Lovesac Modular Furniture!! Assembly Tips, Tricks & REVIEW!

Lovesac Sactionals, view current pricing:

Sactionals are “the most adaptable, adjustable, reconfigurable, forgivable, livable, lovable furniture on earth.” Made by a company called, Lovesac.

Here’s an in-depth video review of Sactionals. Arrival and delivery, unpacking, assembly with tips and tricks, and final review.

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Nezello says:

Seriously, what it takes to easily satisfy. I WOULD NEVER ASSEMBLE this at any cost GIVING AWAY MY LABOR…

Femineity says:

Being that these “Sactionals” is a bit pricy, I wonder why they didn’t make those bases out of a more sturdier material like steal? It just seems to me like over time (and kids) seeing that those bases look to be made out of wood, they are bound to crack (as my son tackles his friends 3 to 4x a month while hanging out in the family room watching football! Ugh!)

Mikenopolis says:

no idea how this came up on my recommended videos since is from 2014. Anyway, how’s this holding up? I find it quite expensive for something where the costumer is doing so much of the labor. My sectional from Macy’s cost about $3,000 MSRP and I got it for $2,200. No loose threads, and no assembly needed. Macy’s delivery people brought it into the house, unboxed it for us too!

Sharetha Newsome says:

Hi! I just received my Sactional today and I am super excited. This is the first time I purchased a brand new couch and let me share that I graduated from high school in 1992 lol. Anywho, yes, the sactional is very expensive. However, I was able to get mine for a little more than have the cost with there Black Friday sales that lasted beyond Black Friday. I was looking for something that was not too fancy looking. So anyway, I think it is worth the money. They covers are washable, the pieces are interchangeable, and its nice sized furniture. As far as putting it together I need the exercise and this video will help. It would have been nice to get free assembly. So I think depending on where you are at in life and what your needs and wants are you will either say “Yes!” or “Hell No!” lol I said yes because I want and deserve it! Happy Sactional!!

sam smith says:

seems good in theory but not well engineered

Joel Artzt says:

$5000 couch I get to assemble myself. Awesome. “More than 75% of the feet were not manufactured correctly and left gaps when screwed in”. “Loose threads”. Nonsense.

William D says:

Hey Ben. Just wondering if you purchased the standard filling? I want a firm mattress-like feel, and your couch looks a lot firmer than most … which is cool. A few other questions I had would be …

— Was the problem that you had with the feet due to the feet themselves, or was it with the hole that was drilled into the base unit? One of the feet you showed looked all rough and splintered as well.
— How heavy would you say the base unit is, without the cushion and pillow in it?
— And finally, did you complain about the foot issue, or the thread issues on the cushions, and if so, what did they say? That’s a lot of money for quality issues.

Thanks for your help, and for the Black Friday tip.

Chrissy Torres says:

hi , can you tell me after almost 2 years owning this product do you still enjoy your LOVESAC?

Miggs says:

Lovesac has physical stores located at the high end malls. This is one of the reason as to why sactionals are expensive.

Ad G says:

Its nice ! I know how to make my own couches same as lovesac. Good idea ! Thanks for sharing it

bluzshadez says:

You’re a hot handy man!

Deborah Seaman says:

Wow! Very helpful review! Thanks so much for your time and effort!

Adrian Mendoza says:

that’s cool

Danny Giroux says:

Honestly, for that sort of quality control and or build quality, I would feel more comfortable with Ikea like prices……At least they can ship things out to correct their mistakes.

Yusayrah Taymiyyah says:

Props to you guys. You guys are hella patient. I would have returned the sofa and get a refund the same day lol

Mark & Trezah Odongo says:

They are lovely. Very beautiful. Do you know some link who does the whole project diy?

Into-The- Rainbow says:

Maybe Home Reserve is better…

Femineity says:

…and to be fair, I’ve only seen one but on the side of here, I see they have others made by the company so I will check those out as well.

Femineity says:

Oh and great video by the way! Much better than the link they showed that was on they’re website for sure!

Caroline Diane says:

The company needs to refund your money since you made this video about their furniture and gave us all the pros and cons. They also need to get rid of their customer service lady who made you drive an hour to get the piece that broke. I could see how you could benefit this company.

Cassandra Stelter says:

Way late to this video, but I’ve been mulling over one of these couches for two years. Thanks for the great review- do you have any follow up thoughts now that the couch is several years old?

lulem400 says:

For 4k id buy a nice leather reclining sectional

Knihx says:

I’m only paying for this because it’s the only comfortable sofa I can find that can I am able to fit through a small door

Blair Fox Love says:

I enjoyed watching your video, especially since the guy putting the sofa together was very cute with his beard giving me a rugged, ( let me stop and get back on pointe ) anyway great video but I would never purchase that couch, it looks like one big headache and it looks like customer service is not that great and it looks like the quality is not that great, especially when you’re paying thousands of dollars. Honestly that is not my cup of tea, all that work to put together a sofa, oh my goodness, hell no… But to each it’s own!*

Hollywood Scentstory says:

Thx! This video just saved me 5k

Culture Detox says:

5000 to make a sofa. Sorry not buying, plus loose threads is a sign of poor quality.

Kathieqsedrtcfgccvvbresf hill says:

How much are the covers for the beanbag justrwplaceement covers

Keith Vlk says:

Curious. After 3 years, how do you guys like it? My wife and I are currently contemplating.

Great video by the way…Subscribed!

ConArtist167 says:

Im far from poor. im also far from cheap. quality matters. but 4 k for somthing I have to put labor into. not a chance. They SHOULD pay you for this video lol. thumbs up.

Trina Foster says:

Thanks for the great video! I have been searching for weeks for the “perfect modular couch” when someone told be about the sactional. I am struggling between a cheap couch that will need replaced in a few years or an expensive one like this. What other brands did you look at before purchasing Lovesac? Would you say that Lovesac lives up to the warranty they boast about on their website? Also, have you washed the covers? Do they come out looking good as new?

Sidnie Anderson says:

Any updates on how it has held up?

vect0rx says:

Sactional owner here, 2012 purchase. Looking at maybe freshening my couch covers up and maybe new filling. Did you “try out” any of the other fills besides Standard Foam/ I’m thinking about down or ‘lovesoft’ but unfortunately am not near to a store to try it out…

Rahat Jaman says:

Exactly overpriced ,you can buy way better than this with 3k to 5k, to much for a sofa .

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