Better than Philips Hue Lightstrip? The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip Review (Yeelight Aurora)

Is the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip better than the Philips Hue Light strip? This review will take a look at the Yeelight light strip and what it is capable of. Can it beat the Philips Hue light strip for less money?

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Gerald Bertram says:

You are a fellow wiener dog owner! I know I liked you for a reason!

Corey Hole Music says:

Pretty cool that it’s compatible with the different assistants. Awesome video!

Kody Tourelle says:

Hey everyone… so I know this is a bit irrelevant however the Skullcandy crusher 360 has just gone on sale on their website for $229.99 along with a bunch of other Skullcandy products like the original crushers that are down to $99.99. Travis, please promote this. This sale is also limited time!

Zoran Zdravkovic says:

Travis my man you sold em out on Amazon. How much $ were they?

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

Why isn’t Nathan in every single video!? WHY TRAVIS!?

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:


Oscar Hernandez says:

Does it work with Apple products or is it just android device

XploiT says:

How is the colour accuracy compared to the hue

Anirudh Poruri says:

Looks nice! Love the idea of setting it up under the bed.

Also, please help me. I’m looking to buy a new phone before the black friday deals end. I currently have a samsung galaxy s8, and I really want to try ios on the iphone xr or xs, but part of me is also hesitant to give up android, and wants me to get an s9 or note 9. I want to know your suggestion since you own both a note 9 and a xr. Thanks a lot man!

BrandonRico Simpson says:

Wondering how the brightness compares to the lifx strip

This is Tech Today says:

Let’s see if it works, lol. Yeeeeeeet

tophatter8086 says:


Rich Burmond says:

Travis, have you ever tried buying a normal 60 leds per meter 5 meter strip on aliexpress for like 8 dollars and ad a ‘magichue’ wifi connecter for like 8 dollars, which basically does the same as a yeelight but way cheaper????

hector G says:

332k hahahahaha not even close!!!

That7Days79 says:

Are “L” shaped connectors available for it?

Mike Spencer says:

Is there any way to plug the led into the hue pack you get with the strip

Max77 says:

Your bed looks like it’s getting ready for takeoff, Good stuff as always sir.

I AM TECHH !!!!! says:

Great vid !!

Radoslaw Ziegler says:

Does it work with HUE App (Android) and the HUE ecosystem?

KuriousG says:

Nathan to the freggin rescue haha!!! Does he normally sleep under the bed like that?

Headphones & Coffee says:

Thanks for the great video but now I want a RGB bed.

Zac Lavcanski says:

Thanks for the video Travis. I have yee bulbs and yee bedside lamps and I love them. Cheaper then other brands and they do the same thing. I wanted to get a strip light but as your videos in the past shows the adhesive is not the best. How long has it been setup at the bottem of your bed and it is better than the others?

mtctookie25 says:

Ha ha ha…lol Nice!

Saad Solaiman says:

It’s good that they are pushing it into the US market. My house is full of Yeelight bulbs, strips, motion lights and cameras.


NATHAN!!! Awesome video my dude!

Tech Time says:

I have bought some cheap light strips and they work but not nearly as bright as the Phillips , and other big name brands. I have been looking into some other brands now and this looks pretty good.

ZAKtalksTECH says:

Looks good. I mean…it’s blue. How can you go wrong?!?

Chase Boschetti says:

Love your enthusiasm in your videos, seems genuine and heartfelt. Love your channel man

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