$9 LED Smart Light Bulb? (TikTeck Smart Light)

Yep! This is a Smart LED LightBulb you can control from your smartphone for only $9.99. Wow is right. I actually like this bulb and I find it pretty useful. Definitely check this one out! Link below!

TikTeck LED LightBulb – http://bit.ly/1RwD1qu

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Intro Track – “37 Paint” by KingAtlas
Background Track – “Not A Home” by Weirddough
Outro Track – “If” by Maxwell Young


Dylan Bryan says:

Out of stock

Gesse Jilmore says:

Watched this a year ago, best decision ive made on buying a lightbulb lol, its still working perfectly and it is amazing

electronige says:

Can you connect it with the Amazon Echo Dot?

MrBoriqua2000 says:

It’s $37.99 on Amazon now

Red Eagle says:

does it work with alexa

Derek Miller says:

Someone let me know when it’s back in stock.

Tracy Fractious says:

can this be used with the Amazon Echo

Chanon says:

Can this use with Amazon Echo?

GoyardDuffel says:

With this light can I have music playing on a Bluetooth speaker and have the light still changing to the beat?

Please Donate says:

Dose this work with HomeKit with apple??

Matthew scribner says:

can this connect to the echo dot?

Tech Dynasty says:

Thanks for this video, but how does the bulb look in the dark?

HooryPooter says:

can I control this with amazon echo?

Samuel SpriteShard says:

heads up it’s not 9. it’s *9.99* BS clickbait

Kevin Piip says:

If it’s 9.99$ then it’s not 9$ it’s 10$ r u like retarded?

Jeff Lau says:

good product

Murad Shawar says:

If i have 8 of these can i control the color of each individual bulb or do they all pair together and have to be one specific color. So that way i can have 2 lights having the same color and 4 different colors all together

Cartman89x ASMR says:

does this work with amazon echo dot?

Blue Steel says:

Yay for Chinese slave labor

Madden mobile Replayz says:

Does It work with Siri

Albinoturtlefarts Jr says:

Can u pick themes like tropical and desert

House of Escobar says:

it’s $22 now

Savage Panda says:

does it work with echo?

ponce says:

can you use it with wink 2 hub?

yulog says:

Doesn’t work unless your phone has Bluetooth 4.0, tried on my android tablet  and the app just closes after saying my phone doesn’t have Bluetooth 4.0

Connor Cole says:

Is this light bulb bright? I want mine to look like tanner braungarts. He has his on ( MY NEW ROOM IN THE NEW HOUSE)

David McDonald says:

OK bud. I’m in the UK. Help.

Stev A says:

here’s a hint. when doing a vid on a smart light, TURN THE STUDIO LIGHTS OFF!!! and after reading the exact same question fifty times in a row by the echo idiots, it’s clear why they bought echo’s instead of gh. brilliant!

rfrancoi says:

What are the life expediencies?

Sean Cowles says:

can this be used with the amazon echo

TheYotam1 says:

You look like the nicest guy ever. Your videos have some good vibes.

DragX Gaming says:

I want to use three of these for my ceiling lights, you suggest these? The only reason i want smart lights is so i can add them to my home assistant

Benjamin Disciple says:

awesome….does it work on google home?

Vicki Scribner says:

doe’s this link to an echo dot?

Adrian Navarro says:

could you hook it up to the Amazon Echo Dot

Brady Di giandomenico says:

On amazon as of now In stead of 9.99 it’s $90 more. $99.99

Draconic says:

What about the lamp

Bigwingrider1800 says:

what about alexa?

CHVZ TV says:

How long does it take to ship

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