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Denny Pradana says:

Did they asked u before they uploaded this ??

LinaKarolina - Chalk paint, DIY, Recycle & Remake says:

Like this a lot!! 😀

андрей архипов says:

Нормальным инструментом такую кривую кровать собрал капец!У нас на дачу такую не ставят даже

Min Tc says:

No ventilation for the bed?

l.m. Getz says:

Wait! The final project is NOT the original photo that shows the bed sunken in to the frame. The video does not show this. Why not?

Amanda Santos says:

Does anybody know roughly how much?

mojabi says:

the idea is cool, but it looks really ugly honestly

Joe Torres says:

out of all of the vids I’ve watched I might actually try this one… (y)

dethmaul says:

Dang, theres a name for the kind of bed i built? I screwed some 4×4 stubs to a peice of plywood. Bam, bed lol. Lasted eight years so far.

Lischelle Jones says:

But. What about sex?

muneezaa says:

These videos are so fun to watch – from a girl who couldn’t even build a shoe stand with step by step instructions lmao

steenfraosterbro says:

I have made this type of bed a few times. I have found that air holes in the boards under the mattress are needed, and many of them. Great build.

Amanda Palmer says:

I love the platform bed idea and I know this sounds crazy but I have a huge bedroom and due to the fact that I have a huge pyrinise dog and a lab that thinks they belong on the bed with the tiny dogs I need a huge bed. Do I want to make a platform bed up off the ground ( im 6 ft tall and medical issues requires a beg higher off the ground) but it’s 2 king sized mattresses together for the platform bed. Can you show the center idea for them to be together with proper supports for a nearly 6 ft wide section each?

Ibraheem Monks says:

Is this for a double matress or small double?

Vova Parhaev says:


Miguel anguiano says:

Awesome video’s thank you

danitoz says:

I’ve always wanted this type of bed. I live in apartments and have moved 3 times in the past 3 years. Is this construction of bed easy to take apart to move and then reassemble? I’m tired of the Store bed assemblies and any platform style bed thats for sale is super expensive. Right now my bed just sits on the floor.

PernaBamba says:

Jessie o/!

Mighty Pain Gaming says:

Nice boat.

CV says:

murphy bed please!

Gonzalo Vila says:


Tide Pod says:

just wondering when sleeping in this bed or doing other things will the mattress move around

Sid S says:

you just saved me a lot of money. Thank you 🙂

Live in Gods Love says:

Can you do a dyi mattress?

Joon says:

Thanks so much for this video. Do you know how much space there is on each side with a full size mattress on there? It looks to be about 10 inches all around… does that sound right?

I want to put my queen mattress on there, but I don’t have space for an 80 inch wide platform. I’m wondering how it would look.

Emmanuel Gutierrez says:

This is awsome

Nick says:

finally a bed frame i can make that i dont need to use any special tools or jigs or glue. vary simple to put together thank you

Hustle Humbly says:

wait a matress needs air?

Stephanie Canady says:

Can you try building a similar bed but with a wooden canopy box? I seen a floor platform bed with a canopy box around it. I want it for my room

M Schulz says:

This is amazing!

Spencer Bauer says:

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machmo adja says:


universal love says:

Looks like a bed on a boat and it’s missing water

Matthew Fuller says:

It’s to bad that the bed you showed from you book can’t be bought online. its amazing but i don’t know anything about building

QCumber says:

“One benefit of this bed is that it’s easy to find in the dark, Just walk until your shin collides with the sharp edge. “

Joseph Dugan says:

How about constructing a platform murphy bed for a future project?

Ms.Madame Monroe says:


Pavi Elle Cook says:

Love your tutorials. This will be so helpful when I move into my new house

JTC Intl says:

These are helpful!
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Nouman Naveed says:

great build. one question though.
wouldn’t the bed slide and move a bit on the frame?

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