Are IKEA Smart Bulbs and Lights Worth It? (Alexa and HomeKit)

Are IKEA Smart Bulbs and Lights Worth It? Alexa and HomeKit
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Ikea smart lighting:

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I want John wick says:

Owns a WiFi company but can’t say Ethernet correctly


those remind me of my ball not as hairy tho?

Ultra HD gaming says:

Trådfri = Wireless

James Lacey says:

alex can u do a video on how u get ur internet from the dish and how u can get it for u own home

Tom Thurston says:

Great Videos. These are always really well put together and the relevant points are always made. Thank you!

Trains FTW says:

May sound like a stupid question but do I need the bridge since I have an echo plus which has a smart home hub built into it

Ethan McCrory says:

Does the controller come with the lights?

TricK i Know says:

Hi alex i am watching your videos from a long time , can we friends

Dylan says:

What I didn’t realize is these are actually more expensive than philips hue. The hue starter pack with hub and two bulbs is $10 usd cheaper than the ikea. Then for the price of one more tradfri bulb you can get a hue kit with the hue hub and 4 light bulbs at $99 usd. On top of that hue bulbs being like $5 usd cheaper too. So I was considering tradfri but I think hue is the way to go.

StripedPjs says:


Gabriel Androczky says:

“TRÄDFRI”, like in “Thread Free”? :)) Just helping with the pronunciation 🙂 (it’s surely not Tradfari :D)

Score Moore says:

All you Lz, making fun of the way this guy Ethernet, are just annoying, you think you’re better or something because you say it differently?, the way Alex say it is correct where he lives.

Brad7Zero says:

Alex you needed to reset the first bulb by turning it off and on 6 times for the app to find it

Eric Risch says:

the usa has color change bulb

BearKire says:

Fun fact; Trådfri is Swedish/Norwegian/Danish for cordless. Now you know

GameK Vlogs says:

I am just starting to get my room smart by google home

Max Walton says:

Do they come with a remote?

Wang William says:

Dear Friend, Thanks for your video ,could you also help us to review our smart pordcut If you like our prodcut ,pls send email to me for review details, Rearlly thanks.

Finn Andersen says:

The reason the first bulb did not connect i bet is because you connected it to the remote first. I bet if you reset the bulb it would connect fine to the hub. Just like the second bulb did

Harry Potter says:

I want some dimmabable and colourful smart bulbs, the only one I could find are Phillips and they are 80 and id rarther sit in the dark than spend 80 pound on a light

Kasper Cludts says:

In Denmark they sell color chancing bulb ; )

garyography says:

Or you could switch off the light the not so lazy way.

Oggyboy says:

You can sync these bulbs and switches direct to your Hue 2.0 or higher hub so can save £25 if you already have Hue. No point in getting into these though until the coloured bulbs are on the scene.

Jacob Jones says:

It’s a lamp not a bulb

Raacssooo says:

haha 3:30 xD Trådfri means wireless in english

Max says:

‘Effernet’ lmao

S4nt1 says:

2:03 *Eh*thernet??

Reasonable Tech Reviewer says:

Haha, you triggered my google home which I have right underneath my iMac. You’re such an inspiration Alex!

SVNTY6 Productions says:

Good video, but please stop shouting.

Bierrr says:

I can’t handle the way you pronounce ethernet and router.

Callum0808 says:

I swear there was Minecraft music in the background.

Bulgarian George says:

I wrote this comment using *Shadow*

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