Review followup: Not all leather furniture are equal

Here’s a video that I put together on my lessons learned on why buying low priced leather furniture is not always the best idea.

Even the famous brands doesn’t guarantee top quality material.

Top grain leather should be a requirement in buying good leather furniture.

The video will show point common areas with vinyl instead of leather and it’s results.

If you have a choice, get the best and 100% leather to avoid some issues I’ve encountered.

No sofa lasts forever but you also don’t want to waste money on things.


Eric Rankin says:

Well, I’m kinda wondering Netman if you live in a dry climate as I’ve been told that this can affect the leather; i.e. cracking, drying out, etc. I also didn’t hear you mention anything about what you do/did to care for this product, i.e. leather cleaner, conditioning, etc. Either way, I hate the end result for you. Moreover, I’d further feel for you, if you’ve been caring for it periodically and for your sofa to still turn out as it did.

hippo potamus says:

very useful video.

netman88 says:

Thanks for the explanation

doinky3 says:

My La Z Boy recliner is leather with vinyl on sides and back, the sides are also hollow. Those have nothing to do with the quality. My chair is 10 years old, gets tonnes of use (at least a few hours every day). There is no signs of tearing in the vinyl, cracks in the leather, or drooping. Just because it’s vinyl and hollow doesnt mean anything about the quality of the products they are using and the quality of construction.

couchpoet1 says:

Thank you

Michelle Wood says:

We purchased a 4 piece set of Natuzzi Jan 2013 to replace our 16 year old Chateau D’Ax set after a house fire.  We are EXTREMELY disappointed with the quality of the foam and construction of this set.  We are NOT heavy people. I weigh 125 and my husband 165.  The cushions were flattened and we sank into the seats after only a few weeks.  We have filed a claim with Natuzzi.  We will see what they do.  Their quality STINKS.

Carol Newman says:

Looks like Natuzzi


$1500 will get you vinyl imitation leather. Real leather will be $4000+

h mocias says:

Arizona leather in Tustin,ca with 15 locations all top grain leather sofas starting at 1599.00 made in the usa

Bill Mason says:

you cannot buy a full leather 2str for 1500 dollars,are you mad…… im a fully skilled upholsterer from uk,so price in uk would be at a guess 650 pound,1 full cow skin in uk is 400 pound that would make 2 seats plus labour costs 300 pound,and you expect a full leather love seat for 1500 dollars, my god would cost more than that just to make it,if you think real leather is that cheap you need a reality check,the price should have told you it was a piece of crap… get what you pay for my friend…. a real leather one should cost you around 4000 dollars

bozzafish says:

I found this video while searching for ikea Vreta sofa.  Can you tell me if this is the ikea Vreta furniture range?  And how old is this sofa?

chupacabre8 says:

it’s called leather match vinyl.

Jones4Leather says:

The breakdown on the armrest is due to the acidity of body oils (sweat). Over time, it slowly rots the leather. This can be stopped with an “oil extraction” treatment, then be recolored to match. This work can be done by a leather care professional, or you can get excellent DIY recoloring kits from Advanced Leather Solutions in CA. – great company.

Alexis Rios says:

That’s not leather bro

Pierre Louis says:

Both Leather and fabric sofa have their own irregularity.the fabric one can get dirty easily and start getting smelly.The leather one can tearing up but its easy to clean and it doesnt smell.

Eric Rankin says:

Well yeah that does hold some truth, but dam that looks like a nice sofa and very similar to one that I’m looking to purchase at Macy’s! 1500 isn’t all that cheap either. Oh well, I saw your other vid too and that’s a nice sofa too!

Erin Stafilatos says:

Is this blair sofa from macys?

Lisa Murphy says:

Your white couch is “bonded leather” which is not real leather. As with your recliner too. Bummer that they sell this for “leather furniture”.

Tim Bear says:

Get what you pay for? $1,500 sounds like a lot for a sofa. Makes me scared to shop since more than that isn’t in my price range for just one item!

chupacabre8 says:

get aniline dyed leather. cost more but won’t peel or crack

curtis shaw says:

Good information. Thanks. Was the loveseat from Ikea?

RD M. says:

100% top-grain leather all the way around is clearly the way to go. However, a sofa like that can run anywhere from $6500 (for a cheap one) on up. Not sure how many people reading this are willing to pay $13K or better for a 2-piece sofa and love seat combination. This is why the areas such as back and sides are usually done in vinyl or a leather blend. It keeps the prices affordable for the masses.

Jones4Leather says:

The problem you are seeing is the accelerated loss of flexibility and failures in the vinyl where is touches the leather and where it flexes. Leather absorbs the oils from vinyl that make vinyl flexible. It finally fractures in straight lines, esp on the side of your seat cushions and at the stress points where the back cushions are sewn to the frame. Even leather tends to tear if back cushions are attached in this way. It’s cheap design. Hollow sides are fine – it’s not stressed in normal use.

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