ASHLEY furniture review. Dont buy there!

A quick review on our experience buying furniture at ASHLEY. Please dont donit


BlasJohnny says:

That’s used furniture

beri232 says:

What is “forniture”? Lol. All those big-name companies with cheaper furniture are like this. They order shit by the container from China. They need to fill an order before ordering a shipment. Then you gotta wait for it to get here etc. Ashley, The Brick, Leons etc…. those stores are all the same shit service for the same reason.

James Murray says:


Italian Goddess says:


Tim Ridge says:

Don’t buy furniture there they are not honest. I worked there for a while.
In order to make a decent salary you have to work long hours like 55-60 hours a week and stalk customer via the phone.
I lost orders because the furniture didn’t get made in the time period that the POS quoted which made me look like a liar to the angry customers that decided to cancel the orders.
Also, the so call fabric called Durablend is like the Frankenstein Monster, it’s made of 17 percent of scraps of leather, some cotton and polyurethane (plastic). Doesn’t that sound wonderful. And the regular “cloth” fabric they use is polyester.
They also try to sell you this furniture protection using fear tactics that is rubbish, because when something does happen to your furniture, they don’t honor it.
The also have the LIST price and the SALE price on tags which is just rubbish as well. It is just hype.
I could have done well if I was willing to give up my life for this place and give up my morals.
There is a reason why they have high turn over, the floor is flooded with desperate sales people.
It is the only place I have ever seen that has plastic feet on the bottom of the sofas instead of wood!
Lastly the training is horrible and too complicated. And when you try to get a short to the point answer you get a lecture, you get nothing but a lot of words that don’t answer your simple question.

Michael Howard says:

There is a reason people call it “trashley”.

Jar Hiker says:

why didn’t you inspect the furniture before signing off on delivery?

Erin Mazzarella says:

This is our replacement couch from Ashley Homestore!!! It has been almost 2 years and it looks worse than the first one that they replaced. When they replaced it they did not even give us a full credit, even though we purchased the extra 5 year protection plan. Oh, to keep a warranty for the parts that they replaced, we were made to purchase a brand new 5 year protection policy. I thought a warranty was held up for the whole term of what you purchased??!!

We go and put in another claim nearly 2 months ago, and there still is no resolve. They came back and offered a little over $600. That was not nearly what we have paid for this set, it is a Durablend Sectional, ottoman, and lazy boy recliner chair. It is peeling everywhere, and where it’s not, it will, because I found out this is a known issue with the Durablend.

Now almost 2 weeks later not back with an answer to our issue, According to who I speak to, it is always being escalated. Now the credit is good for only 2 weeks. If you do not use it you loose it. The Ashley Homestore in Poughkeepsie, NY told me I would not loose my credit, no matter what. I hope this promise is lived up to.

Just thought we needed to share our NIGHTMARE with Ashley Homestore Furniture, and it employees.

Key J-M says:

I WARN YOU- Do NOT do business with these people!

They have a CROOK return/refund policy that is unbelievable.

Darren (Manager) I had to fight to get his name.. he calls me back and tells me there is nothing he is going to do in spite knowing that I will write a review on SM.

He says this will not change his mind about the $158 they’re holding as a

“Restocking Fee”

The representative told me, when she came back on the line.. that

MANAGEMENT (Darren) said:


We cancelled the order after ONE DAY. She said they can take up to a month to deliver. So why are they keeping our funds?

She said that past the 5th day, the order cannot be cancelled.

Please do not get STUCK doing business with this company. You will have NO PRODUCT and lose money over SMALL PRINT POLICIES


beri232 says:

Wait a few years…. then you’ll see the shit quality as well! Especially noticeable on dining room chairs!

Michele H says:

Thanks for sharing. Save me a headache. I was about to purchase from Ashley.

Leslie Wade says:

the same problems I had with this company …… BAD FURNITURE

Bonnie Wulff says:

I’m going through this right now . The furniture is very poor quality and costumer service is absolutely a nightmare.

Karen Grandbouche says:

After 2 years, our leather couches are completely peeling. Shame on us for not knowing “bonded leather” sucks but if that’s the case, the price paid should reflect the quality! These couches were not cheap! Will never go there again.

mellyn98 says:

We waited 2 months for our sofas to be delivered after paying cash up front and the whole warranty thing is bogus!!! Long story short it wore badly in less than a year and there is nothing they can do. Our furniture looks like crap!!! We will never buy from them again and next time we will buy Lazy Boy and cloth. We had Lazy Boy before and it lasted over 13 years and still looks new because my parents took our old couch. Only reason why we decided in their sofa sets was because their seats were wide, tall, wall space to recline and ordering a huge sectional to fit our space.

Susi K says:

Junk…… that what they sell!! STAY AWAY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE

TheCi82 says:

beautiful looking and style. To bad quality so bad. shame

Baby boomer says:


naucalhy2005 says:

Thank you 🙂 for your time

nibsvkh says:

Ashley..Leons..The Brick…all garbage.You get what you pay for..cheaper in the long run to buy quality.
As for wood furniture ALWAYS buy antiques second hand!

eddiekytia says:

When you were going to accept the sofa with a small puncture I can relate and I have done that myself but when you are buying something new there should not be a blemish on it otherwise it should be sold as used if I was you I would return the furniture and shop somewhere else that is absolutely horrible that every piece had a problem with it. I am looking right now for a sofa sleeper and Ashley was one of the places I was going to look but I will not waste my time now thanks for the video and you are not the only one with this kind of video

K Alnory says:

That’s crazy… Substandard good word. What happened did they give money back? Fix it? What???

Sara Brenea says:

uggggghhhhhhh I just ordered $3,500 worth of Ashley furniture and it’s already been an awful experience!!! Their website was not working- I had to call and got the worst customer service after being on hold for 15 minutes. Finally the website randomly worked. I had confirmed before that I could delay shipping for 4 weeks. This was important. I had gotten a discount code that expired yesterday- which is the only reason I ordered so early. I arranged the shipping on the phone with them and confirmed. That night I got a email saying the furniture was on the way!!! What??!! On the way? I had to call Ashley furniture AGAIN and sit on hold for at least 20 minutes before getting on the phone with someone who explained they had a glitch on their website that made part of the order ship early via GPS. They said they were going to fix it and I didn’t have to worry about anything. The next afternoon I got a call from UPS saying they were on my property……ugh! I had to explain the whole ordeal to the UPS driver and he took the items back. This has been the biggest headache ever and it should have been easy. Not happy. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Italian Goddess says:

This shit is complete junk one of the furniture guys came to my house to fix the couch and stole $140 leather repair kit that’s how shitty these people are

Jhonathan Rivera says:

Value city furniture was a fast better experience than ashley … Never again

vegascece says:

I’m living the nightmare now.  Furniture delivered damaged.  They refuse to replace it…some tech will be here in 4 to 6 weeks with a needle and thread to fix all the holes in NEW furniture.  I’ve already disputed the charges on the credit card. Absolutely NO customer service.  DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE!!

Jhonathan Rivera says:

People who disliked this video have the right to not like it. The only thing I wonder is what specifically they didn’t like or the reason why. It will help me to make better videos in the future. Thanks

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