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Karin Bohn is the founder and creative director behind the award-wining Vancouver-based design firm, House of Bohn (www.houseofbohn.com). Karin established the interior design firm over 8 years ago, and since has made her mark on the West-Coast Canadian design scene in many industries including high-end residential, multi-family, restaurants and retail. Karin’s passion to create is the reason behind her YouTube channel. In addition to working at the helm of her interior design firm, she experiments with storytelling and “giving-back” in a digital medium – video. Her self-titled YouTube channel is an on-going passion project and online world that’s not only a space to share her expertise in interior design, style and business, but is also dedicated to helping others grow their own successful businesses.

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Lilian Strom says:

Karin you are very smart woman! I like your taste. Thank you for sharing. I love to see your home when the Reno ay is complete.

liyan alsaad says:

AH! so excited for the reveal, been along time coming

ohhireneexo says:

Im late to the party but a dark green velvet coach would of been perfect for the living room ! I’m in love with the marble table

Finished watching n I love the tweed coach !!

jonathan killow says:

That was a good choice


i love how this video is super detailed. i dont care how long it is please keep it up. not much interior designers on youtube does this type of stuff please keep it up lol for me

hendrick32 says:

I LOVE your floors!!! looking to redo mine did you do a video mentioning them? I’d like to know the material and color? Thanks!

mwaldemar says:

omg finally! ive been waiting so long for this episode! xD

chirples says:

Love it all

Lyndsey Zamora says:

Oh my gosh!!! So beautiful! I love love the sofa! Can’t wait for the reveal episode.

T Almaguer says:

I love it! ❤️

Mousal says:

Bohnafide YAY! !!

Haddag Abdelkader says:

I just fell in love with a coffee table <3

madman4you says:

There is a lot of comments here. But I will try and shoot my shot! Love the space, and really appreciate your videos and the efforts you put in to make them happen. I was wondering if the individual sofa pieces tend to “pull” apart from one another? I ask because in the past I have had a modular sofa that joined together by metal levers. Just wondering if you ever feel like you will fall in between the pieces when not sitting directly on the center.

EsoKral says:

i still dont get it how you americans can measure in those inches 😉

samira dadoun says:

its beautiful

BELAY says:

Interior Design student here 🙂 i learned a lot from you Ms. Karin your amazing 🙂

Sandy Lunden says:


Yasmin Latif says:

I m watching your videos regularly and you choose nice sofa I love this fabric

Farjana Neema says:

i like you Sofaaaa <3

Kia Lindroos says:

WOW! So excited for the reveal!

Lecia Bella says:

Yes I can imagine how luxe the couch is …nice fabric

balogun9 says:

Royal blue sectional we be amazing

Petite K says:

I absolutely love the Sofa!!! Perfect choice!!!

Ali59 says:

You are so talented! I am excited for the reveal video!!

Jaclyn Harper says:

I literally have been looking at their site wondering if I should order for a client or not. The quality looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see your home come together. – Jackie (from Burlington, ON)

Claudia Vidal says:

I love your sofa and it fit perfectly into the space. I can’t wait to see the reveal!!!

Genevieve Richards says:

my sofa is this texture and fabric color. i love this so much

hdcreyes says:

Where did you get your introvert shirt?

Janine de Mesa says:

Liza koshy merch??

Pauline O'Donoghue says:

What about Rub test advice for buying sofas ? Any advice?

NaamaNahak says:

That sofa is amazing!! Too bad they don’t ship for Europe too

jessica lamarre says:

These episodes are starting to feel more like commercials… You’re not a big enough youtube yet to start this crap. Please go back to how your videos used to be. I find myself constantly fast forwarding through al of the advertising.

camilo aux says:

The serie its back , god yeah!!!! Love this.

Angela Hardwick says:

Beautiful sofa!!

That's Byers says:

Excellent choices and great input into how to pick furniture and things to consider. Seeing the sofa in the drawings I was thinking “oh that’s going to take over the space” but we should never doubt your choices! It made the space look so much bigger!

padma vasudevan says:

Hi Karin, I’m a recent follower and I am so so glad I tumbled upon your channel. So much information and knowledge, its surreal. I’ve been observing the way you explain the concepts of your plan in the videos. If its not too much to ask, may I please know the software that you use to explain the plans and the changes involved. It looks so informative.

Love from India. <3

Barbara Bracci says:

Hey Jarin! Greeting from Brazil. I’m an architect and Interior Designer and I just love watching your videos. Do you plan in launching a course or an e-book. I will surely buy it. Thanks and success!!

Space for Edit says:

Girl.. i feel your pain so much when it gets to toys rolling under the sofa!!! 😀 Our girl always, ALWAYS does that. Deffinately a lesson learned for future sofa purchases

Lisa Wynn says:

Love it! And loved the sofa. Perfect fit!

Precious Carroll says:

I can’t help but wonder where those black jeans are from…so stretchy you can put furniture together in them!

Mel O says:

Yay, reveal episodes!!!!

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