Elements of a Modern Kitchen – High Tech Appliances You NEED in Your Kitchen

It takes more than just a few sleek appliances to make a modern kitchen. Here are some of the must-have elements that will elevate the look of your modern kitchen. More on http://www.homedit.com/modern-kitchen-design/ and here are the most impressive kitchen cabinets https://youtu.be/MrZKS4BN6cM


MrAk47master says:

i always wondered what it would be like to have a shitty camper kitchen in my house…… yea, some of that stuff looks cool. but would be completely unrealistic. have fun dismantling that shit to clean out the tracks all that shit runs on…..

elSaturn13 XIII says:

Que inutilidad más inútil

brian stuart says:

that ain’t I track we had that back in the 70s glass top stove oh yeah you couldn’t tell when it was on you end up burning your hand didn’t last long on the market also had the ice making machine and refrigerator 1970 you guys didn’t see it until 73

shae grover says:

In summary: a ton of pointless doors and sliding parts. The only useful thins are the sink that can be flat with the counter and a stove that can cook through a countertop. So you could have one solid counter top with a stove and sink integrated.

yazlo weshkers says:

Alot of pointless tech. Alot of parts that brake. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel

Felipe D says:

So basically retractable things

sam midul says:

Expensive garbage

victoria vc says:

What if unknowingly sits on it when it’s really hot….lol

Saul Garcia says:

As an electrician, FUCK YOU!

Davie Lawrence says:

I’ll be sitting here laughing when there’s a power failure

Jérôme Xu says:

8:20, That table is so cool, do you know where to buy ? thanks

Amit Chhutani says:

Man ! These dudes are ex race car designers i guess ! Dude look at the examples they are no less then a innovation of f1 standards

jana vigelius says:

garbage as garbage….

Jane Lee says:

I like that induction

Rafael Cruz says:

La mayoria se m hicieron taaaaannn innecesarios y estorbosos como los peña en el poder

Catalin Florin says:

Lipseste sistemul de protecție, se poate accidenta foarte ușor chiar si un adult

Theodore Iliaskos says:

Just let me put my kitchen away and I’ll be right there!!

brian stuart says:

man that first table was awesome the second one I don’t like the off colors

Ryan Clark says:

None of that was “high tech” or an appliance. This is one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen

assassinlexx says:

For people with more money than brains. Fans thar will filled with grease. Covered sinks that will stink with use. Old design tables. Makes Ika look fantastic

Aquines Anderson says:

I like the idea yet I’m wondering have u heard of homebygas?it’s a system of using vegetable as fuel instead of gas or electric.
Small and large apartments can try it… Companies should start making these instead of gas or electric…

George says:

Auto useless kitchens, transform!

Jung Huh says:

I could have lunch while the light is rising.

Breaking good says:


lovale lovale says:

The jetsons home anyone

ayo30s says:

No! Nobody NEEDS this in the kitchen. Want maybe

SuperVladimir57 says:

Prvky modernej kuchyne:-)) Potrebuješ v kuchyni špičkové spotrebiče?

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