$10 Smart LED Bulb!? | TikTeck Review

Have you ever wanted to own a Smart LED Bulb, but you didn’t want to break the bank? Well today I introduce you to the TikTeck Smart LED Bulb that only costs $10! Watch the video to hear the pros and cons!

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Daniel Burro says:

can’t find them anywhere…help…

sandra reskita says:

#truefan from Indonesia ^_^
Thank you for the great review!!

Mr.ducky says:

does this work with amazon echo dot?

Sarthak Kakar says:

Superb review Elijah!

mycroft16 says:

The real question now is how soon will this work with Google Home.

Vidology says:

#truefan lol

DiniTech says:

First. Great Video.

Zoasis says:

Fuck me this is a good quality video for someone with 6k subs

Rohit Sridhar says:

#truefan. 🙂 was this a review unit?

ethan seligson says:

is it compatable with the echo dot

Trinh Winn says:

you should do more BLU phones since they are getting more popular.

The Mind of Nate says:

Definitely going to get these!!! For 10 bucks I just can’t pass this up. Great video bro!! #truefan

Alexander Chagas says:

will do!!!!

TalkerArt says:

We’re do I get it

Dasnd Vid says:

Is it a glass or plastic?

Christian Taylor says:

Great video!

Ed Urbina says:

i have 2 of this. I’ve been using this for 3 months and I love them. I’ll be buying more soon. it works well with the native music app also.
i just subscribed to ur channel too. great show.

Arne Bornheim says:

Nice video man! It’s great that cheaper smart light bulbs are coming on the market

Wesley Crabajales says:

Trust me right now this app is useless.
You need to search “Ticteck Smart Home V1” from Google Play first before buying this.

Brainy 11004 says:

#truefan and I know its not compatible with echo but if you buy a smart light switch will it turn on using echo?

Captain Smiley says:

it only lasts three years

jerry lindström says:

will it light a whole room??

Deadly PaperBag says:

Hey, and thank you for the review! I am happy I found this channel, you have really good video and production quality! Only thing i would have liked to see is how well the bulb lights up a wall when cycling through the colors. I’ve heard other reviewers say the same regarding the rgb color brightness of the bulb, so an example with the bulb lighting up a wall would be really helpful to get a better understanding of the brightness 🙂

Ngawang Yoga says:

why aren’t you famous? you are doing wonderful job…

TechRoam says:

Nice video!

NothingButTech88 says:

Awesome video!

mikeVoT says:

What is the size of the light bulb? Help plz

Brad Snyder says:

Excellent review as always!

gigglegasn20 says:

did the price double ? cant find it anywhere for ten bucks

blevite says:

Best overview of this bulb I’ve found. Good work.

Mark Erickson says:

This is incredible! I’m picking up a few of these to try out! Great programmable away-on-vacation bulbs!

ChrisEditing Productions says:

#TrueFan great video. Must get a couple!

Haleem Haq says:

where can i buy????

Mr.Kanix says:

Is this working with the Echo?

Bas says:

Great review. The app looks kinda cheap though, but then again for 10$ that’s what it probably is lol.

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