The BEST Gaming Chair?! Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair Replica Review!

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My lamps:
Colored Lights in Lamps:
My TV:


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Alinutz Alin says:

2:24  pause there 🙂

YaCo YaO says:

you lost me when you said 4k oled and I think is an lg also failed right there smh. worst for games SONY 4 K BESST REFREESSHH RATE FOR GAMES PERIOD OLED LG YOU DONT EVEN GET ALL GAMA COLORS IM DONE

minibus1351 says:

u shouldn’t get the $500 one. Fork out some more and get the $1300 one with real aniline leather. Looks way better and will last longer.

Cameron Cox says:

How tall are u?

PiranhaJaw22 says:

thumbs down for a replica

1Petey Green says:

pascap ulani

darak abdushakir says:

more face no chair

Jay Jay says:

The link doesn’t take you to the chair any more. Is there any way you can update that to the brand you got?

Jarron Moore says:

Haha all these dbags down here caring about the name brand of a chair. what a bunch of pussies

Coolman 1678 says:


Capt. George says:


Jon Doe says:

Lol i have a real one of these bit just the part where yu put ur feet the chair was sold smh i still like sitting on the leg part tho really comfortable ahahahaha

Jupiter Eye says:

Admit it, that blanket is for concealing masturbation.

Sterling Pilgrim says:

Jihadi Beard Bro

The Surly Gamer says:

$600 chair next to $60 desk.

Zain Shaikh says:

Tool chasing a name brand and not good quality.

Johnny Marvéll says:

I’d buy the real one, but this isn’t ideal AT ALL for PC gaming. Maybe fine for console-whores, or people watching films in a spacious room, not for PC gaming though.

Jen Chen says:

can you adjust it up at all?

Orlando Britos says:

yo that shit looks fucking sweeeeet! nice purchase bruh

Kimsann Taing says:

Too much face not a lot of chair

Hannible 100 says:

This aint no fuckin gaming chair! No speakers no base?

Modern Furniture says:

Don’t advertise replica’s, man. it’s like Lenin said…

blumps says:

You got a chair based on how sexy it is? But you have shitty ikea lamps behind you in the video with really inexpensive curtains that were prob found at Walmart. Lol counter productive bud 😛


hello can i have the link which u bought this chair ? i like your video but the amazon link is not working now.

Kenneth Banks says:

I’ve been looking for the same “Best” replica. What is the name of the chair? The Amazon link is no longer working. Thanks!

brickbatz says:

Currently unavailable at Amazon.

Garrett Myers says:

Thanks for the video my man, I finally found the type of chair I’ve been searching for

Steve raygan says:

When the title says review, but 90% of the video is on your face

reviewloop says:

570 dollars? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… breathe…. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

EDIT: 750 dollars now… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

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