Here are a couple things I’ve noticed about the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed that you should know about before you buy one yourself.

I think for the features and price the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed is one of the best solutions for a modern living room. In this video I go over a the basic features, comfort and a couple other little quirks I’ve noticed about the IKEA FRIHETEN sofa bed.

Check out the assembly video guide for the IKEA Friheten Sofa bed for more information:

The IKEA Friheten is available directly from IKEA:

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Vinnamese says:

Great review.

Spekter -X- says:

what is the lenght of this sofa?

Demitri S says:

Why do i keep seeing this in my recommended?? But good review tho

Cheetah Flavour says:

bayarkan ..

terpice says:


Cilla Latte says:

Thank you for this review! I love your channel.

PC Pcray says:

lol what’s an ottoman. Sounds racist

Jai says:

Really useful review thank you 🙂 This has helped me make the decision to buy this.

Sloppy Gaming says:

mattress topper and steam cleaner and your sorted

The Nature says:

magyar vagyok!!!

Agata Pirozek says:

Great review!! You should consider making a living on TV.. YOu’re very good!

Suzanne Pegg says:

Great review thank you, I am having mine delivered today 🙂

jharold terrones says:

hola amigo. como consigo tu producto, me podrias orientar , muchas gracias

John Lasher says:

Does anyone who has this have advice for cleaning it? I am thinking about using a shampooer attachment but I don’t want to accidentally get the frame wet. If there is a better way let me know, thanks!

Marion Koleski says:

Really helpful, thank you!

Charla Ville says:

This is an excellent review…you have covered everything. Thank you 🙂

K M says:

Great presentation though… 🙂

Martine Dahlslett says:

Does anyone have experience with using this as a bed every night? Struggling between choosing this sofa or a new bed

Nicole Travis says:

i think its good but the only thing i don’t like are that the pillows aren’t washable and that depending on the weight that you can feel the wood while laying down

Will Fribourg says:

So I’m nearly 100 lbs. and, I was wondering, do you think it would be easy to feel the wooden frame, under the cushions, in my scenario?

Crunchy ShadTV says:

Outstanding review, complete with subtitles. Bravo, bravo! Ikea should hire you, because even their website did not clarify the leather option, or at least It was not clear to me. Which leads me to wonder if the leather option would not stretch like the fabric? It would be really cool if you could answer this tonight cause I’m driving four hours to pick this thing up. I personally like the idea of the ottoman to get comfortable, and with a mattress topper I think it will sleep fine. I’m surprised by all the negative comments, which makes me question how long its been since any of the nay sayers have sept on a conventional sleeper with the thin mattress. Anyway thank you.

Ger Batt says:

hi David, my wife and I weigh 800 pounds combined, would this hold up to our moderate weight , I would appreciate your opinion .

Shavaughn Morris says:

This is the best review I’ve ever seen in my life

jacktsang05 says:

I have the same rice cooker lol.

Finn The Human says:

i spy a rice cooker

Nora DeKreek says:

Well done!  So much good info presented very well.  I found your review while researching this particular sofa…. and the review is so thorough that I subscribed!  🙂

Russell Laberta says:

how much was it

Unknown Error says:

This is all bad u sleep where others asses have been. It’s uncleanable

NHPPandal says:

I was about to buy the lugnvick and I pm glad I didn’t because the cushion looked so hard

Friendly Metroid says:

Hmm… I wish all their products had comprehensive videos like this.

Five Dee says:

Manstad was born first. That’s your comparable choice sir. Also I think its VERY relevant that the cushion begins to sag over time when the bed’s in sitting mode. I had this problem with a regular sofa futon and when guests came over and sat on my sofa, I felt the difference when I put it in bed mode for sleeping. So no – that wasn’t “nit-picky” to point that out.

Senthil Arumugam says:

Its a great design, Is there any way to extend by adding 2 seats/sofa with it?

AFULi says:

hate the frame/poles

Daniel Callon says:

Thanks for the video! Going on year 2 of this bed… Let me tell you, switch now. I’m about ready to take IKEA to court because I’ve developed lower back problems, insomnia, I’m now actually waking up feeling like absolute trash where as I spent one week in a bed recently, and I felt like a whole new person during that week. I feel sleep deprived, walk around with eyelids that feel like 100 pounds each, procrastinate much more than usual, more forgetful, and can’t keep concentration that well (all symptoms of sleep deprivation). On top of that, there’s a massive wood bar that runs across the middle of one of the mattresses and it has destroyed my lower back. Never had problems with my lower back, and the family has never ever had problems with their SI joint, which I actually sprained a year ago when I went back to playing sports (the year before I slept in a bed and nothing was wrong). I cannot disapprove of this bed more, and if you’re “okay” with this bed when you try it for yourself, or simply buying it for the price or the look, it costs you more money in the long run when you have to get back therapy and get diagnosed with a laundry list of things before the doctor realizes it’s just your terrible IKEA bed. Wouldn’t wish this monster upon my worst enemy.

lukas reineborg says:

“friheten” means “the freedom”

Stubbington Village says:

Helpful review thanks

Ausra Verikaitis says:

I am in a wheelchair from diabetic neoropathy and am in pain all the tpme I want a sectional sofabed so when my 22 year old daughter comes over she has a place to sleep..now I give her my bed and I crash on the couch…I was going to go to leons that is when I baught one before when we lived in high park…I always slept in the living room because I get anzity when I sleep in a bedroom because I cant handle closed quarters,I like an over stuffed sectional not something modern and clean lines so your sofa bed is not my taste,,But I am happy for you thanks for shareing..Brandy

Iman Chowdury says:

What about the price????

K M says:

We found the gap between the sofa and the pull out was an issue and questionable when kids are laying on it. The instability of the design was also a concern. The idea of the sofa is great. The Flagelbo design still remains the sturdiest and best design to date…for us anyway. Wish they made them again and certainly with real wood and screws…….

msvaping Unicorn says:

It looks really firm as a sofa :/

entangledvyne says:

I’ve had mine for about 3 years.

I weigh about 160 and can’t sleep with my head on the chaise side. The wooden beam for the frame of the storage/chaise box is reallly uncomfortable. If you sleep with your head going towards the other end it’s fine. I wouldn’t buy this to sleep permanently but it was good for a few weeks during bedroom renovations. I’ve also had company sleep on it and haven’t received any complains baring in mind I warned them about the wooden frame.

The pullout section has been the most troublesome part about this whole unit. It frequently pulls out completely and misses the metal catches which hold it in place. I’m guessing I could fix this by flipping the unit and tightening the chaise/end to the central couch part but I’m lazy and don’t pull it out frequently enough to bother moving stuff around my living room/taking everything out of the storage bit.

The sag in the couch is really quite noticeable. If i was all that concerned with how the couch looked after years of wear I wouldn’t have purchased a cheap ikea couch. Honestly, I didn’t expect this couch to last me over 3 years and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid budget couch.

IntrepidFey says:

Like it!

Zara bees says:

How much does this sofa cost? I really like it. Thanks

Esgardo Linzon says:

how tall are you dude?

EvLoutonian says:

Thanks for your concise and yet detailed review – much appreciated!
Did you ever compare to the (similar) VILASUND version of this sofa shape?
(from what i can tell, it’s the same, but with removable covers and spring instead of foam?)

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