$18 Colored Smart Life Light Bulbs

Can an $18 Colored Smart Life Light Bulb match up to a $50 LIFX bulb? Today we find and set the bulb up through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This bulb does require a 2.4 WiFi network and does not support connecting to other hubs.

Colored Light: http://amzn.to/2stoMA3

$10 Review: https://youtu.be/_3qGo92IIjc

LIFX Review: https://youtu.be/3HhrcpRyZek

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nanfoodles says:

$17.99 bulb is $41.84 + $7.53 on the Canadian amazon ca site. Phillips Hue is $59.99 Canadian + Prim free shipping. Thanks for the video but being Canadian falls short again when it comes to cheap options.

Chris Boult says:

Hi man, will this work with a BT smart hub?

WaPeR says:

Hi! First thanks for your videos (I’m watching you from Spain). Do you know if there is an app to control “Smart life” and Sonoff devices? Thanks!

nanfoodles says:

BTW someone you can add to your home automation series is sonoff switches. Really easy to make them into smart extension cords. Letting you turn off conventional lamps with conventional bulbs. Or anything you plug into a socket. Only costs about $5 bucks. I have 4 of them in my home and work really well with Google Home. Bit of a pain to setup but once you know how its easy. Let me know if you need help with this.

FreePhase ! says:

Looks great! I just bought one. Will be my first smart light.

Bill Wolfe says:

I have several smart switches that work with the Smart Life app. I’m looking to expand my system, but, I’m having trouble determining what products are compatible with the Smart Life app. When looking at new products, how do you determine they are comparable with Smart Life?

Michael Ocasio says:

Hi. I have mine but my router sending 2.4mhz wifi channel With that the light bulb can work?

Mr. UnOrdinary says:

Are these bright enough for a bedroom (Might get 2 of these), I have a 11×11 room.

yasmine zammel says:

I found one on amazon that’s only $12.99 it’s called: e-Joy LED Smart Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable, Multicolor
is it good?

Mark LaForge says:

The same bulb is $41 in Canada… makes no sense. Great review, always like your videos Brett

Antoon Lowlander says:

I just started with Philips Hue and Google Home. Could I use this bulb next to Hue and control it with Home? Does the smartlife app work with Hue so I can controll both systems in one app? Tnx!

John Petter Hagen says:

Sonoff lights on ebay are cheaper and require no hub

Justin Smith says:

Brett, can you name this anything you want like you can with Phillips Hue or does it have to be ‘colored bulb 1, 2, etc…’?

savage lion says:

Does a google home mini has a hub built in ?

mani4100 says:

Cool thanks

Dave Campbell says:

Once again your video was super helpful Brett! I have been pondering a colour bulb. Sold.

Dene. F. says:

Thanks Gregeth of the Smartlands (I must stop watching TV.lol). Great video as usual. Bearing in mind our cultural differences between England and your land, we don’t have plug sockets or anything electrical apart from lighting in our bathrooms. Are there any smart bulbs that actually state they are moisture tight? Shower steam, crazy splashes etc, etc that can be safely used in a bathroom light ceiling fitting? Thank you Sir Gregeth.

Sam Hix says:

You can find the exact same bulb on eBay for $10

Kay Yah says:

I think this one is kind smiliar thing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlW2ycN4NqU&t=3s

ponca49 says:

Will it work with a Phillips hue hub

savage lion says:

Thanks that really helped

BillyLapTop says:

Good review, you have me thinking about smart bulbs now. So far I have smart plugs and smart switches. Your reviews and user guides have been a wonderful help to me.

I also appreciate the care you take in blanking out the “Alexa” and “Hey/Okay Google” wake words. I have a combination of 12 Echo and Google Home devices going and sometimes from several rooms away I’ll catch one of them doing something based upon a reviewers inconsideration for the viewers by using the wake words audibly. I can’t always mute the reviewers in time.

Again, thank you for that consideration.

Dene. F. says:


Sindri Svanberg says:

Can you link the bulb to another one

Brian B says:

Hi Bret, How’s it going going? Great video. Coincidentally I bought a couple of these lights yesterday and am playing with then all the time! Couple of thoughts though.

First is that you didn’t mention the installation of the Smart Life app and creating account. (apologies if you covered this in a previous vid).

Second, is the fact that all of these internet connected products using the Smart Life app – What if the company becomes bankrupt or something and so turns off the app servers. Your smart bulbs then do not work! Hopefully this does not happen – plus they are at least half the price of say, the Philips Hue bulbs.

YoSoySterling says:

Great find! I’m going to order one and try it out. Thanks!

Drex says:

“Lasht year” I know. Words are hard.

Antonio APC79 says:

I just bought one of these

mathew aguilar says:

Wow just the review I was looking for. Also thank you for muting when commanding your smart devices so it wouldn’t trigger mine, you’re great. -First time viewer

Automate Your Life says:

It’s interesting how quickly the market is dropping for these types of bulbs with this functionality. This bulb specifically looks great, but you do have to watch a bit because some of the integrations with Google Home or Alexa/Echo can be difficult. Like you said, Brett, the lack of capability for Z-Wave or Zigbee is a bit of an issue for those using a Samsung SmartThings Hub. All in all, great video and I think I’ll be buying a few of these to add to my home.

Antonio APC79 says:

Do you recommend it ?

Risk Rarius says:

Nice bulb, set mine up yesterday to find out that AMAZON has Region locked me out of using it with Alexa. Im in Australia WF ! Oh so went to try IFTTT no go either!

Tech With Brett says:

I’m pretty impressed with this smart colored light bulb. If you are looking to get into having a smart home this is a great place to start! Learned how to pair Smart Life Products together here: https://youtu.be/A2MvUieJhCI

jerome hale says:

Can I ibtergrate this to an existing room and control it with my Google home? For example I have a room that has the capability of this playing six lights, but I only have four lights in that room. Could I add those as the other two lights and then ask Google to turn that room on all at once?

mani4100 says:

Very nice! if i connect 6 bulbs is a room can i control them individually?

Victor Martinez Jr says:

Can ya group it with others devices with a scene. Like “Good Morning”

Tom M says:

Great, just want I was looking for, You are still my #1 go to person for information. Just getting started it gets a little expensive so I do like this kind product. Cheers, keep up the good work.

Jaret Ikhe says:

Am always respect your show because all your content teach me a lot I learn from you all the am here

DrizzyDre89 says:

I can’t get my bulb to pair! Help! Keeps saying failed to connect.

BeatlesFanSonia says:

I love you! I have installed two light sockets, two smart plugs and a smart bulb with no help from my kids. They are so impressed. Thank you so much!

D'Sar Darkstar says:

I put in Smart Life and there’s so many different ones under $20 by different brands with home and echo symbols next to them…which one was this one specifically?

Finn Andersen says:

Brett have u tryed the trust smart home bulps ?

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