Home Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa.

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Justinitiative says:

My beef is that trying to create a custom scene in the app is near impossible and that you can’t make the lights fade or flash in any other setting than the preset scenes. I hope they work it out, but so far the lights are a steal for how cheap they are and how bright the white light is compared to the 1st Generation Yeelight that is around the same price on Wal-Mart’s site now. It would be nice to also be able to choose the white color temperature, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Momma Bear says:

Why are you asking if this video has been helpful 45 seconds into it? Obviously it isn’t because you’re begging for subscribers instead of talking about the products we came here for… Maybe save that speech for the end

Daphnée Audy says:

Moi ça marche pas ma connexion

Dianne Robert says:

Beautiful video !!

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations says:

Is that the into from old golden harvest movies

Robert F. says:

In Canada they were about $18 including tax at Walmart. I bought 4 of them and got them working OK. If 1050 lumens seems to only apply the color white only not to the other colors.
Any other color (ie blue or green yellow and etc) seems that it is less than 200 lumen (It is like lighting your living room with one or two outdoor Christmas light bulbs that you get on those string of lights, no joke, no exaggeration.
The upside is that they are cheap and if you want to experiment this might be a good option. I cannot speak to their durability. They would be a fun thing for a kids room most definitely, lots of hours of enjoyment. Connect with Google Assistant and they are most awesome. You can turn on and off your lights remotely from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. You can assign the bulbs nick names through Google Assistant that will make voice commands more consistent.

Chris3567 says:

Do you need a certain lamp to use this. Because I have a standard lamp but when I tried to set up the bulb but it wouldn’t turn on the lamp it would not start flashing like it’s suppose to. Could it be the bulb.

Jose Mendoza says:

I won’t sub just because you talked about it so much

Gaming Ghost says:

Got this for 10 dollars and google home mini for 1 dollar

James P says:

Can anyone help me I got two lights everything set up with geenie app and the two lights but when I try to pair it with Google home app I go to controls and I see my list of the two things I already got hit the + to link geenie log in to geenie it gos back to the list and dose nothing dose not show a linking bar like in this video I even left on for a wile and nothing what’s going on please help

DJMinor5000 says:

Those Google assistant devices sure don’t mind commands very well. The technology just isn’t there yet.

Michael myers says:

it only works with 2.4ghz

Shuffler703 says:

Google works great with my Lifx lights, ceiling fans, and appliances in the kitchen.

Chris3567 says:

This video is helpful, I have a older lamp the bulb does fit in my lamp but when I turn on the lamp the light does not turn on I tried unplugging it and plugged it back in, turned it off and on multiple times. I followed the set up and reset steps could it just be my lamp not being compatible with the bulb?

klepto dathief says:

if u don’t use the app or wifi, will it just work like a standard ‘dumb’ bulb with manual off/on via light switch? also if its connected to wifi,and your wifi goes down…does it still turn ON and off manually or it gets stuck on OFF? thx

they are on sale now in canada walmart: $9.88

sewashburn0529 says:

Price? Or did I miss it? Now I’ll have to go to Wal*Mart… Thank you for your video!

Jay Starr says:

14:47 Man, yo girlfriend is trippin.
I hope she doesn’t act like that when you have your boys over.
Just turn the light on baby, damn!

roger sowers says:

They could make these without Wi-Fi using a remote control. Just more things to hack!

mike anglada says:

Thanks for review… Yeah, these lights work great with Google and Amazon Smart devices…

jonathan smith says:

I saw your password

corey shaw says:

Get them subs. All good. Support your time and hustle. Peace. Thanks for the video. Phillips Hue is too expensive

Entertainment Hobbyist says:

There ok but the colors don’t light my room that well

random channel says:

I have WiFi but it just won’t connect to my phone it says this is only supported on 2.4hz

Derek Collins says:

Would this work with Samsung smartthings??

VapeKing says:

The fact you dont need a hub makes this an absolute bargain in my opinion.

BlocksMC says:

Does it connect to Google home mini

Chrome Dragon says:

Also, you cold say Turn playlight two to red. I have lights wit the numbers and it’s annoying sometimes.

Donald Griggs says:

I wonder if Google home had trouble differentiating between the digit 2 and the preposition “to” — as in “turn cometlight to green”. Also please mute whenever you say hot words such as OK Google so that you don’t trigger the devices of all your viewers.

David Aitchison says:

Can they be programmed to change colors randomly on their own – cycle through the colors?

Eddie Bennett says:

I love it! Thanks so much for the information

Jefferson Sixx says:

The privacy disclosure is scary … it plainly says it will access and give out your data, your pictures, your videos, your contacts – everything on your phone they can have. Much like the latest junk from Facebook that people are upset about – I bought these but about to decide to take them back before I ever active the app because it basically gives them your phone.

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