Bob’s discount furniture junk rant review

Bob’s Montbello marble dining room set failure


Mayhem Offroad says:

“Discount Furniture”. All made and sourced in China. You get what you pay for. All dogshit

william clark says:

Corny adds to sell cheap shit furniture-Bobs has some of the corniest adds on TV and the computer to sell his cheap shit furniture along with those pictures of him on all of his delivery trucks.He likes to undercut most of the good furniture dealers t o sell his lousy furniture

Mumm-ra317 81 says:

Thank you for posting this. We order are furniture from bobs and we had it insured. Now my sofa is damage and they dont want to help. Everyone Beware of Bobs Discount They only want your money. raymour and flanigan or other sofa stores will be your best bet.


Wow.. I knew I’m not the only one screwed by bob

adedsfsdedasewdaww says:

These things arent meant to last long you realize that right. Same shit when you go to Ikea.

Hanane Aslouj says:

Believe me when I tell you that you were smart not to buy their leather
We spent 2000 dollars on sofa and love seat and we have the same problem
The furniture is peeling from the sides and it is changing color
We purchased the goof proof on the furniture and when we called them they gave us the same answer they gave you
The dining room table is is loose and so do the chairs
I feel so upset that we spent a lot money on the furniture plus the goof proof
Bob’s furniture is nothing but junk

andrew13971 says:

The furniture is Not worth the effort of complaining! It is cheap pressboard from china, the tolerances are awful, the Customer service is only lip service.After I took and e-mailed photos, No-one replies! Take your business elsewhere! Why would I refer anybody. I will be contacting the BBB to complain!

teddymurphy95 says:

The only way I know about Bob’s Discount Furniture is from taking a trip to Boston two years ago and seeing his commercial every other minute during the news.

ashleyy lavery says:

The only reason they cracked is because of your familys fat asses,theres a weight limit to chairs,hellooooooo.

bigdog one says:

Bob’s furniture is so bad that goodwill won’t accept it

rzarectot7 says:


Jose Jimenez says:

I bought a living room and looks nice, but Im worry because you can read in labels made in China, that means is not good quality

pdst3 says:

I had problems with this exact same set! Not once but 3 times! I had to fight with these assholes to get my money back. I will never buy another thing from these crumbs.

b.j. thomas says:

buy at a discount furniture store and then bitch about the quality. lol

Gregory Hebert says:

“Bob’s discount cardboard”, Look’s good from far, but far from good, I went in there once looking for a bedroom set, I was attacked by about 4 salesman before I got 2 feet into the building, I couldn’t believe people actually pay for this shit, it was laughable. I go to open a drawer , and the facing just fell off, the salesman told me labor ready puts it together, I told him he should be ashamed of himself, and left ,never to return.

rzarectot7 says:

i only buy from non commercial family run buissnesses

Paul T. says:

My wife just about Bitch Slapped me for suggesting that we go to Bob’s Discount after leaving Raymour&Flanigan parking lot. I have a smart wife. 🙂


is there any reason why they denied your claim? i am asking because everything you showed seems to fall into the goof proof

Michael DeFilippi says:

I DOUBT IT! NO WAY NO HOW! Bob in untouchable at only 799!!!! COME ON DOWNNNNNNNNNNN

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