Furniture at RH Outlet


IceTeaMan022 says:

a tree fell on my car this week and I saw a used 2015 genesis awd ultimate with 24k miles for 35k I might get that but if you didn’t have a genesis what other car / suv would you consider I plan on keeping the car for sometime

Akirah Shamie says:

I work at Raymour lol lol

cameronstl says:

The reference to the prices is over kill! You’ve never heard of Restoration Hardware? The constant “is it real wood” comments show where you’re use to shopping. If you knew where you were shopping, maybe you wouldnt be so surprised. Glad you’ve never been to stores where a single dining chair can be $1200 and up! lol. Geez! With that said… some of the prices were a little high for an RH Outlet. You can go to their site and order new furniture below the prices. Those must be upgraded wood and fabric options.

2AM, BABY!! says:

Ay big man I heard you be renting furniture lel


Don’t get this? Motorsports? Car week in California and you are in a furniture outlet, doing a review! Also the chairs look crap

Raquel Paul says:

The furniture at RH is worth every dime… the furniture at Macy’s doesn’t compare. The stuff at the outlet is discontinued. The stuff they sell there are the discontinued items! Custom orders that didn’t work out or stuff with slight defects. I don’t think RH sells “fake” wood!

Andres Reyes says:

RH outlet is the cheaper version of Restoration Hardware which is really well know for high end furniture ,the prices are high but plenty of people are willing to pay it. If price is a issue RH is not the place to go , you think the outlet is expensive the full service store cost even more!

Whiskey River says:

They may be a high-end outlet but they don’t look it from the outside. It couldn’t cost much to make every one of those lights under the awning work, right? As a general rule I won’t even enter a store that doesn’t have all the lights working in their sign or all the lights working under a canopy like that. My theory, proven time and time again, is that if they don’t care about their outside appearance, they don’t care about more important things. Like making you happy after the sale.

Jeffrey B says:

I guess this is authentic leather. You are clueless. Why are you even in this store?!

ibeastly says:

I buy all my furniture from Restoration Hardware, but I’ve never been to the outlet before, which location is this?

SSK_automotivemedia says:

It’s also a popular “meet” spot after hours !

BMW 2017 says:

House tour next?

Daryl Walking Dead says:

“Where basically all the furniture is REAL wood and REAL metal.” “I’ll be at a BMW Charity Event on Tuesday.” “This is SO expensive…I can get this at Macy’s Furniture Gallery.” We had a RH Outlet in FW, TX for about 3 months, and everyone cleaned the place out. I got my couch there and saved $$! I wish it’d come back, and this dude in the video needs to hit up a RH store and make a video there. They’d call an ambulance before he completed the video.

TheCbone1979 says:

looks like a big rent-a-center

Louis Rose says:

Why are you there? Do you go into a Ferrari Dealership with Ford money? All you had to do is look at one tag, realize you can’t afford it. Walk your broke self to a place in your budget.

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