Article Furniture Review!! Home Series!!

Hi everyone!! I’m excited to start our Home Series! I can’t wait to get our house put together and to show you what’s going on along the way! Let me know what you’d like to see!! Thank you so much for watching!!:)

Sven sectional-
Noah armchair-

Here’s a link for Moji-
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Cass.reim says:

Would love to see Brailee”s room!

Tiffany B says:

Love your living room! Love your style! And honestly, I hope this is an ad! Getting revenue from a company you already loved is a win-win.

paul millsap says:

Love your living room furniture and layout!! PLEASE mention where you purchased your living room area rug Thanks Deb

Breanne C says:

Fyi your shirt is see-through.

Char Reed says:

I love seeing your opinions on products that you have purchased, how you have arranged it in the different spaces and why you chose to arrange it that way cannot wait to see more.

Mer Claudia Gabeiras says:

You could’ve typed ‘AD’ so we wouldn’t have watched this video. Really boring

Kasey Black says:

That was fun! I adore your house, so unique in my opinion

Melissa Fernandez says:

I love your hair!

Jenna Smith says:

Awesome video, love your furniture set up!

amandalopez59 says:

The sectional back pillows look saggy already

Nancy says:

Missed seeing the kids.

Melissa collier says:

Love a diy video of you and Braille making something for her room.

Amy says:

Wow. People are so rude. I’m glad you are making your home cosy Kayli!

sarah Hoch says:

the kids rooms

Kaylfin8 says:

Is it just me or does it look freezing cold in the new house? 🙁
Cant wait to see the bedrooms 🙂

Narinder Singh says:

She sold out

Nick Keagy says:

Get pillows for the couch

Christy Hernandez says:

The black sectional doesn’t go with anything??? Literally nothing.

c a says:

try less with the lighting…

rdsx463724 says:

Are you able to talk about the window treatment on your sliding glass door?

meg hinton says:

there is no way this isnt an ad video

mspatti says:

The furniture looks lovely, is this American made?

Brianna Abdallah says:

I love the living room! The fireplace turned out so perfect

Gabrielle Chase says:

I do really love your furniture Kayli!! Another great furniture place that has similar items but for a little cheaper then article is America’s Furniture Warehouse!! We got two couches and two chairs from America’s Furniture and all are really great quality with great threaded fabric that is supposed to be the best type that lasts! Our chairs look exactly the same as yours but we got ours each for $150.

Miriam Foster says:

Looks really nice I think you should throw in some pillows give it some color!!

Jane Jones says:

It looks great! May I ask where you got the throw?

Emily Beauchamp says:

Please do an updated hair routine!! Love your videos . Thanks for sharing

Molly Sanchez says:

Nice video and some good looking furniture. I’m excited to see the kids room reveals! only thing is, is this sponsored or an ad? It seemed so much like one. If it is you need to state it in the title or description, or if it’s not then maybe work on how you’re phrasing things because you kind of sound like a sales person for article!

Cheryl Hock says:

You’ve done such a great job with your new home Kayli.
I’m needing a new chair for my family room. I’ll be sure to check Article out.

Eva says:

Maybe it looks better in person…

Ciara Castillo says:

The living room layout is so weird.. I feel like it’s not cohesive

Janet Northam says:

losing subscribers on this ad

Cortney Blair says:

I would not read the comments if i was you @ kaylie!! People are so rude!!!

youfermont says:

Hope the quality is superior to Ikea cause the design is very similar and the price is 200% higher.

Linda Denny says:

Kayli I miss the views out your windows at your old house. The New house is pretty but it feels closed in. The views in the background was the one reason I loved your videos .

Sh Chuzzle says:

Strange and bad taste,,,

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