Article Sven Furniture Review – How to budget for home decor

Check out my Sven sofa here:
What items have you invested in and what area of your home would you like to upgrade?
DIY coffee table video:
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Vickie Allen says:

I love your apartment! The patio door and the windows in your dining room area make it so light in there. Thanks for the review on that sofa, it sounds awesome and it’s so pretty. I think you did a great job choosing the color. It brings out other decorations in your apartment and it look so chique!
Plus, dark colors don’t really show stains, so if anything gets spilled, it’s usually very forgiving. Good job!! <3
BTW- Tat Tat is adorable. Rory looks like she tolerates him well. LOL!! 😉

Alexandra B says:

Love it, congratulations on the new couch and what you did to earn it!

Shanell says:

I love the sofa! If I were in the market to purchase, you would have completely sold me. I also tend to spend more for quality items that matter to me and save on things that are less important.

Betsy says:

My husband and I just moved apartments in Korea. Thankfully we had a bunch of things that we bought from our previous apartment, but we still had to buy new and used furniture. Yesterday, I was at Daiso (which is like Dollar General or Dollar Tree and everything is $5 or less). I bought many things there in the last two days, but I had to stop to get the rest because we either need to measure the windows for blinds or curtains or need to wait for our next pay check because they were things that were not necessarily needed right now.

Andrea McCall says:

love the sofa looks amazing. tfs

Steph B says:

When Rory wanted to hold paws with you… *sigh* ♡

Freedom In A Budget says:

Love it!! A chaise will change your life!! Piper has claimed mine as his too!!

Victoria Vanest says:

You have decorated well at every point in your journey. Love your dress and the dogs!

crazy4hounds says:

The couch and your apartment look beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Yzabell0M says:

Very nice sofa. I love the color!
As an aside, I really appreciate how you are always very open about your sponsorship in your videos.

rochelle thundercloud says:

I totally agree with you. A lot of people get it twisted about frugality and cheapness. They are two totally different things. Frugal living is looking for the highest quality items, that will last,instead of just the lowest possible cost. It’s always advantageous to shop around and get the best value for money. If you get higher quality items, and properly maintain your belongings, they’ll last.If you don’t, well, more money out to constantly replace the items. My husband always wants shoes from one particular store.the shoes are trash.soles wear smooth in a few days time.I say save up for good shoes that are quality.

Cortnee Muhlbauer says:

Sarah, what did you do for navigation without a smart phone? I travel a lot for work and find my GPS on my phone quite helpful. Thanks in advance!

Laura Taber says:

Love it! Love the sofa, rug & table!

Dayna Holley says:

Very nice!! You have come a long way from Mena AK. Happy for you.

elephant says:

i love ur apartment also. you do have an eye for styling ur apartment.

TheMysticsoul77 says:

We are currently doing our research on a deep seated couch.

Debt Free Hopeful says:

Looks great !

Over 50 Mommy Life says:

BG, you say that this video is sponsored but have a disclaimer in the notes that the video is not sponsored! I hope that this is not the start of a trend of sponsored videos…I so love your channel, but so many debt-free channels have now switched over to sponsored videos and the authenticity of their content just deteriorated afterwards.

Rhonda Petsch says:

Looks so comfy! Good choice!

thetreesgrow sideways says:

I love the couch, but in green or grey!

Tory Denley says:

I love your new sofa. I looked at their site and I want the Anton sofa. I’m down for movie night!

Katherine Allen says:

Loooooove that sofa!!!

An Elinck says:

Congratz with the new sofa, looks amazing.

Missy Barr says:

You did good! Where did you get the rug?

Gina, Living Medium says:

Your apartment is so cozy, great job! You look lovely in that dress 🙂

Carole Austin says:

Love it!!

beth Hill-Brown says:

Love your new sofa! We have gone without a sofa for several months because our five kids destroyed our last hand me
Down and a new one wasn’t in our budget. We are still paying down debt so we decided we
Could go without one until debt was paid off. Tough decision and a few times we almost gave in and bought one. BUT just yesterday we were blessed with a brand new set from a family member! Such a huge blessing and I’m loving that it didn’t interfere with our plan! Plus it’s our first new set in fifteen years!

Denise Jones says:

I love it. I’m going to be shopping for a couch soon, and that color is calling my name. Great choice!!

J F says:

Very nice, I would definitely pick something like this myself. Unfortunately I’m in the UK, so that isn’t an option.

Centsible Living With Money Mom says:

I thought Pat Pat was a stuffed animal. Does Rory like Pat Pat? I adore your new furniture and I also really like your dress.  I love how your furniture has a money back guarantee.

Pamela Mueller says:

Love your new living room! The couch rocks!

Ingrid Malcolm says:

I love the sofa

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