BUILDING WITH MODS -PAID MODS! -CREATION CLUB! – Fallout 4! – Modern Furniture Workshop Pack Review!

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Love it or hate it the creation club is here. The paid mods service from Bethesda ensures high quality mods that are safe to download, can be used on all systems and modders themselves even get a slice of the profit! But of course It is easy to see why many people won’t be using the service since there are plenty of free mods on available which may even be better then some of the current mods in the creation club.

But in this short review edition of fallout 4 building with mods we take a look at the Modern Furniture Workshop Pack, the first workshop pack in the creation club. This pack adds some awesome prewar furniture and floors with some great texture work including some fantastic spectacular and normal maps. No its not “Lore Friendly” but nothing in this show is so kick back and enjoy.

Also guys what are your thoughts on the creation club? do you see it as a aimless cash grab? do you see it as a way to get more advanced mods onto the PS4? Maybe you simply don’t care because there are plenty of mods already that are free and the club is 2 years too late. let me know 🙂

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Lucazede Ma birth says:

I can’t I’m 14 and my mum won’t let me buy anything

Fresh Fast Gamer says:

final render, whos your favourite faction in the entire fallout series?

Jason Orchard says:


Anymous 00102 says:

Nice video

7-7 7-7 says:

You know what made me laugh, they added the hellfire armour to creation club, but it was #1 on the free mod list lol

DarthPineapple s says:

are you able to use paid mods with free mods?

Final Render says:

what are your thoughts on the creation club? Do you see it as a aimless cash grab? Do you see it as a way to get more advanced mods onto the PS4? A way to pay modders? Maybe you simply don’t care because there are plenty of mods already that are free and the club is 2 years too late. let me know 🙂

TheNerdTommy08 says:

I like the idea but, being a ps4 user, I feel like we should get more than 500 free credits to start with. Mainly because there are no “alternative” mods for us to use, just retextures. Or at least some news from Bethesda that they’re not just leaving us on the back burner and actually talking to sony.

Jack Criscione says:

I like the Creation Club because it is nice to have new things for PS4 and new mods for all other platforms. One question; do these create a modded save and take away the chance to earn trophies?

Red Panda919 says:

I feel it’s really mixed because it’s good for the creators (as long as it’s a good mod) but it isn’t that good for the consumer unless it’s more similar to dlc because if not there’s really no point but either this was a good video showcasing the creation club goid job:)

christian ondo says:

I don’t mind the paid mods, I mind the prices of this stuff. $4 for a backpack is waaaayyyy overpriced. I could see the back pack being $1- 1.50, but anything over that is pushing the boundaries of “I want more of your money”

E.V.A GAMES says:

It’s fucking microtransactions in a single player game, which is awful anyways in addition they are selling mods that already exist (hellfire and stealth suit). Doesn’t that violate the thing Bethesda said about not selling currently existing mods.

Also the pricing is way off and also why the credit system is another sinister way to inflate prices. Even if it wasn’t the season pass owners should get this shit for free.

Don’t. Defend. This.

Unless you want fallout 5 to have loot boxes, haha.

Osmerg RS says:

RENDER! the vault door in your intro spins the wrong way

Eneko pescador says:

Do modtop

Bamcorp Gaming says:

I think creation club could be a good thing because: It motivates people to continue making mods, as well as motivating people who may not make said mods to do so, AND since it goes through a QA process, you wont have to worry about any bugs , or having any mod compatibility issues.

E.V.A GAMES says:

No hate towards any of you, it’s just aimed towards Bethesda’s idiotic business practices. Also great video as always final!

BottleCapV8 says:

Looks like a IKEA commercial

Tom Houston says:

Do you know what the split of money between moders and Bethesda

keirarose says:

I think the prices are ludicrous for what you actually get, I’ll be stearing clear of creation club

Marie Teach says:

Welcome to Sims level microtransactions, I’m sure Bethesda will catch all their whales, I hope all these mods get pirated

Jσlα says:

The Biggest negative, not being able to play the F******** game because F4SE needs updating and all your saves are bork’d

Sinic says:

LMFAO great vid render

faeryglamer says:

$3 isn’t too bad for a pack like that for ps players to get some clean texture mods, but $4 for a single item like the backpack? it’s a cash grab, but at least the modders get a lump sum from Beth. still if I was a ps player I would be livid.

Team Pottsy72 says:

I would only pay for mods if they were of a very high quality.

High King Dovahkiin says:

I’m happy for this because a lot of modders deserve money that they previously couldn’t get through Donations. At the same time though, they chose a terrible selection to start with.

98kickinit says:

Ass eating season btw when do you think the next fallout is coming out

Daniel Wilson says:

The whole point of mods was so that people could add their own tweaks/ fun stuff to the game and shared their work with the community. Creation club is just another way of squeezing more money out of gamers.

Ryan K. says:

Would rather use nexus

Korean Roof Sniper says:

This is worse value for money than the Bethesda workshop packs

TenthSgtSnipes says:

I think what’s worse is the low selection of mods, and they give you complimentary credits to act like they care but those credits are basically good for nothing because you only get simple retextures for the pip boy or one for the power armour. It’s a piss take. It’s like saying here’s a free sample and giving you a crumb. Especially with free mods still available, I can’t see anyone using this service outside of PS4 players who are desperate for mods with external assets. I wish companies would stop trying to cash in on mods and just let the community do what they do. Most modders get donations via other websites, and it’s likely they don’t get much of a cut from Bethesda, so I can’t see many signing up for this either. Just like steams attempt at paid mods I see this dying due to community backlash. They knew it was a bad idea from the start.

Andrew McIntyre says:

I have been starting to hate bethesda recently, this is not helping me like them.

joseph paris says:

I loved the video

Alejandro Sanz Montero says:

Do you think the backpack mod is really worth it

John Bradley says:

Well steam just updated fo4 for the creation club broke f4se and every mod f4se needs so there goes a quarter of my load order. can you say uninstalling fo4 right now done with bethesda.

corrion1 says:

should be for large land mass mods only so that console users can access them because they have a mod size limit

Ed G. Memer says:

40 new items. For money. This should be in the base game. They are all well made. Bethesda could just hire modders and have them make new content. They get money and Bethesda does too because more people will download the game, and the players get free content. Everyone wins.

Hircine says:

you know what going to happen right? soon all mods will cost and any free mod creators will get preassured into charging for their mods. bethesda will preassure them into changing so that the paid mods no longer have any competitors. it will be absolute bullshit. and this should be cut down now. but of course it wont because of people who think “oh why not let people get paid for their mods” eventually it will be too late and paid mods will be too big to cut down. dissaprove now before its too late.

GabGar223 says:

This is just stupid and disgusting.


Just A Guy says:

This is a great addition to fallout in one way, as mod creators will get paid for doing a great job on the creation of a mod, but will that mean less quality mods will be available to people who are not willing to pay for the mods. And also when you’ve brought a mod who’s to say that you’ll use it forever and what if you get bored of it and never use it again…. then you’ve just wasted your money.

Charming Cheetos says:


zombiegamer234 says:

The only thing I want to see with creation club is high quality dlc length quest mods or mods that can change the game as a whole

Nathan Jolly says:

Okay, the furniture pack is better than I thought, but is it worth $3? Kind of a hard sell for those of us on the PC. PS4 players have a new resource and that’s cool, but I hate that they’re basically getting exploited here because Sony changed their minds about modding. I do agree that the textures on this look amazing. The structures are mind blowing, even. I just wonder if it’ll clash with the trashy wasteland look like the Institute pieces do (which is probably why you can’t build with them).

I remain cautiously optimistic for the Creation Club, but Bethesda has opened with a very weak start. I’m ashamed for them that they paid money for this and the others, but thank you for making this video. Good content as always, Final Render.

Ron Nichols says:

this modern furniture mod looks poretty nice, really the only thing on the creation club that isnt available on the nexus for free. 🙂

BlueDragon24 says:

I think this is already one of my favorite CC content XD

Daniel Auen says:

did youtube change the fucking ui again?!!!

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