Interior Design — Small Condo Kitchen Reno

Designer Cameron MacNeil transforms a builder basic condo kitchen into a modern space with timeless finishes and sleek appliances. Steal his expert storage tips, small space design advice and more.

Cameron swapped the heavy wood cabinets for crisp white ones and replaced bulky appliances with newer, streamlined versions to help expand the space. To increase the size of the countertop, he moved the peninsula a foot closer to the dining area and extended it to create a breakfast bar. Cameron also incorporated extra storage with lower cabinets and a pantry on the side of the peninsula. Caesarstone countertops offer a clean look while a porcelain backsplash that mimics the look of marble adds interest.

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Randy M says:

Great reno, no microwave?

Junebug8283 says:

I am so freaking sick of hearing blow this wall out, open kitchen yadayada for every single kitchen Reno. I have an open kitchen now and am buying my first home and the first thing on my layout. A functional, simple, bright closed kitchen. I can’t cook and talk and so am happy to be left in piece to enjoy my meditative moment. Long winded but I think open kitchens are not always the answer.

Aimee Flies says:

Where’s the microwave?

ana c says:


TheReverb1 says:

…still you cannot open that door…

Poonam Khatri says:

Can you please share the technical name of home made white countertop used in this project ? Is this countertop stain free and scratch free and easy to maintain ? Can you also suggest few more ?

Ralph M says:

So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing Cameron!

cloud day says:

Nice tip of considering electrodomestics first

Clarence Thompkins says:

I wish they would say how much they spent

sojournerhouse says:

I love this. I wish you could come to my house.

Jerry Ly says:

What was the cost of this renovation?
I would like to know for the future!

Mona Shrestha says:

Where is the microwave?


I am planning on doing a renovation on my small kitchen with a very small budget at $10K, as I am keeping my floor tile. So far I am liking the high gloss cabinets, just not sure what color as I have white floors. I have found very few videos from this designer; which is a shame. He is very good, very detailed oriented, and knows where the challenges are on small kitchens. Please do more videos.

Bob Cratchet says:

Fantastic. I’m so glad you used the European style of kitchen. I never understand why Americans love huge Fridge Freezers, stoves and microwaves, which jut out from the cabinets. Really great job.

Teresa Solorzano says:

Excellent use of space for a small kitchen, great job

interiorbyoliver says:

Great job!

elmhurst86 says:


Ranish Wielzen says:

I need a small kitchen solution and I found it (nice tune)

Carrie Hubbard says:

You Did a Flawless Job ImproveDDD on All LEVELS!

Jasmine P says:

What s the budget

Jennifer Brown says:

This is the layout of countless urban condos, so this video is so nice to show the potential in a seemingly unchangeable space. Lovely!

Saul Flores says:

Very nice. It really adds life to the small places.

Masuma Jahan says:

Wish I could give two thumbs up. Really loved it. Amazing work

G Samuel says:

That pantry in a condo design is awesome, and the lighting over the breakfast bar is perfect. Really great job!

Karen Diesel says:

I love it!!

Inderjot Kaur says:

Pls send videos of parallel kitchen designs

Georgina Bisby says:

Just designing my new kitchen – great ideas

Amitava Das says:


wiidiwii says:

Integrated appliances cost a lot more then normal appliance.

ForWhomTheGameTolls says:

I have a very similar layout to the original one in this video. I have been trying to decide how to improve it and you’ve definitely given me some ideas. I won’t do the white theme (looks nice but just not my thing) but I do like the larger peninsula idea. I’m sure I’ll have to use some more affordable materials/appliances to insure I don’t overspend my potential return. But anyway, thanks for the tips!

cat sniffer says:

Wow so many white kitchens now. White like this reminds me of the I.C.U. at the hospital close by. So depressing how it reminds me of death.

Tiến Nguyễn says:

i dont see where is dish washer

Sam ha says:

This is amazing. Great design. I’m going to make it for my own townhouse.

mila says:

How much did it cost

L. F. says:

this guy is so cute ^_^

Jeanette Kniebusch says:

Love your ideas. I would have left boxed in edge off by stools to have more leg room. Shallow storage great. Making cabinet look like drawers. Pantry.You can get cook top glass in white. Would help kitchen look into larger.

Johnisa says:

they’re fucked if the stove or oven breaks

BlackNight603 says:

As a German, I really like the Miele commercial

RM Design. says:

No microwave….

Samjai Sam says:

Miele are wonderful, they give any kitchen an auto upgrade!

Zamzam Hamisi says:

Great and nice job

sarupi says:


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