Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats

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Our Vesper Review: http://www.floppycats.com/hagen-vesper-v-tower-modern-cat-tree-furniture-product-review.html

Large scratching mats ensure hours of fun. The V-Tower is available in walnut or black for the suggested retail price of $154.99.

Base: 22.6 x 22.6 in/Height: 47.9 in
65 x 65 x 117.5 cm

Comes in:

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Xiedubbel says:

Too modern for me but nevertheless looks nice

felinekj says:

That is beautiful. Not enough scratching areas though. But I love the replacement aspects and washable beds. Great price. I will check out more of the pieces. Not that I have room for a 3 cat tower : )

Midnightt64 says:

In your response you said you no longer have this cat tree…..was there some sort of problems with it?  Thanks for your speedy response

Floppycats says:

Hagen Vesper V-Tower Modern Cat Tree Furniture Product Review – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats https://youtu.be/vTLL27E1Zfs

Midnightt64 says:

How far is it from the floor to that gap on the tunnel where you were playing with the cats paw?  Love this video I might just order one.  How tall are the cubes?

wirina holstein says:

Be careful with the metal hanger for the balls though. Wouldnt want to get yourself scratched on it if walking by it in a rush. Although most cat breeds dont really settle down and become “adults” all-around in the way most heavier breed do. My 2 regular household cats play violently and fierce with their toys in their ages of 14 years and 11 years by now 😀

Nancy L. Marshall says:

I would suggest to the manufacturers that they replace that sharp looking metal bracket with some kind of springy thing that wouldn’t hurt if you ran into it. Also the corner of the cube that also looks like something I would run into might be a good place for a scratching pad wrapping the corner & padding it at the same time. Just some thoughts to pass along to them.

Mrvoid100 says:

I’m thinking of getting this or one of their products for my siberian which are almost as big as rags, do your kitties fit well in the cubes?

wirina holstein says:

This is cool. I accidentally stumbled across youtube on my way into my morning patients files so I only watched 3 minutes before coming to my senses and save the rest for later. BUT this looks quite cool. Esp that its so high. Charlie models it great and as I have cats of the “quicker” kind that think they are monkeys, the higher something is to climb, the funnier.

ruzayqah sweet says:

First comment

Ay T says:

think this is the best looking one i’ve seen so far, do you think they’re too big for it?

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