To Pay or Not To Pay: Modern Furniture Workshop (Fallout 4 Creation Club)

(Audio is still bad in places, my bad again I still suck.)

The Modern Furniture Workshop, released in the first batch of creation club mods, but is it worth buying? Watch and find out for yourself! Thank you for watching!


The Terraformer says:

Thank you for this. That was the only mod on there i was even slightly considering getting and this showcase helped me decide to not waste my money. Many thanks.

DonP IsReal says:

Thanks for making a video that’s more interesting, less spam, and funnier than 98% of the content videos I’ve seen from “popular youtubers”. Keep up the quality work mate!

Todd Johnson says:

Thank you for the video. I went ahead and picked this mod up. My GF and I love the flooring and the new furniture. It was worth it too us. Thanks again for showcasing all the items

Flash League says:

Thank you very much for posting this video. You did good work on displaying the different types of options that are included in the pack. I think the floors are my favorite part of the add-on. still not sure I want it though…

zwetlander says:

Yo. Just like you, I purchased this CC item. In the CC showcase there are plenty of screenshots showing furniture + flooring + walls. Yet I somehow cannot find these brick walls and I didn’t spot them in your video either. What’s up with that?

I also find no information about this thusfar on the internet. Do you know anything about this?

Kedge says:

Thanks a ton for the video. Excellent showcasing. You didn’t beat around the bush, and you gave nice insight. Maybe if it had more items and walls, stairs, etc. to match. Money saved. Seems the only mod worth it is the backpack. Thanks again.

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