3 Sofas You Should NEVER Buy

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Gavin Singleton says:

Don’t buy a an expensive sofa if have pets, children or messy adults .i personally like the Chesterfield sofa design

cat sniffer says:

I do what I want, and btw I haven’t bought a sofa ever!

Rusty Bell says:

I cannot disagree with you more. Of course my opinion doesn’t matter to the general public but I see that at least 1K disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You expressed yours and I respectfully disagree.

Cavity Creep says:

the sofa you got ugly, looks like my grandma couch from the 60’s

Mária Kováčová says:

That background music is just too bad. (not bad as music, but too loud and too busy for a background) I couldn’t finish watching otherwise good video 🙁

angel mcarthur says:

Hi. Can I get your email? I want to send pictures of my sofa. Thanks

Elaine Fleureton says:


ClassicMusician says:

I’m a man with a degree in Interior Decorating. I agree with your opinions. The sofa/love seat combo has been around so long that most consider it design blasphemy to consider anything else. Good job. Keep it up.

Hanna Zimmermann says:

Love this 🙂 It was needed tht somone is saying this…

anomaly says:

Buy what you want.

Be Baptiste says:

Sorry but the background music is very in the forefront! and way disruptive, hard to hear you.

Wavy Travy says:

The chester sofa is too low in the back for my 6-2 frame, and what person under 50 has conversations anymore that would want a sofa and 2 arm chairs? This video is obviously geared toward women who like to have book clubs and play cards or dominoes. I will make sure my wife does not see this or I will be very unhappy. She already got the bed pillow bug with more than 1/2 dozen pillows in different sizes and shapes – – – arghhh!!!

coolwater55 says:

You have a clear good confident tone of voice, the background jazzy music made it impossible to listen beyond the first minute. Otherwise I like your overview on sofas but only watched with sound off.

Vanessa Loya says:

I love my #1 couch. The most comfortable couches I have ever purchased

Banaz Abdullah says:

I don’t agree with you at all about the first soffa. I have them in cream they’re very comfy and very stylish. And why shoud I rearange them?

J Dee says:


LLM says:

Agggghhh, this is so true, I grew up with the marshmallow, hahahah

PallMall Potus says:

Not really sure I’m going to take decor advice from someone who chose to use leopard print pillows and a chair that looks like someone skinned Geoffrey the Toys ‘R Us giraffe to make it. Those remind me of the mumus you see plus size ladies wearing. I refer to that style as “trying to be a sexy grandma” style. I mean, if that makes you happy — then let your inner freaky grandma fly, lol. As for me, no thanks. I’ll pass on that.

B. Renee says:

Five places to sit in my home is unreasonable. I have 6 in my family and they often have friends over. I also have a large room. We have had 2 full size couches and a loveseat all at once and still some had to sit on the floor. It’s time for new furniture so I’m looking for tips for large rooms and families. I agree about the overstuffed couches and sectionals, although I am considering a reclining type for movie watching, but don’t dislike matching couches with a different chair or two. Thanks for the ideas!

K says:

Thank you for giving your thoughts and opinions on what sofa to choose and why, and what ones not to choose and why.

Aisha Jackson says:

From someone who has purchased many sofas, I totally agree with you.

Jayden Waters says:

hi now i’m not a designer but here a link to i think a nice looking couch https://au.koala.com/products/koala-sofa it so comfortable that a lot of the time i wake up the next morning on it

SunnySmiles SunShine says:

Again, music fighting your words. Plus, Pictures of what you’re talking about would be helpful. More pictures please. Just a flash of one, just didn’t do it for me. If you could show contrasting photos. So we could get the idea of what you’re pitching. Thanks.

Carla Abou Tanos says:

I agree about not buying those sofas but I wouldn’t pick ur choice for a a house with one living room especially if there r kids… I loved your video, I liked u but I hated the annoying music in the background, if maybe it was tuned down more it would have been better. I’m not trying to be annoying but I’m just saying… thx again for the video

The Enlighten One: God's Child says:

This video was very helpful. Thanks for the awesome video

Eva Marie says:

Like your tips. But doesn’t sound practical for a family room. Sorry.

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