House Tour: Luxe Dark & Modern Kitchen

Step inside this renovated main floor by Martha Huk, the chief engineer of build and design firm Hedgeford & Berkley. See how she completely transformed the sprawling space to better suit the client’s sophisticated style and love of entertaining. Marble countertops, rich dark wood cabinets and a 12-foot island give the kitchen a luxurious feel, while a designated bar area, hidden pantry entrance and stylish lounge make hosting a breeze. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the warm and inviting living room, the redesigned mudroom with quirky Kate Spade wallpaper and the sleek powder room.

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Sectional Sofa: Rove, Ottoman: Casalife, Lounge Chairs: Article, Sink: Kohler, Faucet: Brizo, Lounge Light Fixture: Arhaus, Island Pendants: Forty West, Candles/Pillows: Westelm, Lounge Tables: Birdseye Woodwork, Mudroom/Powder Room Tile: Cera Gres, Marble: Ciot, Appliances: Miela, Rugs: Great Floors, Barstools: Sunpan, Living Room Wallpaper: Arte, Mudroom Wallpaper: Kate Spade, Kitchen Walls: Stonecutter 2135-20 Benjamin Moore, Trim: Hermatite N460-6 Behr


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Zachary Torjussen says:

Very nicely done

Rajesh Iyer says:

Dark kitchens are passe

oowatwat says:

Damn I don’t know what makes this stand out from the other modern style designs but… something about it just murmurs quality and class

Jewel Khan says:


Glenda says:

Lovely and rich. The lounge would be my favourite spot too.

AronBagel says:

What a gorgeous home

Deborah Soulier says:

Stunningly beautiful! Very talented designer.

cargogh says:

Martha’s tone, voice and enthusiasm were so pleasant. Great spaces!

ardas says:

Noice and different. Great job.

B. R. says:

I was sort of unable to concentrate on the home, as the designer herself was so lovely!

Tomato Tomato says:

The velvet cushions in the lounge – pink and grey – are nice – really finish it off.

Edwin Fernandez says:

This has become my favorite video from this channel. This is STUNNING PERFECTION! I don’t even gravitate towards modern kitchen but the way this place looked before and the way it looks now is like night and day. I want to see more from this designer for sure.

laphongtudo says:

Not entire my style but I know when something is absolutely amazing and this is it. I wanna be here!!

Zoee White says:

@2:23 Who woulda thought? Very creative!

Bbh2 says:

May I ask the price range of this renovation? Looking to do something like this for my own home.

D H says:

I have a mix in my kitchen/family room:: dark stained wood, white painted cabinets, and painted greeny/grey built in coffee bar/hutch/cabinet area to look like a piece of furniture…more eclectic and hopefully will last a long time as it isn’t ‘one’ style/type!

Raheela Shirazi says:

Awesome job

Aksangel _ says:

I love that she didn’t insult the old kitchen, most designers always are like “the old kitchen was rusty and dusty and hideous and would melt your face off” to make them self sound better, when in reality the old kitchens are better than their new designs. Love this!

Justin says:

Great redesign! The dark wood kitchen is going to come back, but it’s going to be moody, sexy, and modern like this. Not Tuscan. Not Country. The nicest white kitchens will always be nice, but after a decade of nearly every kitchen being white I hope we see more variety like this.

Jerrieson Peter Dio says:

By far the best reno i’ve seen on this channel. Nicely done. Good job. Salute!

juditheorganizer says:

Just stunning. The transformation is breathtaking and now I’m contemplating how I can get my home designed! Well done!

Dream Studios says:

I’d never personally want so much darkness and cold surfaces, but it’s definitely ‘designer-feel’ and ‘luxury’ and the place has high enough ceilings and gorgeous windows. Pretty good!

Tamara Almond says:

Yes. This is such a sexy house. I will look for her work again in the future.

Blue Pebbles says:

Loved it

John Galang says:

Awesome. Except yet another TV that’s mounted way too high. Should ideally be at sitting eye level.

Rainah says:

Wow wow wow. I feel this kitchen represents the trend AWAY from all white kitchens. Beautiful.

Karima Rustin says:


Spek says:

oh wow beautiful! I only live 20 minutes from this house. I’d love to have who ever did this amazing designing and work over to my house.

Nash Ps says:

I have to agree, a job well done. As a designer I long to see designs like this. Keeping it simple and yet elegant

Lee Francis says:

Nice style but the exposed LED lights look terrible and ruin everything they would just drive me nuts looking at those she needed to put an opaque strip over them so you can’t see the individual lights

Joseph Magallanes says:


Damian Lewd says:

Every once in a while HH features true design beyond a collection of trends. Well done.

Scott Brown says:

Omg, I love it. Brings a lot of mystery and intrigue and sophistication, albeit contrasted with some lightness/brightness, into the living quarters. Perfect for entertaining. When can I move in? 😉

Raheela Shirazi says:

And i loved the way u changed the kitchen and sitting area near it .

Kimberly Sam says:

I think she’s the best designer I’ve seen on house and home.

enatomie says:

wow its so pretty!!

The Lawley Art Group says:

That samsung frame tv was the perfect touch to that comfy but modern living area.

Waddup Mayne says:

Ya’ll just made it more modern… a kitchen is still a kitchen… come fix my kitchen! I guarantee all you guys will do is give it a modern look! Nothing special…

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