How Shaker Furniture is constructed- What makes a quality piece?



PART ONE OF TWO: We investigate a very old piece of Shaker furniture to determine if it was made by the Shakers themselves.


Lyle Cmerek says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video, Mr Nubs.

TomKaren94 says:

7:00 – I repaired and sold a piece similar to this one, but in tiger maple.  The runners were grooved so badly from years of wear that the drawer faces were tilted back and wouldn’t align with the cabinet front.  I replaced the runners with maple sticks I had in my shop bin.  I chose a hardwood so they’d add years to the piece without a recurrence of the grooving.  It worked well in realigning the drawers.

Harvey Smith says:

enjoyed the video very much. Just one point, regarding the comment of ratio being, 1 to 1:6. It’s 1 to 1:618033989. Not that it bothers me of course!

Mark Macauley says:

Fascinating video James! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

william badovinac says:

Function over form for the simplicity

Ken Dover says:

That was awesome!  Thanks!

Daniel Webber says:

Stumpy, great video, lots of details and a great learning experience. I had one question about the drawer sides. I t appears on both sides the maker (or some one else) use a different type of wood on the bottom or slide edge of the drawers. was this a repair or part of the original?

William Brown says:

Great presentation.

Bruce B says:

Fun and informative video!

Richard Marton says:

This was a very informative video, I like it as I like the Shaker style furniture. Looking forward to part 2.  I’ve been contemplating buying square cut nails in various sizes and brass flathead screw all just to have them.  Then, look for inspiration to make something.  Yeah, gotta get the wood too, I have more than enough hand tools just have to use ’em.

Michael Coursey says:

great video and interesting topic. Can’t wait for the next episode!! wondering how he attached the top…

BCDesign says:

Wow,this is one of the most interesting woodworking videos I have seen,nice work!!

Josh Mann says:

thank you for the insights.

Mark Hazlewood says:

Fantastic review of the Shaker architecture and style.

MakeFix says:

Howdy Stumpy
Thanks for sharing this. I have been watching a lot of NYWS videos and am always curius about shaker philosophy. This is interesting and hands on.
Keep on trucking !
(from France)

David Colley says:

Great vid.  This is now one of my favorite videos and will go on my re-watch again and again list.

Randall Natomagan says:

Great detective work

Briar Fox says:

I enjoyed this video SN. In my opinion the one thing that needs to be addressed was whether or not the shakers also had larger drawers at the top. This piece has a large drawer at the top that overshadows the rest. The shakers were very proportional and used the golden ratio often. This piece doesn’t really follow the law of progression found so often in their pieces, i.e. larger bottom drawers to smaller top drawers.

Glepperd says:

These two videos rank up with the best on woodworking..very informative!

Curious Mike says:

Well done. One of my favorites.

boppins says:

Nice video. I’d like to know how you identified the woods, too 🙂

Ispike73 says:

This is a great video, thank you for making it. I like all of your content, but I really enjoyed this one. I hope to see more videos like this in the future.

Gus Owen says:

I have a project coming up and this will help alot. Thanks. Very informative video

Gus Owen says:

I have a project coming up and this will help alot. Thanks. Very informative video

kyle telford says:

Great video stumpy!I’m going to build a shaker workbench this summer,can’t wait.And then ill build shaker furniture on it,or maybe try.thanks

TheSilverguy23 says:

great video.. I learned a lot. thank you

o bez says:

Really interesting. Thanks

D Tudor says:

Nice piece and great explanation of construction except for one minor mistake. When you were discussing the top you made a comment that it may have been constructed such so it could have many things setting on it. The Shakers would never have done that. It would have been against thier very nature and beliefs to be untidy and leave things out like that could catch dust. Remember there is ” no dust in heaven ” and they were trying to have a heaven on earth. They even hung thier chairs up on wall pegs. Nothing ever ” sat out ” or ” on ” as you suggest. Other wise good job.

Matthew McCoy says:

This might be one of my favorite videos. Very well thought out without too much conjecture. Good learning experience for those who are interested in identifying period piece furniture.

Tommy Evans says:

Very interesting, Mr. Nubs. Will you be discussing the seemingly different wood on the runner portions of the drawers?

King's Fine Woodworking says:

At 00:32 I think you meant function over form.

Mario Gonzalez says:

Love the shared knowledge. Thanks for the “Wooducation”. That’s right, I’m coining that phrase…

S. Giles says:

Very interesting analysis. Thank you for posting that.

Everfalling says:

Whoops you said they preferred form over function instead of the other way around

DrZ says:

This was fantastic, loved the detective work and woodworking history. You packed a lot into this. Can’t wait for part 2.

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