Bluetooth Smart LED Speaker Light Bulb Review

Testing the Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb
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Smart Music speaker LED bulb light:
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karzygijose says:

Are these Bluetooth lights interconnectable?

James Braselton says:

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gabriel hcg says:

what the name of the app

DEnise CHavez says:

Can you put a link to where you purchased your light bulb please?

Cody Mcangues says:

Can you play music on multiple ones at same time?

shagggadoo says:

can I connect more than one? i like the idea of a surround system for my tv/ whole house audio without bulky speakers everywhere.
I’d be looking to buy about 6-8 of em, just not sure if I can connect to all of them at once

Tampatec says:

nice review liked and shared, can you control a group of bulbs on 1 app? True you sound like Jesse Ventura, good thing

Big Paul says:

I found this bulb —-NOT SO GOOD. Dim light, Low volume bad sound quality. Might be good for a child’s bedroom. That’s about it.

Diego Got tube says:

Does it work with Spotify because I have no music

ElDuderino502 says:

Do these things connect with Alexa? I really want it to sync with my Echo.

Chris says:

how do you fix the flashing? Mine keeps flashing for some reason.

Joe Lo says:

does it dance to the music….and how many bulbs can connect to at once?

Shiflett Productions says:

the future is here

Andre e Edu Altino says:


A dogs Dangly says:

how long does the bulb last?

Arjin Ling says:

I want to know if you can sync multiple LED speaker bulbs at the same time with the app.

Shelinha Goncalves says:

could you put it on any lamp or does it have to be a special lamp

Amanda Zotti says:

I have one on the way from Wish. $8 including shipping. Awesome customer reviews. Hope mine is as kickass as yours.

David Hereaux says:

The APP for this bulb is called “APP for Smart LED Bulb” by SUSANNA REN.

Stephanie Torrey says:

Can you sync multiple bulbs together?

vanillaHchrist says:

Do u know if it’s water tight? I wanted to see if it would work in my shower fixture

Dank McMeme says:

What a Sick fuckin dude.

Don C. says:

$8 on eBay. $6 of you order from china… 2-5 weeks shipping time though

Lau Jeff says:

LED APP smart speaker bulb,google”genolite”

JisINSANE3 says:

not bright enough

andig sugianto says:

fantastik canggihnya

t payton says:

Does it have the fade, flash, option?

Mandipie1985 says:

thank you, i just ordered 2

Tovah Warnke says:

I got one of these awesome lights and it works exept I can’t figure out the speaker cuz it just plays on my phone but not on the bulb and everything is connected. Help?

Amanda Zotti says:

Jessie Ventura?I immediately heard John Goodman. Lol. I was like “IT’S DAN” in my best Roseanne voice.

Christ Bel says:

I night one no instruction can paring on Bluetooth

Dont know app android to use

Adam Shed says:


David Hereaux says:

Nobody seems to know what APP to download for the bulb. 🙁
It’s junk if we can’t get it to work.

Nicolas Moreno says:

What is the app name?

Marlon Rodriguez says:

I am sold. Ordering a dozen.

John Dachel says:

Wow! That’s really cool!

Prabesh Kharel says:

No 21$ is price is 5.50$

Aero says:

Do you know if the speaker connectivity is just like a normal Bluetooth speaker, so could I watch a youtube video and the audio will come through the speaker.

zCJ HDz says:

Would the bulb fit in any light hole or has to be a specific size?

CarPortMan 12 says:


Honeneko says:

they have bluetooth routers that can connect multiple devices. have yet to try one though. would be cool this device.

Mark Ticzon says:

What app do i need to download for iphone?

chadergeist82 says:

What music was that on your phone?

Adam Shed says:

looking at it more I think it’s different

Aixa Useche says:

What is the name of the app

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