Interior Design — A Contemporary Kitchen That Can Stand The Test Of Time

Designer Olivia Botrie of Dart Studio eschews fleeting trends for timeless appeal in this contemporary kitchen. Discover what finishes she used, and get her tips on how to keep your kitchen design current.

Olivia’s clients were a young couple who wanted their space to feel fun and youthful, while being able to stand the test of time. A subway tile backsplash that goes up to the ceiling, warm wood open shelves and dove grey cabinets create a timeless envelope. To change up the look, Olivia recommends swapping out the pendant lights, backsplash, hardware and accessories. Smart storage solutions, like a pantry that doubles as a mudroom and a two-piece lazy Susan, keep items neatly tucked away for a clean design aesthetic. Textiles, drapery and rugs create softness in the adjoining living room, while eclectic pieces add interest to the mid-century modern space.


leah w says:


juditheorganizer says:

This is one of my favorite design videos!!!!

Glenda Isaac says:

Beautiful transformation….designer obviously excited….

TheNicoliyah says:

Very nice

Mszainybrainy says:


640abdalla says:

yeehs she talks so fast

Eugenie Gen.19.5 says:

Very pretty kitchen.

Jess A says:

Does anyone know where I can find these pendants please?

rani den ka'a says:

I always love olivia’s design

0000funky0000 says:

If you put your plates and glasses in an open shelf won’t it get dust?

Juliana Indrajaya says:

Looks great. Love it!

Lexa Karlyn Vlogs says:

I’ve watched this four times already! So beautiful. Where are those cabinets from and in what colour?

MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB says:

Excellent, more please.

noviceprepper53 says:

nice, where can I get the lazy susan

Ankela M says:

omg, can u slow down please, is so annoying!!!

Sophia Viguier says:

So tasteful and timeless!

Kakrona Chan says:

She needs to f***ing breath.

idontlikegoats says:

When can I move in? I love it

chloedancer says:

The kitchen is beautiful and timeless but the lady talks WAY too fast

Alma Yena says:

I love this home! The kitchen is superb.

Vicky Sieto says:

Where they put gas tank for kitchen?

rneustel says:

I love this, and it’s so relatable for the area I live in. There are so many semi-detatched houses with this same layout.

I, Adaora says:

Looks great!

One Stop Furniture says:

very nice

asmith20707 says:

Gorgeous, understated elegance. Love this kitchen.

vida doria says:

this could be better if you talk slower,or just shut up!

Yuliya Colley says:

I’m sorry I had to mute the video cause AK47

Noelle Candice says:

Love the diffrent fabrics and the open space

Jennifer Chen says:

I really like the two piece lazy Susan in the kitchen. I was wondering where can you order one?

Know It All says:

A Brighter Contemporary Kitchen in Fairfax VA

Kaystrixx Mimi says:

just change the speed to 0,75 than its perfect to listen to her voice hhhhhhhhhhhh

Cemre Erdoğan says:


Eve Starling says:

Kitchen shelving looks too high, and again slow the manic speech

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