Aumi Review | Bluetooth Enabled Smart Night Light

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Caleb Harrison says:

Would’ve liked to see HomeKit integration.

dasabeke says:

Hi, I just got mine today. There is no button to turn it off on the phone app or on the device. Unless you have to switch brightness to low.

sonictonic says:

Way cool…

Sheila shaughnessy says:

Great video David:)

paradoxdesigns says:

$40 ain’t too bad for such broad spectrum of control and features.

Jason Sayther says:

Make sure you don’t give them grief for their ridiculous delays. They will just wrongfully cancel your year old backer order.

Tyson Hamilton says:

Omg I just realized this guy who made the product is in the same city as me 🙂 does any one know if he will sell it In Toronto and where

swed boyyz says:

wtf u r getting so low numbers when it comes to views??? still love the videos tho. p.s i have seen every single video!

Michael Nguyen says:

Hi David, do you have their email contact? I can’t find on their webpage. Thanks

Jason Orme says:

Good short video review of the light,not available in Britain what a shame.hope your moving home goes well without a hitch.and good luck,keep up the good vlogs.from a British fan.

Anthony Menegoni says:

Bluetooth, portable, app enabled light is a pretty awesome deal.


Wow great review David, I really have to have this little light life, Thanks.

Aisha wasti says:

how much ?

David Farinick says:

Pretty cool

FroTube says:

It would be really cool if they would integrate notifications on it. Let’s say, if you got a Facebook notification, it would like up blue. YouTube, Red. That would be neat!

Krystal says:

:). YESSS. I JUST came from your weekend vlog to this video. I love this video and everything you choose to review (but my favorite reviews are the light products). :). p.s.: You’re amazing (in general and your content as well)!! 🙂

Houssein A.H says:

the Aumi logo in the thumbnail is being blocked by the time

Calum McKay says:

David quick question – I know this is totally unrelated but are you still in contact with billy your roommate from college? If so what’s he up to now a days? Just been watching all your old college videos and just wondered how he’s doing, thanks 🙂

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