Best Smart Light Setup! (Philips Hue 3rd Gen Review)

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TechieBro says:

Nice work

DrTechReview says:

i like smart lighting. but the price is still hefty for me. nice video still man

Jeremy Judkins says:

Have 8 in my office alone and want to get two more for the overhead lighting in the room. They are great.

ananth kundurthi says:

Nice video and amazing content as always

Zach Dubos says:

Man, now that I know about all the integrations, these really seem worth $250.

Grizzly (IBearAVlog) says:

Pretty interesting: I’m thinking about smart-lights in my office, indeed.

o.O why there’s a wi-fi (or is it a username?) called “PORCA-MISERIA”? It’s Italian _cursing_, literally would be “Damned misery”, but in English you can think as, somehow, the “Holy Cow” imprecation. Did you already knew it and put it on purpose, or was it unintentional?

Lucas Almond says:

I’m for team LiFX

iKnowReview says:

100% agree

Alex Crane - ОБЗОРЫ says:

So the cheap ones are Xiaomi Yeelight?

Pressure Designs says:

Solid 3 seconds from “hey siri” to siri actually reacting to it. All Crapple people must be really proud.

Canoopsy says:

Thumbs up if I triggered your Siri lol

Jose says:

ok so ive used the lifx bulbs and they are hands down the better bulb in terms of brightness and colors but the dealbreaker for the lifx are they run on wifi and not on the zigbee mesh network thus if you have spotty wifi or live in a congested area more than likely your going to have problems connecting or the bulbs responding to your commands also the more lifx bulbs you have that means more devices on your wifi which will slow down your internet speeds once you start connecting a bunch of the lifx

carlos alberto flores says:

I have it and I am totally in LOVE !!!!

DopeSpill Comics says:

I have the TP-Link set up and its cool but I may switch after this.. btw i just realized what that “hit that taco bell” ment

TechDevoted says:

How much better, in comparison to LIFX? Also, is that lamp an Ikea Tertial?

GothicKittyMadness says:

intro was gay as fuck…..

Rishabh Patel says:

ISaac PL s

Diljot Singh says:

check out Tech Therapy
it’s my brother’s channel
plz subscribe

truckerballs47 says:

hahahaha you woke up my siri

Premal Tailor says:

Great video, I really like your shots!

KDCloudy says:



Capdase JB says:

You can make custom Siri requests within the Phillips Hue app. So u can say whatever you want to trigger whatever you want!

ThinkCleverAndSmart says:

I’m just wondering, do these use any noticeably amount of data from your internet when connected? I have a fixed data plan to 50GB and don’t want those to use up my internet. 🙂

Canoopsy says:


The Missed Understood Kid says:

I have gen 2 and I love them!!! They are the best investment!

All I Talk Is Tech says:

Your videos are amazing!!!!

Tech Therapy says:

I am early!!!!
so how’s going Issac?

Ali Kazi says:

I have the Hue lights and I absolutely love them.

Aakash Chandra says:


Rushabh Chheda says:


mjmbk says:

Amazing vid noopsy!


I’ve been using LIFX…but I definitely have t try these out!

Epic Yellow Friend says:

c a n o o p s y

h e r e

Dave Robinson says:

Been a fan of the Philips Hue for quite some time and just love them. Got them connected with Google Home also and that makes life even easier.

Darki says:

What about the “LIFX” then dont need a brigde, and are only a slight more expensive

Vincent Mauron says:

my house is completely covered in hue lights, every single light, extra lamps, hue go… except for my nightlamp, it uses E14… 🙁 and my pc fits right in with all the rgb

FroschGames says:

I think you should’ve covered the android app too.

Phillysub says:

I like the concept of smart lights, although, I do find it strange to have lights that need to be controlled by your phone.

n8best says:

watched that entire video with my Phillips Hue LED strip behind my TV lit up. perfect!!!!

Michael DeLuca says:

I absolutely love my Philips hue bulbs. They make my life so much easier. I don’t need to turn on a flashlight when I don’t want to get up and turn on the switch. I just do it from my phone. Great video!

J1Hundred says:

1:13 where’d you get the lamp?

Ridwan Hussain says:

LIFZ is better

owenc4d says:

You spelled colors wrong 😛

Turbo Tech says:

Amazing video as always!

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